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    posted a message on Jukebox Bug In 1.4.7 - How to get infinite chiseled stone, mossy bricks, diamond ore, etc.
    Hello all,

    I made a video today detailing a bug in minecraft that can be manipulated, and you can find that video below:

    This will show you how to get endless chiseled stone, diamond ore, etc. If for some reason you can't watch the video, I have detailed the bug and how-to below.


    So not too long ago I experienced a nasty bug where destroying an empty jukebox in a chunk has that has been unloaded then reloaded causes a crash. Logging back in, you can see that the chunk was reloaded, and if you had a base or structure there, it went poof.

    Now at first, like most people probably, I was irked. I lost a lot of stuff I had worked hard in survival to get. But after that fiasco passed, I did some testing with 2 server members named recharges and SwaggaPandaa, and it turns out that this bug can be manipulated to give you an endless amount of things that spawn naturally (i.e., chiseled stone, diamond ore, webs, etc. Villagers, spawners, and end portals can also be respawned).

    The jukebox bug alone is known by Mojang and is detailed here:


    So here is how to perform the bug:

    To simply respawn the chunk you're in, place the jukebox, unload the chunk it is in (by logging in and out, venturing away, or going into the nether), come back to the chunk, and destroy the jukebox. The jukebox drops a ghost entity which if you pick up, instantly instigates an End of Stream (SMP) or Minecraft has Crashed! (SSP) error. The chunk has already reloaded anyway, so you can avoid both errors by not picking up the ghost entity the jukebox drops, and just logging in and out instead.

    This does NOT work with structures (jungle temples, sand temples, etc.) however. There's a bit more to it.

    To reload a part of a structure, you have to consider the chunk in 8 x 8 x 256 1/4 chunks. Only the 8 x 8 1/4 chunk south-east of the jukebox will reload the structure (and only the part that was in that 8 x 8 area). So if you want to reload the chiseled stone at a jungle temple, you would need to map out the 1/4 chunk it is in, and use the F3 menu to go north and west one 1/4 chunk. It's easiest to use the number in the parentheses at the end of the x and z coordinates, and just go north then west 8 blocks each. Then you can perform the jukebox glitch and the structure will reload.

    In SSP, it is possible to stack structures on top of each other, and this is done by adjusting the y coordinate of the jukebox you place. We were not able to get this to work in SMP.

    Also, chests are very inconsistent in SMP; they usually do not respawn at all, so if you were hoping to kill two birds with one stone by getting a diamond in a chest and chiseled stone, don't count on it.

    Lastly, this only works in 1.4.7 (and possibly earlier 1.4 versions). I can confirm that this is fixed in the snapshot, and therefore, will like be fixed in the 1.5 release. So take advantage while you can!

    If anyone happens to know how to read the game code, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post the mechanics of this and how and why this works. I'm very interested to know. :)
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    posted a message on First World Tour/Sheep Farm
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to show off my sheep farm as well as an awesome seed I found for minecraft.

    I also forgot to mention this within the video, but the seed is 1356733858.

    And sorry for the jingling at the end; my dog decided to "soundbomb" my video.
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    posted a message on Space Station
    EDIT: Here is the world download for those who want it:


    I haven't made any adjustments to it since this thread because I'm waiting for the Voxel Deep Space texturepack to be updated. If you're going to put this on your server, please at least put a sign on it somewhere that says "Made by Aurora2894" or something like that. The texturepack can be found on the VoxelWiki:



    This is my first attempt at anything... space-like.

    The frame took about 5 days to build. The inside is currently pending design, but the outside is practically finished.

    It is 128 units high, over 90 units in diameter. Was created using the VoxelSpace texturepack, SPC, and TMI. I also have another addition in the works to make it a full-fledged station, but it is far from finished.

    2 views from the inside (obviously WIP):

    And lastly, the reason why it needs a texturepack :P :

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    posted a message on Swedish Castle (Because I am terrible with names).
    Back from my MC break... sort of. A friend demanded I make a castle, and here is the result:


    At the bottom of the mountain is a minecart station to get up and down from the castle, as there are no other paths leading directly to it. I'm thinking of adding an entire city down below, but am undecided.

    Basic Minecart Station:

    Station at the very top:

    Lobby of one of the towers:

    Underneath the lobby:

    Dining Room:

    Double-decker kitchen:

    And heading back up again, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors have bedrooms:

    And the 5th floor is a balcony:

    Moving on, hallway to the throne room:

    And the throne room itself:

    Heading over to the second main tower now, 2nd floor has a bar:

    3rd floor is another bedroom, but this one comes with a balcony:

    View from said balcony (pretty boring at the moment):

    And top floor is a portrait room:

    Now heading under ground, level -1 is where the maids and other workers stay:

    (There are three rooms like that).

    Level -2 and -3 is the library, complete with hidden chambers:

    Yes, that is a 3x3 seamless piston door. It leads into the vault with all the castle's valuables:

    Also a secret enchanting room:

    Back outside, here are the gardens:

    Bridge leading to the guard tower:

    And lastly, some more outside views near the guard tower:

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    posted a message on My Skyblock 1.1 Survival Save
    Been working on and off on it for about a month. It's 100% legit... OK, fine, I admit I did use SPC Fly command to make chopping down mega-trees easier. But that's all! So... 99% legit? All challenges are complete. Note that I only recently updated to 1.0.0, this was all done in BETA 1.8.1, which is why water is now freezing over.

    So here are my farms:

    Mushroom Farm:

    Tree Farm:

    Melon/Pumpkin Farm:

    Wheat/Cane/Semi-Auto Cactus Farm:

    Here is the "industrial area":
    Mob Spawner:

    I made the spawner dual-level. Top floor inside spawns mobs on cobbles stone, with a 2x2 checkered pattern so that they fall to the bottom floor where water pushes them to the grinder.

