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    51...so do I win some kind of prize now?
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    According to Amidst the slime chunk is the next one west - x: c(6) z: c(16) but I haven’t really tested this.
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    Just noticed the 1.8 stuff - I just check in occasionally since most of the traffic here seems to be about AutoSwitch which I don’t use.

    EnchantView should definitely still exist if it can still give us info the vanilla interface doesn’t. I’m in a similar position to Schlutt—small Craftbukkit server with friends (& sticking with 1.7.2 for EnchantView)—so server-side would make things simpler for me. I haven’t played around with the snapshots enough to get my head around the new system yet, so I probably can’t add much more. Anything that reduces the stupid randomness (which I’ve never liked) is good. Randomness in the world; in mob behaviour is fine, but not in my enchanting table! If I wanted to gamble I’d go to a casino.
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    Quote from ThreeEye

    Help Post removed due to users like Clovis3321 and CobbleBoy considering it spam even though it is just like the Vogon_Captain posts at the top of every page of the Mystcraft thread.

    A lot of the people that needed to see the helpful information (such as solutions to common problems and updated setup instructions etc) ignored it anyhow. Those that did find it helpful didn't post anything saying so making it appear the Help Post was not needed.

    Gone are the list of solutions to common problems, updated setup instructions, and other helpful information.

    Oh...I didn’t get a notification of this so I guess you edited the other message.

    I don’t think this is a good solution either...there is such a thing as compromise.
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    Quote from `name="ThreeEye" »
    Are you an idiot? So, I'm supposed to keep old outdated copies of the Help Post where people can still refer to them? That wouldn't and doesn't make any sense! Especially, coming from someone like you with less than 30 posts at the time I'm looking at it! Dude, it's a HELP POST! Some people set new levels of stupidity. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    I think lots of us appreciate that you’re only trying to help, ThreeEye, but your posts often come across as overly aggressive.

    Yes, it’s frustrating to see the same question asked again and again by people who can’t be bothered reading even a page of this thread.

    BUT your approach is not going to make that go away.

    There is no reason to post your help information over and over either. That’s just as annoying.

    Instead you could put it in a single post which you could bookmark and edit as needed. Then you could just post a link to that post. Very easy to set up and doesn’t clog up the thread.
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    OK...answering my own question.

    /achievement give achievement.openInventory @p

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    Disclaimer: I'm not part of Mojang and there's nothing official about this. I'm just posting in the hope it will be helpful. It seems similar questions come up again and again and I think it would be good to have a central place to share information. Crowdin does a pretty good job with the day to day info, but general advice is a bit lacking. I'll add to this post as necessary. Mods - if this looks useful please pin!

    Short Story
    1. Register (or sign in) at crowdin.net
    2. Fill in your Profile (include your Minecraft username if you like)
    3. Find your language on the Project Page
    4. Check your language's Discussions tab for hints/issues
    5. Say hello to the team - don't be a hit-and-run!
    6. Go back to the Files tab and hit the Translate or Vote button!

    I can't find my language!

    Send Jeb an e-mail asking him to add it - Jens Bergensten <[email protected]>. Be polite and patient - he probably has one or two things to do.

    A bad translation is stuck with lots of votes

    It can happen. You can also get different translations of the same word winning different votes. These situations can only be solved by a proofreader. You can contact Jeb to request proofreader status, but I suggest you do it only after discussing it with your language group. A proofreader can approve or delete particular translations.


    Avoid machine translation!

    Computer translation has come a long way, but it won't give you a quality translation and for many languages it will give you complete rubbish.

    If you don't believe me here's my back-translation of that sentence after being translated by Google into Irish:
    Computer translation coming upon a long way, but won't give him to you translation of quality and to many languages will give him to you whole rubbish.

    It's hard to convey the awkwardness of the translation when putting it back into English because it makes the mistake of just using English structures which don't work properly in Irish.

    Here's what Google makes of my translation (i.e. one that makes sense in Irish): Has developed a computer translation but you get high quality translation from and in many cases you will not only nonsense right away.

    Use Comments, Terms and Context

    The crowdin.net translation interface has a Comment section at the side. Often other language teams will have already put useful advice or suggestions there. Read them!

    You can also add definitions of Terms used in any particular string. This can be useful for keeping a consistent vocabulary through the translation. One thing to remember: copy the English description into your language description if you create one; otherwise it won't appear for your language.

    The top of the translation area will also show you the Context. Usually this is just the code label (e.g. "Minecraft Realms" context is "menu.online"). This can give you a hint about where to look in the game to see how the words are used in context. If it's very ambiguous or confusing additional comments can be added to the context.

    Be consistent

    It's very easy with crowdin to check how words have been used before. Just have another translation tab open and use the search feature (the magnifying glass at the top of the "Texts to translate" list) to search for the English word you want to check.

    For example, carpet was recently added to Minecraft so you have to translate the various colours of carpet. You can easily search for unusual terms like Magenta or Cyan to see how Magenta Wool or Cyan Wool were translated in the past.

    No translation can be better than a bad translation

    If you're not sure about a translation, either take the time to find the best solution or just leave it to someone else. We all immediately recognize a bad (or even just lame) translation. If people see too much of that they'll just swap back to English.

    Happy Translating
    Seán (seanos @ crowdin.net)
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    Quote from TheMehranKhan

    i can translate minecraft to persian xD

    how can i send it to jeb ? :D

    If you go back 3 (yes only 3) messages you will find Jeb's e-mail address.
    1. Register an account at crowdin.net
    2. Send Jeb an e-mail asking him to add Farsi to the translations at crowdin.net
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    Quote from ragger

    I can't either. Seems that it doesn't detect if there is a new update avaible and Force update doesn't do anything.

    Why can't you just run the standard Minecraft launcher to get an update?

    I haven't any problem at all with updates, so it must be something very specific to your setup, which you've told us nothing about.
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    Quote from yubyub96

    Hey i have a suggestion i think a lot of people would like its the option to change the direction of the 3d view camera,

    When the 3D window has focus, press L or R to rotate the view left or right.

    I'd really like to be able to zoom the view too.
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