About Me
Hey! I'm Beth, one of the 3 creators of the Still Hungry! mod. I will likely be involved in a lot of mod related stuff.

I am experienced in most things art related and also know my way around Flash, I have made a lot of skins for various people over my time and will probably be doing a Texture pack project in the future.

I spend a lot of time improving my Art skill, as can be seen here on my DeviantArt page most of the time i'm not drawing I am gaming which tends to be either Minecraft or League of Legends.

I am also one of the 6 Minecrafters of the youtube channel Time to Clay! Go check it out

Feel free to PM me about future updates, art related inquiries just to chat etc. I am open to all!
Interests Gaming, Drawing, Animating, Reading and other nerdy things.

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