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    posted a message on Minecraft is unique. Let's try to keep it that way eh Jeb?
    Quote from Jyrome fedx

    There are mods for more mobs. Any one can use them. Try Mo-creatures.
    Cows give milk, leather and beef. These are all unique to cows. Unlike having two mobs that do the same thing.

    First of all, how do you know that horses are even going to be added? It was just a picture of a horse, there aren't any snapshots with horses in them yet.

    Second. Do you know that they will be ridable? No.

    Third. If they are ridable, it is likely that they will be faster and more controllable than pigs, setting them apart.

    Fourth. Why do you care anyway? If you prefer pigs use pigs, it's not like horses are something that a player is forced to use.

    Heck, you could even change the texture of a horse to look more pigish.
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    posted a message on Emerald Tools + Armor
    Quote from Tid55584

    This is most likely not a new idea, but it's something that we desperately need. These tools would be very helpful in terms of finding a use for all those Emeralds you've obtained through mining and trading with villagers (because let's be honest, what were you going to use those Emeralds for anyway? Making blocks? Please.). Anyway, these tools and armor will be of higher durability than Diamond because they are rare as it is, and unless you run a huge animal/wheat farm you're not going to have most of the materials they want for those Emeralds. As for quality, probably the same as Diamond (the durabilty and quality is of course up for debate).

    Well, I think you guys get the idea. Not only would they be strong and durable, they would also be stylish! Hope I can get some supporters on this!

    The blocks look awesome, and if you haven't noticed you can use all those emeralds to get diamond armor, xp bottles, and chainmail armor.
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    posted a message on Minecraft doesn't need horses
    Quote from MadScientist

    Reasons why we do NOT need horses:

    Mundane. All the mobs that were added for about 2 years now are innovative. Wait, witches and innovative ? Yes. In an RPG witches shoot lightning bolts at you. In Minecraft they throw potions at you. Innovative combat.

    How can you know that they will be mundane? They haven't stated anything about horses except that there will be horses.

    But pigs are slower ! And that is good so. Things faster than pigs going at Carrot Nitro speed are hard to control and you will probably fall of cliffs.

    Again, how do you know? Mojang will probably implement a good control system

    But mounted combat ! Face it, MC's combat system isn't made for mounted combat. If a horse would be the size of a cow, your sword reach would be decreased to about 2 blocks of range instead of 4 blocks. And you are a very good target as a horseman. Cause if ya keep riding ya will miss your meele target and overshoot it whilst it stabs you in the back. So you will have to stop and turn around. Now you are artow/potion fodder !

    Combat systems can be changed, and 2 blocks range from a horse is 2 meters, which is pretty long.

    But breeding ! .... Why do we need to have a breeding system for horses ? We would need a breeding system for farm animals too, such as chickens laying eggs every 2.5 minutes instead of 5 minutes or cows that drop more meat and stuff. And this will be too much farming IMO.

    Why the heck would we need new breeding systems for chickens and cows? And we need breeding systems for horses for the same reason that we need breeding systems for all the other mobs.

    But they are horses and awesome! They may be, and there is indeed not many more great sights such as watching a Lich Lord Charge into battle on his trusty shadow steed. But not in MC, as such things require higher defiition than MC offers. Adding a mob jus because it is awesome is adding a mob that is an ambiance mob but wasn't intended as one.

    You have no idea how they are going to make them look. Stop making so many assumptions.

    But I like ponies ! They wouldn't add ponies but horses. And I despise ponies. They kick me. Often. Even if I move veeerrryyyyy sllllooooowwwwwlllyyyy. (And yes, this topic contains a post arguing that adding horses is cool because MLP fans could get a texture pack that turns horses into ponies.)

    No one cares that you despise ponies.

    Also: all the balancing that has been proposed for horses to make up for their (not present) advantages over pigs gives horses a WAYY too big spotlight. It is over the top. We do not an entire content update devoted to horses.

    They never said entire content update, unless 1.6 is nicknamed the Horse Update you can be sure that there will be other non-horse related stuff.

    And last but not least: The devs can add these functions that horses may have to pigs ! SO IT IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION ! You get the desired stuff and we can keep pigs.

    We will still have pigs, and I think being able to control pigs was just a fun little feature, and it was never intended to be a horse alternative.

