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    posted a message on Zombie Piglin Farm Broken

    What version you're playing would be helpful…

    As would knowing which farm — searching shulkercraft+piglin+farm turned up:

    Minecraft Easy Piglin Bartering/Trading Farm - 1.16 - YouTube [Jul 1, 2020]


    Minecraft Easy and Powerful Piglin Bartering/Trading Farm [Jul 28, 2021] apparently based on gnembon's Piglin Bartering at 800000 items/h like a BOSS. [Fun Farms 33] [Jul 11, 2020]

    Also any active mods & what (if any) changes to the farm you have made.

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    posted a message on Do Enderman Randomly Teleport or Do They Only Teleport When Hurt?
    Quote from scorrp10»

    Endermen can decide to teleport randomly without any damage. But you can always contain an enderman with a boat.

    A minecart works as well, although neither allow for it to move of its own AI…

    One needn't remove "every block" in its teleport radius; all that is needed is to avoid any valid teleportation destination (water, limiting spaces to less than 2.9 high [three air less a trapdoor works well], and double carpet all work well).
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    posted a message on Unable to access user profiles, posts or send messages

    Well baby steps :(

    Cloudflare foesnt' seem to like my browser; it claims "Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this site. Please upgrade your browser to view rich content, log in and reply."

    Assuming I can find how to do so, will try the PM refs edit mentioned.

    [Due to some legacy extentions and possible security 'issues' with more recent versions, I'm very leery of browser updates. Have you any data on how the Brave browser interacts with this site?]

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    posted a message on Villagers issue

    Had you traded with the effected villagers? (A single trade with a villager is supposed to lock the profession and the trades.)

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    posted a message on 1000 tips, tricks and facts in minecraft (in progress, show your ideas)
    Quote from simply_buzz»

    I don't think we will see this topic getting updates soon. I checked his profile out of curiosity and he was last online in 2015, sad :'(

    We just gotta continue the thread by adding more in replies or make a new one.

    Given the age of some of these tips, it might be more productive to archive this thread and start another…

    ("1024 tips & tricks for 2022 MC" maybe?)

    A small contribution to either effort.

    #N ) Any redstone torch should be lit so the block it occupies is ≥8. (This will prevent lighting updates when the RS-torch changes state. [Less of an issue since 1.15-ish, but still useful.]).

    #N+1 ) Mob spawners: Placing various farms/machines such that one can use them while keeping the spawniner active can make one's time playing wack-a-mob much more productive [and less boring]. eg. A pumpkin carving station within range of a the spawner. [Extra credit if combined with Mending Shears and/or a pumpkin 'stamp' farm.]

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    posted a message on Minecraft Account Unwillingly Deleted
    Quote from flaesu»

    May I ask how?

    You might try https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us as a start. [There are/were also some links available in the migration process or from the launcher, but a not on the relavant computer at present.]

    Links on the cited page include several under "Helpful links" to the right and a strip across teh bottom of the page. The twitter support link may be your best bet (assuming you do Twitter [and that Elon-shock hasn't caused a shut-down :P ]).

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    posted a message on Strange bugs since 1.18.30 - Unable to place paintings and walk up stairs

    I've run into what may be examples of the first of these fairly often, but have been under the impression that the angle at which one touches the block was to blame. [Not something that ever rose above the levelof minor irritant.]

    The difficulty with painting placement described is not something I've experienced.

    In either case, if this is something you want fixed [maybe], reporting the issues @ https://bugs.mojang.com/issues/?jql=

    rather than here is required as [officially] MS/Mj does not read this site.

    Searching for prior reports of the bug in preferrence to adding additional examples to an open report is recommended lest your ticket simply be marked with a 'Duplicate' tag and effectively binned.

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    posted a message on Unable to access user profiles, posts or send messages
    Quote from Lord_Ralex»


    Is this still happening?

    We have not made any deployments of recent, so if it worked before, it should still be working from our side. This seems like a Cloudflare issue, it may be worth raising a ticket up with them about it.



    Yes, its is.

