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    posted a message on Bamboo Forest

    But the Pango is a Giant Panda. It’s not even an ape.

    I expected that the Pango was a Giant Panda you had "Minecraftisized".

    The club weilding and bipedal stance still make if feel like [IMO] a "killer ape" from the days when Hollywood did monsters by hiring men in rubber suits; not an objective evaluation, just a subjective impression…

    I'd like to be able to offer some sort of alternative in-game use ofr the Giant Panda, but the RL critter seems neither to interact with humans much nor to much beyond eat & excrete…

    …and an atmosphere mob doesn't seem sufficient.

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    posted a message on Snowflake Lodge DONE!

    Nice alpine chateau feel to the build… love the name.

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    posted a message on Penguin idea

    Making penguins (thinking about something like emporer species 1.1m tall) breedable, but not tamable (as rabbits) would provide a use for all the excess fish.

    The "tobogganing" behavior would be a visually interesting addition, but the requirements for rotating an entity hitbox (raised in a recent discussion of spider climbing) would need to be met.

    I see no reason they should be attacked by "all hostile mobs", perhaps by zombies [which seem to be aquiring a killer_of_all_that_is_cute_and_good role].

    I would think simply having penguins ignore inappropriate food would be more consistent; spitting puffer fish back at the player, however, might be an amusing addition P).

    It would be nice if the breeding conditions included both ice and water access (unlike most mobs which can be bred in stone enclosures). [This might, however be difficult to code and/or expensive to implement.]

    I would suggest penguin feathers not be suitable for standard arrows, but

    a component for underwater arrows (2 or 3 times the range of standard arrows, but can only be fire underwater)
    a brewing feedstock for a potion similar in effect to (but weaker than) Depth Strider.
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    posted a message on Bamboo Forest

    I quite like the biome description; the idea of less_than_full_block "trees" that one could walk between (like non-joining fenceposts) would offer something new (and could make combat rather "interesting" ;) ).

    Keeping bamboo logs "slightly shorter than a fence, so you can still jump over them" (similar to Iron Bars) is a nice distinction.

    I'd prefer bamboo be functionally distinct from the other wood blocks. [Or, at least, that possibilties other than a new wood plank block that looks like "a bunch of bamboo sticks...mashed together" be available.]

    Perhaps bamboo "wood" blocks could be placed horizontally (following the end rod placement mechanics).

    Bamboo might also be craftable (5 blocks in an 'X') into an opaque "Bamboo Mat" that could be placed either vertically (as glass panes are) or horizontally (as is carpet). [Roughly speaking, a renamed version of CannonFoddr's Bamboo 'planks' with different crafting and thickness. ]

    Agree with the comments about height: I'd suggest 7-10 or 9-12. [Possibly a mega variant could work, but I'd like to see the shorter 'normal' biome first.]

    I don't see a pressing need for another leaf block (nor a reason bamboo should not produce one). Neutral.

    Rather than the leaves dropping saplings, perhaps bamboo could be further differentiated from trees by allowing the base block (the one immediately above the soil) to be harvested and drop as a sapling by right clicking with one's axe. [Base blocks would drop as wood, but not be replantable if chopped and would only be usable as saplings if harvested via right click; upper blocks would only be choppable.]

    (To provide some means of increasing one's forest, perhaps some (10%?) of harvested base blocks would drop as two saplings.)

    I agree that the biome needs soemthing beyond the "trees", but am not fond of the Pango; too much similarity to the 1930's Hollywood B-movie "killer ape" trope for my tastes.

    The Red Panda mentioned above, BTW, is nearer a racoon than a giant panda in size, appearance and behavior.

    Parrots might be expanded to this biome, but a general lack of grass would limit them to initial generation without extensive intervention by the player.

    The Giant Panda is iconic (and already has supporters) but would need, IMO, to be more functional than the polar bear.

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    posted a message on creeepers007's Idea for 1.13

    A form of the acheivement proposed is already in the game as "Monsters Hunted" (Kill each of these 22 mobs.

    Blaze, Cave Spider, Creeper, Enderman, Evoker, Ghast, Guardian, Husk, Magma Cube, Polar Bear, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Stray, Vindicator, Witch, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Zombie Pigman, Zombie Villager

    Other mobs may be killed, but are ignored for the advancement.)

    For the data in "The Mob Guide", we have the wiki (& other web resources); reworked as "My Trophy Book" and recording one's kills as an in-game alternative to the Statistics Mobs tab might be appreciated by some.