    Come back and reform your argument when the 1.6 update is finished.

    Comments in bold.
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    posted a message on Minecraft doesn't need horses
    Quote from Ccend

    I personally think that Minecraft doesn't need horses cause, here's why:
    . We can ride pigs
    . What would they drop?
    . Could they breed?
    . What would it look like in game?
    Post what you think if Mojang should add horses or not and possibly give a reason.

    You only gave 1 reason. The rest are just questions.

    P.S. Minecraft doesn't need haters either.
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    posted a message on How to make turrets that are just for show?
    well, they would be extremely blocky and ugly. They wouldn't look like turrets at all.
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    posted a message on minecraft 2.0, real or a fool
    What is this doing in redstone mechanisms?
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    posted a message on Hidden Lava in the nether? Ugh... T_T
    Quote from OmegaDez

    Great, the "Unplayable means fun" crowd again...

    Anyway. You're missing the point. Armor has nothing to do with this. I don't die in the lava. I know how to run away. But then there's a lava mess everywhere and it. DOESN'T. GO. AWAY.

    It's just needlessly irritating, and I don't think irritating is fun in any way.

    Who said anything about unplayable? You're overreacting. Go outside or something.
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    posted a message on Potion infected snow balls
    To not be over powered, a potion would only be able to make 2 snowballs with that effect. And snow golems that throw the potion snowballs would be able to do it infinitely, so that wouldn't work. But other than that I support.
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    posted a message on Hopper Suggestions - Pipes (Simpler Vertical Travel)
    Quote from samshot

    THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR THE FEEDBACK! I will revise my post and you guys can judge on the changes

    I'm pretty Bumping after a day of no replies is okay.

    Hoppers only go down wards, you can't move items upward.

    Shredder I assume would kill them at the rate of getting hit by an Iron sword I guess.

    Please don't suggest me to mods, especially when you know it's against the rules to say there's a mod for that in this section of the forums.

    As for the pouring Idea currently there is an awkward way to control water flow which is with pistons, It's clunky and difficult to control but it works, what I've done is I've suggested a controlled form of water flow which also collects rain and works with lava. It has the Redstone machinery put into one block, with the combined purpose of a cauldrons collecting water. I hope that clears it up.

    As for Dinner bone apparently saying that he doesn't want hoppers to collect exp which from following his twitter intensely (almost to the point where it is creepy) I haven't seen what you seem to be talking about, though I guess I agree with people saying that is seems.

    While I still think the destroyer would save space I agree It's kind of pointless. I also think the trimmer isn't that useful I just wanted to include because it added variety and at the time it seemed interesting.

    You basically just put down all of your ideas...

    Also, a dropper pointing upwards into another dropper is a method to move items upward.
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    posted a message on What type of tree/wood are your favorites to build with ?
    Mmmmmmm, spruce.

    I build everything out of it.
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    posted a message on Nether Tumor (New use for Rotten Flesh)
    I would really not want a tumor in my game...especially how interestingly you describe it, like the scissors thing.
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    posted a message on 1 touch block destroy is annoying
    Some times I find it too slow, like when I'm clearing something out. If I could switch between creative speed and efficiency 4 diamond pick on netherrack speed that would be great.
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    posted a message on easier fire texturing
    Do you mean just taking the fire texture and applying new colours? This can be done fairly easily in an image editing program.

    Simply take the fire texture and make it black and white (grayscaling). Then choose a colour filter option and move the slider till you have your desired colour of flames.

    I used paint.NET for this, and I believe the colour filter effect comes with a plugin, but I'm not sure which. Sorry.
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    posted a message on 1.5 - Can't find any Nether quartz - Help?
    Quote from MediumSizeJock

    I'm praying I don't have to, because I'm like 3/4 of the way through full-zoom mapping and colonizing this one, and I'd really hate to lose the ­in' underground canal system I've built. I'm on PC and I know that the nether info generates in its own folder. Would I be able to just delete that folder and have the nether regenerate (this time, ideally, with quartz)? Any help is, of course, appreciated.

    Yep, just delete the DIM-1 folder (not the DIM1 folder, that's for the End).
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    posted a message on 1.5 Pros,Cons,Bugs
    Get rid of 1.5? Wow.
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