    And the cloudflare link in the waitfive seconds page is still going to https://www.cloudflare.com/5xx-error-landing/

    although the RayID is now Ray ID: 7013d2117e2852c5

    As I am able to access (and edit) my profile via https://www.minecraftforum.net/account/profile it does appear that the issue is with the "DDoS protection" check performed by Cloudflare

    I am unclear as to whether you are suggesting that I raise the issue with cloudflare or that you (minecraftforum.net) do so.

    As you are the actual cloudflare customer it might be more effective if the report was to come from you.

    Otherwise, please email me the necessary information about bringing the matter to their attention. (As noted this problem also locks me out of the PM system.)

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    posted a message on Unable to access user profiles, posts or send messages
    Quote from TileEntity»

    Did you make a test with another browser?

    Given I'm using the same browser as yesterday, that seems an unlikely siurce of trouble (as well as not being a viable solution).

    It may howeevr be worth trying as the problem persists… [And by your not mentioning, does not seem to effect you.]


    Well it appear either minecraftforum.net or CloudFlare has suddenly decided not to recognize this browser (Palemoon) because it works with a non-preferred browser…

    Ray ID: 6ffc86b1dd925f89 for some of the most recent attempts.

    Also, the link to cloudflare on the b;ocking page leads to https://www.cloudflare.com/5xx-error-landing/ which suggest cloudflare is having problems

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    posted a message on Unable to access user profiles, posts or send messages

    Attempting to acces the user profile ie https://www.minecraftforum.net/members/User_Name or https://www.minecraftforum.net/members/User_Name/posts or https://www.minecraftforum.net/private-messages/send?recipient=User_Name

    hangs at the "Checking your browser before accessing www.minecraftforum.net." screen

    "Please allow up to 5 seconds…" briefly changes to a button that says something like "I am human" then circles back to "Please allow up to 5 seconds…"

    It does not appear to be possible to click the button.

    Have tested this on miy own profile/post as well as a couple of random users and a moderator account all with the same apparent result.

    Problem persists after closing and restarting site.


    The problen persists after logging off and logging back on. (This does provoke the 'Your Twitch Login Verification Code" email malarky.)


    This also blocks my ability to view my private messages.

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    posted a message on How could Tlauncher exist? Isnt it easy for mojang to sue it?

    Basic fact of life: unlawful stuff is going to exist.

    Particularly for something like a cracked/hacked piece of software (which just isn't at the same level of law enfrcement priority as murder/armed robbery).

    Yes, MS/Mj could institute some form of legal proceeding against the perpetrators, BUT

    who they are would need to be known,

    depending on the country in which they operate many avenues of legal recourse may not exist (either explicitly, because some countries do not recognize some forms of intellectual property, or because some coutries view law enforcement as an essentially 'entrepreneurial' career).

    Even in comparatively law abiding countries, MS/Mj faces the reality that lawsuits take resources (both money and time) and a ruling against one actor/set of actors will do little to prevent another. [Often refered to by persons of a certain age as the Whack-a-Mole problem (after the arcade game).]

    Bypassing technical 'fixes' to make unauthorized copies "automaticly play minecraft demo" or the like are what the cracking is about.

    Overall the most cost effective way to minimize [NOT eliminate] unauthorized copies is a two pronged approach that keeps the entry barriers low (ie MC is readily available and low priced) while discouraging unauthorized servers via socal opprobrium (eg. this sites strong policies of discouragement).

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    posted a message on Not-Aging Mobs

    Given the number of extant special/easter-egg nametags, adding another is probably a reasonable way of accomplishing this.

    While it is uncommon, there are circumstances where it is convennient to nametag mobs 'at birth' so I would prefer something other than the any nametag option be used.

    One such option would be to create non-maturing mobs from any nametage that began with a specific character{s}.

    Ideally the character{s} choosen should should be such that it/they would not occur at the start of any names (eg Juv – for juvenile – would not be ideal because of, for instance, Juvenal {unusual as that might be}).

    Something like ".." (two periods) might be better — as well as being comparatively unobtrusive.

    [I don't code dive so the relative costs of this vs. the jeb_/Dinnerbone model is unknown, but it strikes me that players wishing to keep permanent infants might well prefer having the ability to name them more nearly 'at will'.]