    Mob Grinder (from the outside):

    The lava is connected from a tall point that also goes over the cobblestone generator.

    Collection area, underneath the grinder:

    And to the side, an Enderman Spawner, made completely out of half-slabs/double half-slabs so that it cannot be ender-griefed. I can shoot arrows from behind the trap-door:

    Should also show off all the mob drops I've gotten...:

    Yep, still all legit. Just park my player there for a while, come back later and there ya go. All the drops actually carry over to additional chests.

    Lastly, my cobblestone generator:

    If this were being played on SMP, up to 10 players could be mining cobblestone at the same time.

    Here is my home on the outside:

    Yeah that's right. My house has a pool in the back too (now frozen-over thanks to 1.0.0 [insert umad face here]):

    Here is my home on the inside:

    Dining Room:


    Living Room:

    Wool Gallery:

    Yep, I was lucky enough to have a brown sheep spawn at one point.

    On the second floor, my master bedroom:

    The loooooooooovvvvveeeee suite:

    On to the third floor, the main hallway:

    The twins' bedroom:

    Conference room on the end of the house:

    The Bar:

    The Library:

    On to the last part... aka, Manifest Destiny:
    The pool and grass area in front (passive mobs occasionally spawn here, and again, 1.0.0 freezing over my lake):

    And right behind it, the train station, direct service to the rest of the minecraft world:

    Yes, the train tracks are all still legit, obviously from the rest of the minecraft world after I made it there.

    Land Ho!:

    Up close on the receiving station, if I ever finish it, the left 2 lines will be direct service from Skyblock, the right 2 lines going to Skyblock:

    Hope you guys enjoyed!
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    posted a message on [Failed Project] Panoramic Piston Theater
    My intention was to create a large piston theater with no [clearly] visible pistons from the audience's point of view, but unfortunately the project is a phail, due to redstone glitches/my computer's inability to cope with the sheer amount of pistons. This thing is a bug magnet, between all the delay glitches, duplication glitches, lag, etc.

    Anyways, the movie "screen" itself is 50 x 25 x 3 units. In order to achieve the length legitimately, I used sticky pistons to bring back blocks in the front of the screen. I find it also works great aesthetically. The movie utilizes two timers that come together on screen in two separate loops. To get the blocks at the center to movie back without putting any pistons in front, I used a diagonal track where sticky pistons would keep bringing back the blocks until finally one of the pistons would move itself so that the blocks were on a straight track again (like a normal piston). It is within this contraption where the problem lies, but oddly enough, the issues only occur within the first 4 pistons (at the front). Basically, one piston will not grab a block, entire contraption will go out of order, pistons duplicate, inverts go out of whack, blah blah blah.

    As it became more and more evident that the bug issues would not be resolved, I started working on the aesthetics. Now that I'm finished, I may as well show off. Guess I'll be waiting for 1.8 to see if the glitches are fixed, and maybe I'll revisit.

    Here is the view from the top:

    Just for reference, iron blocks mark where pistons are; gold blocks mark sticky pistons, the red and blue at the bottom are the timers, the red at the top is the piston-controlled sun roof, and the blue at the top is the light control for the screen itself.

    And here are the rest of the pictures...

    Piston roof up close:

    Screen light control up close:

    An overhead view of the track blocks travel (marked in glowstone):

    A look at aaaaaalllllllllll the inverters:

    Red timer up close (Timer #2):

    Blue timer up close (Timer #1):

    Views of the theater from the inside:

    The royal box (at the top of the theater):

    The control room:

    View of the theater from the control room:

    and what it looks like when I turn off the lights:

    Stairs lead underground to the main plaza where visitors come, as well as steps to the chairs:

    On either side of the theater at the bottom is a restroom (with some uninvited guests):

    The main plaza (this leads to the theater, offices, and mall):


    The offices:

    I didn't really take photos of them since they are boring, but there is a VIP room...

    The bar:

    And that's pretty much it. If anyone thinks they can get past the piston bugs on their computer, here is the download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0m92jz9r9jaosg8
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    posted a message on My First Epic Piston Project
    I made a semi-automatic sugar farm a few days ago, but this time, I thought I would take it to the extreme. Thank god for MCEdit and TooManyItems.

    This runs on the basic setup:
    :Violet: :Turquoise:
    :Violet: :Turquoise:
    :Red: :Turquoise:
    :Red: :Red: :Blue: :Blue:

    :Turquoise: Sugar Cane
    :Violet: = Piston
    :Red: = Glowstone
    :Blue: = Water

    This pistons push overgrown sugar cane into the water, which leads to a sugar collection area. The pistons are retracted while the sugar is still growing.

    This sugar farm is comprised "blocks" (sections, not actual blocks). Each Block, when fully grown, can harvest 24 pieces of sugar. I have 16 Blocks per row, and 8 rows. So with the flip of a switch I have in a control tower, I can harvest up to 3072 pieces of sugar in one sitting. I also have a water collection system in place for easy collecting.

    Here is the overhead view:

    What each block looks like:

    Here I have a piston to control the collection water supply:

    Here are the pistons that control the MAIN water supply (I only turn this off if I need to repair under, because I would have to re-plant a ton of sugar otherwise):

    The bottom wires lead to the main water control, and the top wires lead to the main piston control behind each block:

    A view of the wiring behind each block:

    The wires lead up to a main control tower:

    Collection area below the control tower:

    From inside the control tower:

    Collection area with a TON of sugar:

    My inventory after one harvest (not all was completely grown when I flipped the switch):

    And that's it!

    Here is the download link:
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