    I would prefer doing this through Statistics/Mobs (rather than an in-game book), but would like those mobs of which I have killed & been killed by zero times to be included in the list.

    Various other "Giant" proposals have been made, this one needs fleshing out… hopefully after the OP has perused those threads.

    A MobB saddle (or equivalent) seems to be on enough players' "Christmas lists", that I would be unsurprised to see this available (at least via mods) shortly after the official release…

    [Something officially available in vanilla is quite another story…]

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    posted a message on I made a meme

    Not a particularly nuanced comparison, but humerous as a "bumpersticker"…

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    Unfortunately, the forum posting mechanics make it impossible to tell whcih part of my prior comment you are quoting…

    [Nothing in that post used the [*center] tags, but the bulleted list may have been so interpreted…

    quote=StrykerOmega94 comment=33

    Ah, so, what you're saying is "OMG I have to use the SAME feature to stop these things from spawning like I use to stop everything else from spawning?! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!" Well, the logic behind your arguement is as flawed as you think the Phantoms are.


    I would be quite pleased if MobB spawns could be stopped by such simple expedients as bottom slabs and lighting.

    While beds may be "[using] the SAME feature to stop these things from spawning like I use to stop everything else from spawning" for you (and others with your playstyle), there are others (myself included) from whom this is FALSE.

    "you don't seem to realize that these are the same rules that apply to pretty much any other land-based hostile mob in the game"

    The "same rules" contention is true only if one takes the most extremely general sense of > all hostile mobs require adaptations to tactics and strategy to avoid fatal interaction < .

    If a more reasonable meaning for same rules is applied, MobB would need a solid block on which to spawn (as do even Ghasts), and a light level <8 (as do all hostile Overworld land mobs).

    Based on the various peoples' work in the recent snapshots, the only MobB defenses in the game invove either:

    • a 22x22x15 high block placed 20-35 blocks above the player [this fully defends exactly one block :o ]1*
    • always ensuring one's skyview is blocked at night
    • building above Y=240.

    None of these is remotely similar to the rules for avoiding current mobs.

    1*I have seen a few early designs that could conceivably work as defenses if the AI is relatively unchanged.

    That "Many players DO use the bed to help save themselves from getting killed in OPEN FIELDS" is irrelevant to the debate as many also do not.

    At most, you have recognized a set of players (already acknowledged by myself and others) whose current playstyle is close enough to what MS/Mj is attempting to coerce that they will be little affected.

    "Now, as for Mojang seeming to fix the issue with a back-pedal of sorts, if that's implemented - great!"

    On this point we agree.

    To at least some extent, snapshots are intended to catch ideas that looked good on paper [or in the staff meeting / focus group] before they crash and burn in an official release. [For those of you familiar with corporate or government organization, they provide Mj the cushion of a "DRAFT" stamp.]

    While this will hopefully fix the broken implementation details, is even more important that the root lesson is learned, to wit: Enabling different playstyles = GOOD / coercing any particular playstyle = BAD.

    quote=StrykerOmega94 comment=37

    His logic is flawed because the sleeping mechanic ALREADY changed the gameplay of many players SINCE ITS INITIAL RELEASE. There was a time in minecraft where sleeping didn't exist - something that somebody like yourself - who joined the forums way back in 2012 (assuming you were playing MC before you hit the forums, anyway) - should already know and understand. If you want to talk about coersion and heavy-handedly making players use a bed, well, its already been done and gotten used to and apparently forgotten about by most players. It was called the daylight cycle and nightime mob spawning.

    Firstly, I am more concerned with the present and future that what is (for MC) ancient history.

    This error – if error it was – is far too embedded for any change to be likely. [All the more reason to object to the flaws in MobB now, rather than after its official release.]

    Note also that the bed was/is

    OPTIONAL / Opt-In: not using a bed did not cause "bad things" to happen; using a bed prevented "bad things" from happening.

    Has viable alternative(s): fence and torch most obviously.

    Has an Opt-Out: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false has been added to enable those who wish to emulate earlier play. [A bad last alternative.]

    None of these is true for MobB (…as currently implemented).

    "Try loking[sic] at it a different way, see it from Mojangs[sic] perspective, because they are trying to figure out new content."

    New content is good only if it enhances the game. [Yes, a truism – but apparently one in need of reiterating.]