    Something that needs detailing is to what mobs this would apply: passive only or including things like dolphins and/or villagers.

    While this would not be an addition to which I would assign high priority, I can see how it would appeal to a class of player and the computational/lag costs of implementation would likely be fairly inexpensive.

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    posted a message on Help with Nether Portals

    Portals are designed to be painful. :)

    Nah, just to make one exercise one's middle school geometry… :P

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    posted a message on Glow effect option

    As long as this thread is being resuscitated…

    This highlights the need for a general overhaul with a strong bias toward improving performance.

    Note that even in 2015 (when the OP was made) there existed a PvP exploit based on inducing lag to selectively disadvantage players with less up-to date computers.

    Were equality-of-opportunity in PvP to be pursued to the utmost, it wold seem to be necessary to 'read' all invloved [probably meaning proximate] players' FPS rates and constrain all client preformance to the lowest performing system. [Ugh, & double UGH!]

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    posted a message on Improve Zombie Sieges

    Comments/questions interpolated

    Quote from Ben_Goldberg»

    This idea is to make a whole bunch of minor improvements for Zombie Sieges:

    1. Add a "boss bar" similar to a raid.
    2. What would this measure? (Fraction of spawned seige zombies remaining? If yes, how would reinforcement zombies be counted? (And reinforcements spawned from reinforcements?))

    3. Being in a village when a siege ends earns an advancement.
    4. Indifferent, I don't see 'advancements' as an important part of the game…

    5. Killing at least one zombie of a siege earns an advancement, and gives the player Hero of the Village I for 40 minutes when the siege ends.
    6. Indifferent, see supra. Given that defeating a raid earms 40m of HotV, defeating a seige should be worth 5-10, Maybe.

    7. Ringing a village's bell makes zombies which are part of the siege to glow.
    8. For how long? Would this include reinforcement zombies? And/or reinforcements spawned from reinforcements?

    9. /gamerule zombiesPerSieges to control how many zombies are spawned per siege, 0 to disable them entirely..
    10. With what upper limit? (This could open an exploitable opportunity for farming zombies that outstrtips spawners)

      Would this limit also affect reinfocement spawns?

      A gamerule to disable seiges is likely to be welcomed by some and decried by others; the ratio being uncertain.

    11. For all zombie variants spawned by the siege, it should have a chance to spawn as a Zombie Horse Jockey, or if it's a Baby Zombie, a Baby Zombie Horse Jockey. The Zombie Horse or Baby Zombie Horse does not count as part of the Siege, since they're a passive mob.
    12. What is a "Zombie Horse Jockey"? and what are its stats and behaviors? (Assumption is that this is based on the skeleton horsemen spawned from a skeleton horse trap.) Given that zombies do not have a ranged attack, what benefit (other than increasing the supply of skeleton horses)

    13. For all zombie variants spawned by the siege, it should have a chance to spawn as a Zoglin Jockey, or if it's a Baby Zombie, a Baby Zoglin Jockey.
    14. Stats and behaviors needed for meaningful discussion.

    15. Baby Zombies spawned as part of the siege should have a chance to spawn as either Zombie Rabbit Jockeys or Killer Rabbit Jockeys.
    16. Explanation of jockey behaviors needed [Note this is the third (& fourth) type of jockey proposed to be added to a seige; the comparative emphsis on calvery opens the idea that a second type of seige spawned under considerably more restrictive conditions might be a better way to implment this jockey heavy approach.]

    17. Zombie Rabbits might spawn as part of the siege even without a rider.
    18. See supra and below

    Zombie rabbits, if added, would have similar shape and movement to normal rabbits, but would be much greener, burn in sunlight, are harmed by healing potions, and basically share as many behaviors as reasonable with Zombies. Unlike normal Zombies, they would attack and zombify baby villagers and rabbits, but not normal villagers. They don't pick up items, not even helmets.

    How they do not "basically share as many behaviors as reasonable with Zombies" needs full detailing.

    Would these spawn outside of sieges? If so, how so?

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