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    posted a message on Best form of vertical transport in SMP
    Quote from Dataandlore

    Well, this one is unknown to many.... its called a ladder. although, you could try a water ladder. im not sure if they still work.

    I agree, to get non glitchy vertical travel in the smallest space possible
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    posted a message on Johnsmith Pack help?
    See what your computer handles best
    There's a lot of 16x16 texture packs that make the game look great and don't require as much to run
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    posted a message on Castle Format
    Hello guys, first topic I've started woot!

    I'm building a castle in my vanilla survival server but I'm stuck at where to go from here.
    Screenies are what I have so far

    From flying (i know flying is a noob manoeuvre but it's fast)

    From my house, shows the exterior walls

    Basically I've got the layout of the main wall and building, but I simply can't come to a decision on how high to build it, or how to start making a roof

    Any ideas/criticisms?
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    posted a message on [WIP] Township of Datreal
    A lighthouse is always a nice feature to a small waterside village.

    Also, make a farm
    IMO farms are good looking (when done well) and the obvious functionality that comes with it
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    posted a message on House in the Nether
    The missile that ghasts shoot can't damage/destroy cobblestone
    Which is why people tend to make a castle style building in the nether
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    posted a message on fake notch bans me?
    Quote from Soul98

    i was playing on a server and im a mod wen notch comes on and we surrond him. then somone kills me and notch starts acting retarded and i think " notch wouldnt be this retard. he isnt even 0.000000000001% retarded!" then i get BANNED. he look like notch skin but had a cape with a gold C/G. please help me this fake notch ruined my entire minecraft expierence. my SP is glitched and i cant play my worlds. please do something about thie fake notch!

    No one could edit your minecraft client or saves by kicking you from a server
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    posted a message on How to have more than 1 Mod(s)
    Install zombe and then toomanyitems
    It 'does' actually tell you to do this on the TooManyItems page when downloading

    -Sniped D:
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    posted a message on Secret Door Using Pistons
    Sorry I do hate to troll.

    But that was unbearable to watch, we don't want to see someone fumble around making trial and error attempts at a simple circuit.
    I'm 110% sure that someone else has explained this exact hidden door technique before, on the forums, on youtube and even via a text explanation.
    Please just be unique, your not going to get fans and followers by copying someone else's ideas
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    posted a message on Let's play of Minecraft on the Aeon Server
    I tried to join your server.
    I was to say the least, not very welcomed D:
    Posted in: Let's Play (and Live Stream)
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    posted a message on People who are posting their servers here.
    This is not the place to post this.
    Posted in: Server Administration
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    posted a message on how do i post pictures
    Quote from THYTON_MAXIMUS

    the title says it all i don't no how to post pics. please help

    Wrong place.

    -Upload a JPEG images to photobucket/imageshack etc
    -Put {img}http:// - YOUR IMAGE URL HERE - {img}
    -Replace the url with a picture url and replace the { with [ :smile.gif:
    Posted in: Legacy Support
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    posted a message on My First Creation
    Nice looking place.
    I liked the creeper mural (I have one just like it, but in pink!)

    And you need to use a JPEG to post images on the forum
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    posted a message on WorlEdit Glitch
    There's also a back-up file on most servers :tongue.gif:

    Also, when setting an area, make sure you have the //wand :rolleyes:
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    posted a message on Dragons
    Been done.
    Not officially, but nether the less...

    p.s you Can ride them, tame them, and make swords from them
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    posted a message on Please can some one help me :)
    Does it work when only deleting META-INF ?

    It's hard to help when all we see is an unfinished loading bar
    Posted in: Mods Discussion
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