About Me

I'm Scorpionius. Friends can also just say 'Scorp'. I'm mostly active in the Off-Topic section, though I do also post in the Suggestions and MinecraftDiscussion section.

I am an auto enthusiast. Not exactly the stereotypical petrolhead, but I just really like automobiles. My personal favorite brand is Mercedes-Benz, especially because of the majestic 300 SL Gullwing and the SLS AMG. Though, I'm also quite a fan of the Jaguar E-Type, the Land Rover Defender, the BMW i8 and the Plymouth Fury.

Furthermore, I also like arthropods. I think these multiple-legged fiends are quite interesting, perhaps even more so than the cliché lions and wolves! Did you, for example, know that there is a species of beetle that can create its own explosions? It's the bombardier beetle. As a result, my favorite animals are the emperor scorpion, the giant centipede and the emperor dragonfly.

I am a Pokémon fan as well. My favorite Pokémon are Vaporeon, Manectric, Chandelure and Greninja.

Besides cars, I really like Nintendo as well as PC games. I often play Super Smash Bros 4 (My mains are Falco, R.O.B. and Greninja) and Pokémon. On the PC, my most beloved games are Robocraft, BeamNG DRIVE, Automation and Spore.


Everything that rolls on 4 wheels and is not a Lada.

Pokémon, of course.

Location In a truck. Somewhere.