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    posted a message on How Do I Code A Game Like Minecraft?
    You obviously do not understand how the game world works do ya?

    One simply cannot go and up make a game, get LWGL and learn how to use it as a java graphics renderer.

    Prepare to write over 1 million + lines of code. If i remember the classic minecraft was 2 million + lines of code.

    Look for some open source indie games similar to Minecraft or something, there is quite a bit floating out around there, considering it was where Minecraft was born.

    "What I do not understand is how the hell do I work game-maker, or unity."

    Game maker has no business here.

    Mimicking a game isnt going to get any attention really, why would people go with a new game, when they can just mod a current one to match?

    Programmers dont do free work, they need a strong interest or some form of salary for their time spent.
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    posted a message on PC keeps getting blue and red screens of death
    Quote from Tasty_Toast_Son >>
    http://imgur.com/YdimsHl Notice how the AMD Audio module has a warning. That is because there are no drivers for that component installed (Intentionally). If they're corrupted, it should be the same looking error.

    Not required and optional to be installed and even if corrupted driver for it, it would not cause this for there is no actual call to the driver of the device. Separate driver entirely from the Display drivers.




    These are more pointing at memory problems.



    Can be VRAM or system physical RAM (including system shared RAM for graphics processor) given directX module. These are two things to look at.

    Firstly, uninstall the AMD GPU drivers (prefer to use Display Driver Uninstaller from Guru3d to cleanup AMD garbage afterwords).

    After uninstalling the AMD drivers and optionally used the cleanup tool, physically remove the GPU from the motherboard and use onboard Intel iGPU to see if the crashes still occurs. If they do, that rules out faulty VRAM or in general the Graphics card itself as well AMD drivers. However do not install the GPU nor AMD drivers back yet.

    Secondly, if the crashes still occur. Will need to remove one physical ram stick from the motherboard and test to see if still occurs. If they do, put the removed stick back in and remove the other and test. If still happens. Then possibly a very badly corrupted operating system or driver installation and I would just go the route of full operating system reinstall. If still then, likely an faulty CPU or motherboard.

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    posted a message on Minecraft crashes after 30 mins

    Yes that will/should work. Just note anything you have in the world from the mod will be removed and possible sometimes be non removable (crashing game). Though last is not as likely with this mod.

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    posted a message on Blue screen on startup (Windows 7 64bit)

    Then lastly I know to try is another OS or use an LIVE OS and deleting the FNTCACHE.DAT from C:/Windows/System32 folder. Windows will regenerate this file to note.

    Issue was resolved, OP moved to PMs and I guess did not put such here. Was merely an corrupted Font Cache (as expected) which was deleted by using another OS/Live OS to delete the cache file.

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    posted a message on Can't get two mods to work at the same time... help!

    Shaders mod is in a progress of rework. No mod for 1.8 can be considered stable under any condition at time.

    Are you using Shaders + Optifine merged or solo versions of Optifine and Shaders? (You should be using Optifine with Shaders mod always if using solo versions.)

    Because issue you have is Optifine created it's own Profile and then Forge created it's own profile. Simply need to just move or download and move to the Optifine + Shaders "OptiFine 1.8.8_HD_U_F3" mod into the Forge Mods folder. Then any shader packs to the Shaders folder.

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    posted a message on Need help with FPS
    Quote from JesperGeakko»

    Did the texture pack away, changed minecraft to 1.8, installed optifine and now my fps is 80-120.

    but when I start to record with bandicam(to report hackers) the fps goes down to 15. (I used to have around 30-50 while recording)

    I really want to thank you guys, I now got most of my fps back

    You have an supported Nvidia GPU. Should get and use Nvidia Shadow Play recording software and not Crapicam. It will have little to no performance impact when recording. It costs nothing as well.

    The texturepack was what killed your FPS. The GT710m isn't strong at all in performance.

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    posted a message on Server Crash. 180 mods.

    ResourceLoader last I know is a client only mod. Do Not put it in a server mods folder. Same goes for Custom Main Menu mod or any other client only mod unless mod author denotes otherwise. Remove the mod from the server mods folder.

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    posted a message on My first impressions of Windows 10 (So far) - Share yours!

    An still nobody reads EULA or ToS. I refuse to touch Windows 10 with any length of stick due to the ToS/EULA changes (mostly more direct said now, but same since Vista), but most importantly how well the open book nature of the non Enterprise Editions of the OS is itself. I wish to have control over my system and privacy as well my files/documents/emails/contacts/VOIP and software updates, not an corporation.

    Best experience with it? Sure it is good performance improvement over Windows 7 and offers DX12. However golden little features only hide the malicious nature deep within.

    For now it is good to know what "is" your property or personal private stuff on that machine/device with Windows 10 is as well Microsoft's.

    Wouldn't expect a response or reply. I post rarely; as rare as a blood moon.

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    posted a message on How to record MCPE Without Root?
    You can't really do that unless you using an tablet/phone with HDMI out and a capture card/device. ADB will only do rapid screenshots that are about 10-15FPS or lower actually over USB and the phone is too high process to capture the screen at 30+ FPS while processing a heavy game at same time. They are not designed for this.

    Edit: If iphone/iPad, the concept is lost as is any apple product basically.
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    posted a message on Why can't you see whether someone is permanently banned or not? [NOT SOLVED]
    Quote from trollsack»
    Why should regular moderators have the ability to see this when ordinary users cannot?

    Because if they see a banned users comments and cannot see if the user is banned, but the comment violates MCF rules and promptly issue a warning (for missed violating comments happen). However only later to find the user was PB anyway and realize they wasted a precious portion of their time doing that warning issuing (I doubt is possible to issue a warning to a PB profile anyway).

    There is no common sense behind a reason for regular users to see if someone is banned or if their profile was closed at the discretion of the profile owner. If the profile is attempted to be visited and you don't have permission, that profile is either banned or they, the user, had their profile closed. That is all you need to know. No point in dragging such petty beg and desire thing on.
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