    Alienating a significant group of players/users/customers is rarely defined as "enhancing the game" from a business perspective. [The exceptions involve dumping/driving out low profit customers in order to increase the percentage or experience of high profit customers. In MC terms, marginalizing / ghettoizing / splintering the Java/OP edition player (coincidently an historic source of profit enhancing innovations) in favor of the various platform players who can be sold skins, textures, etc. (Many Platform players needing to pay for what is free for others is not likely something of which those players are fond....)]

    To give MS/Mj the greatest possible benefit of the doubt, the snapshots show a deeply flawed and divisive feature that unfortunately was not quashed internally.

    The criticisms of its flaws are thus the MC community assistting MS/Mj "to figure out new content".

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    posted a message on Beautiful resource pack

    I tried the links, Scots, but they all throw out 403 - Forbidden Error

    Unfortunately you have to actually copy/paste the links ( appropriate edit made to previous post ).

    Clicking the links worked for me when I tested it (after copy/pasting to view them) but went to 403 once I had cleared the relevant cache…

    …something I missed….

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    The issue, as has been stated repeatedly [including the immediately above reply to your post], is not the availability of beds etc.

    The issue is that some of us resent an attempt to coerce a particular type of approved playstyle.

    One of the great strengths of MC has been that it supports MANY styles of play; this is a step to reversing that longstanding [and highly successfull] policy.

    I do feel like there are a lot of posters jumping the gun, being angry and salty in this thread whilst we're still in the early days of the mechanics of the mob.

    The earlier in the process of defining the mechanics of a new feature commentary is made, the lower the cost [in terms of both $ & 'face'] of fixing the errors and the more likely the required fixes are to be applied.

    There were/are ways to implement MobB (even including an insomnia mechanic) that would not result on "Mojang's Orbiting Beddy-bye Bully".


    • Preventing MobB from diving below some Y-level (eg. 90) — Extreme hills and some M variants dangerous, but plains etc. safe
    • Spawning under its own mob cap (as do squids) — no filling of the other mob caps and thus no interference with farms
    • Loses the ability to fly in block light *not sky light* 12+ — provides a simple way to secure a limited area, leaving MobB like a beached Guardian …particularly effective if the crash causes damage and the mob expires if it cannot quickly regain an area free of 12+ block light.


    Unfortunately, the current implementation gives the appearance of having been design to require regular resetting of ones spawn point and preventing "long" [more realistically anything but very short] uninterrupted play sessions.

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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    A bit more info (from Recap of Jeb's talk at the PC Gamer Weekender):

    1. "If you put a stair on flowing water, the flow will be blocked, just
    2. like it is now in today's Minecraft, but you can put it in a source
      block and you will have both a stair and a source block."
    3. "The coral block that was shown at Minecon Earth had half slabs, but
    4. we decided to only go with the full blocks, and the half slabs are now
      only for crafted stone materials."
    5. About magma blocks and soul sand being used for bubble columns:
    6. "We're still trying to brainstorm different blocks to use for this."

    #1. Look like they're still farbling about trying to find a middle ground; this one as quoted applies only to stairs [It also does not perfectly match the behaivior seen in some of the snapshot test videos that are out…], and makes order of operations important. Not horrid, but no where near as good as breaking down and just adding "bubble-free" 'X's as new blocks…

    #2. The first part makes it appear that MS/Mj is walking back coral slabs [which suggests also coral stairs], but the second could be read as greenlighting the long awaited stone type slabs [also hopefully obsidian].

    #3. Having been quite surprised MS/Mj was letting previously Nether available only blocks seep into the Overworld, this doesn't.

    I think, however, they will have quite some little difficulty finding anything as intuitively appropriate as magma blocks for one of the columns (although the rules of convection suggest magma blocks would be better suited to creating the 'UP' columns). With slime blocks and soul sand being the only blocks I can think of that slow a player [cobwebs dropping string if touched by water], it seems more natural for the 'DOWN' columns.

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    posted a message on Hidden uses for the Poisonous Potato.

    Given that they drop at a 2% chance, and that one never makes any use of them [other than possibly one to get the eat everything token], poison potatoes provide a reasonally accurate tally of how many potatoes one has harvested [simply multiply by 50]

    …why one would want to know this may, of course, be open to question ;^)
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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    Honestly, I do feel that you're being a bit too critical. I usually do carry a bed on me, but, I'm also a forgetful crafter after long, tedious, and necessary mining sessions, so, this mob will be fun to me. Every mob in minecraft can technically be considered "annoying" - creepers, skellies, zombies(albeit less so), spiders, cave spiders(evil little suckers) , etc all come with their own set of headaches.

