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Hi everyone!

I'm Foreinova and I'm a 19 year old YouTuber/Gamer who occasionally uploads videos (or streams them) to my YouTube channel.

Needless to say I was inspired to create my YouTube channel after watching Markiplier's and CaptainSparkez' videos.

I recently started collaborating with HeatedHickory9 and we make videos together or join each other's livestreams.

I stream regularly to interact with my viewers and i also take game suggestions and challenges during livestreams.

I'm part of a game development team called Waterbound Interactive; we're working very hard on games, animated films, music and online merch and we'd highly appreciate if you like us on Facebook or Twitter for some support! Thanks!

Apart from that, in my own time, I make custom maps in Minecraft :P

Ignore the name on my profile; there's not an option to change it. >:/

  • Leading my team, Waterbound Interactive
  • Game Design
  • Making music
  • Making Minecraft maps
  • Gaming
  • Technology

What else?! LOL

Location New Zealand

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