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    posted a message on ★❄️ ★ WinterCrest ★❄️ ★ RELAXED SURVIVAL 1.14 🎨 ARTMAP🎨 [COMMUNITY] [CRATES] [NO GRIEFING] [SEMI VANILLA]

    If you are looking for a great Semi-Vanilla server, well, you came to the right place!

    Wintercrest is a server with a great, helpful and kind community, awesome staff, awesome /warps and much more!

    The server is strictly against pay-to-play and all stuff CAN be obtained by voting!

    The server is after all packed with lots of fun and joy.

    Wintercrest is one of the best Minecraft Semi-Vanilla servers to spend time on!

    If you want to build or have fun with friends and not fear of being raided, well, this server has its Anti-Cheat system!

    Wintercrest hosts lots of fun and enjoyable events too!


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