    The problem is not that MobB provides an annoyance; all mobs (particularly the hostiles) can be seen as doing so…

    …the problem is that MobB – as currently slated to be implemented – is coercing a one type of playstyle (that dependant on regular bed usage).

    Every other mob can be avoided by simple and easily accomplished mechanics; this may be as tedious as removing the water from an ocean monument, but it does not require filling the entire build limit above some level with solid blocks (which is the only way it appears possible to prevent MobB spawns other than bowing to the MS/Mj coercion attempting to prevent BadWrongFun™ ).

    [Technically, the initial Ender Dragon also qualifies, but a single occurance of a dimension defining mob is something of a different case.]

    MobB is also deeply flawed because if you are a good little Minecrafter and assiduously follow the Ms/Mj beddy-bye rules MobB will never spawn. [At least in the overworld, current information suggests MobB will aslo spawn in the End though how the insomnia trigger will work in a dimension where time does not appear to (clocks don't function) remains to be revealed. MobB may have yet another griefing purpose of prohibiting End expeditions of >100 minutes.]

    Contraiwise, if one declines the MS/Mj beddy-bye nanny-ism there is NO WAY to avoid continual harrassment while outside (and, depending on the as yet unannounced spawn rules, even staying indoors may be insufficient above some unknown Y-value).

    This is most unfortunate as the model for MobB (a flyer confined to high-altitudes) could be implemented so as to add much to the game rather than a heavy handed attempt to coerce adherance to an approved playstyle.

    ☟ ☟ ☟ ☟ ☟

    EDIT: RE MobB in the End

    Just found a reddit recap of some comments by Jeb q.v. []Recap of Jeb's talk at the PC Gamer Weekender

    About phantoms spawning in the end: "The problem is, of course, that if you're in the end, you essentially just get one hour game time before they start spawning, and then you can't really prevent them to continue spawning. So we're brainstorming either things that they will drop that you can use to reset the insomnia timer, if you call it that, or other measurements that you can use to escape them."

    It appears MS/MJ recognized at least one of the major flaws.

    Assuming they go with "they will drop [something] that you can use to reset the insomnia timer" they may actually have backed into a fix for [most of] the problem [assuming the frequency of the drop and the efficaciousness of it use actually provided a viable long-term solution]…

    "other measurements that you can use to escape them" provided it works in the overworld as well and is not too onerous may have a similar effect….

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    posted a message on Beautiful resource pack

    These photos can see it is very beautiful, but I can not find this resource pack.Anyone know this resource pack?Please tell me!!!

    Stunning, but unfortunately no clue from where they came
    [the only hit on a reverse image search was who is also trying to find the source]
    I needed to copy paste the links for the pics to load; links below for those who don't want to extract them from the OP:


    You will need to actually copy/paste the text links into a new tab or window; clicking them gives a 403 - Forbidden error unless the graphic is already in your cache.

    Brought to my attention by StrykerOmega94 :>:

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    posted a message on Dried Kelp block

    Is there a recipe for dried kelp blocks in survival or is it not possible at the moment?


    the recipe is supposed to be 9 dried kelp >> 1 dried kelp block but as of 4 days ago (16Feb18)

    [Mod] redstonehelper added a comment - 4 days ago Not fixed in 18w07b.

    as of 10 hours ago (early 20Feb18)

    DuckDuckLoop added a comment - 10 hours ago Not fixed in 18w07c
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    posted a message on Are Sheeps rare already?

    Depends on the biome: completely absent in many but "typical rare" in plains, savanna, forest, tiaga. (at least some variants of each, can't find a comprehensive list)

    Also wolves will attack sheep, so they may get them before you do if the biome generates both.

    Passive mobs spawn only under highly restrictive conditions…

    (there must be <10 in the loaded chunks & tamed passive mobs count unless nametagged. Note this included the including the spawn chunks.)

    Because of this, you may well need to travel to generate new terrain in order to find any…

    Of course, the critter you're actively looking for will be the one you can't find... my current world I had to go ~500 blocks for sheep, the first ones I saw any closer to my first base I saw while leading the 500-block sheep home :bash:

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