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    Hey do you like The Unbreakable Box?

    Well it is kinda being posted on too slowly and was already revived twice, so I remade it better.

    This is kind of a roleplay, meaning you should play a character instead of just posting (your character can be yourself too kinda)

    The basic rules are:
    -No not roleplaying stuffs, like random posts that have nothing to do with anything (such as posting "it's crowded in herre xd" in the middle of a thing, you can introduce yourself like coming through a portal or something like that but no random posts)
    -No godmodding or powerplaying or anything like that

    -The box is infinitely wide but has a ceiling, the box is the height of the Empire State Building

    -You don't need to make an app at all, just come right in if you please

    Some basic stuff to know:
    Use "" when making speech
    Italics for thought

    Words for additional stuff like actions or other details, like describing a rock or something

    Also just don't be a jerk and just have fun

    Box info:
    The box is somehow permanently lit despite no light at all

    There is plains but eventually you will find different biomes like deserts and caves

    The box is indestructible


    First there was a box, then there was a great giant field in the box, then the future happened, what happened in the future? We'll see.

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    whenever you google a disease or something like that it always shows the images for the absolute worse cases and not normal cases

    like a spider bite but it's the type of spider that makes your skin rot with a bite like why would I want to see that google

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Now that the hood is free from Orson's head, the creature's teeth finally loosen from their bind, flicking their head to cast the hood aside, which happens to land at Orson's feet.

    The crowd is stunned at the sight of Orson's skull head for a moment, then all let out a loud [b]'eeewwwwwww!'[/b]

    When the raptor like creature sees his head as well, in just kinda steps back, tilts its head curiously disgusted by the sight of the guy, then decides to walk away. It pays no mind to the other battle taking place, however continues to look around in another direction for food, hopefully something with meat on it.

    Orson then slowly walks towards the raptor, raising his dagger over his head and prepares to stab the raptor right in the eye, but then...

    When Revel sees this he lets out a short sigh and rolls his eyes.

    "Well, that's a party crasher if I've ever seen one. Stupid inbred bird thing." And just like that the raptor like creature vanished.

    In that moment, Revel, even though he knew what was hidden beneath the potato sack hood before it was revealed, couldn't help but feel pity for Orson, so with a quick wink in Orson's direction, Orson appearing in the Imperial box on the seat beside Revel, with a brand new mint condition potato sack in Orson's lap.

    Orson then takes a swing infront of himself which was intended for the raptor, but he then realizes he is sitting down and now in an imperial box with another sack in front of him.
    He takes the mask and puts it on, and turns to Revel, a bit surprised.

    "Never mind those mindless and inconsiderate spectators," He tell's Orson with a nudge of his elbow, "You can sit up here with me and watch the fight. And here, have a real dagger." Revel hands Orson a shining new dagger made of an unfamiliar metallic material with a razor sharp edge. "That thing will never rust, dull, or break. Plus! - it hits anything you intend to throw it at. Can't miss! What's more, it will always return to you, no matter what. Practically impossible to lose the damn thing!"

    There is an inscription on the handle that reads:

    For my extremely malnourished friend, Orson.... [/i][/b]
    From your ever watchful partner in crime, Revel.[/i] [/b]

    Orson takes the dagger from Revel, Orson felt fine with this but then Revel told the abilities of the dagger, Orson was surprised that he would give such a weapon, one that could kill any man with just a simple throw and would always come back, no matter what.

    "Thanks!" is all he could say, normally he would just not say anything and just walk away, but this was too good to not be appreciative about, plus he is kinda a god so he kinda has to.

    Revel then offers Orson a drink from his bucket sized glass of beer.

    "Drink? Or you don't have the stomach for it?"

    The joke was pretty bad in Orson's opinion, but he figures it would be rude to not at least chuckle at the joke, so he does his best fake chuckle and says "Nah, I don't need to drink right now, or ever since I am, you know, a zombie basically."

    He then sits back and enjoys the fight.
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    Orson, after doing pretty much nothing for a while, decides that the town is a deathtrap, with nothing to do there and no reason to come, but he came anyway to see if there was some hidden treasure or something, but deep down he decides that he needs to keep looking, his greed just won't let him leave without a single cent, plus he already tested his luck getting inside since the guards must have been stupid or something.

    Orson then goes back to the church (if he wasn't already there) and sees that this is happening:

    As the debris is launched towards him, Jack leaps out of the way, breaking into a sprint- or as much of a sprint as he is capable of in the snow- towards where he left his crossbow, taking a curved path in an attempt to keep as much distance from the source of the thrown chunks of tower as possible as he closes in on his ranged weapon.

    Boris stands a little confused about the events taking place, since he sees a lot things being thrown around, but cant spot a single cause of it. Still, he is very impressed at the speed Jack moves, chuckling admirably as he watches him.

    As Orson watches the ordeal play out, he tries to step out of the way of any flying chunks of rock or things of that sort, and considers helping Jack to gain his trust, which could be very useful.

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    Mannrobics is trash

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    Orson takes a look inside the church, taking in details and such, while also feeling a bit down due to the sense of dread, he stands in the main room.

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Sent into a panic on account of the falling wall, and knowing instantly that the noise may have attracted the attention of others on the street, Boris clambers to his feet and kicks himself clear of the rubble before Orson has time to react. He looks back at Orson for a moment and just out of impulse says "Sorry, little man, it was her fault - she shouldn't have been mean to Boris!" as he runs off to make his escape; first to the end of the alley to remove the chest from the its hiding place, then back out on the street.

    With the large chest propped up on one shoulder, Boris escapes the alley, out onto the street, past the inn, past the roasted elephant, and keeps running fast up the street with no particular destination in mind. He just keeps running.

    Orson gets up from the debris and rubble from the collapsed wall, extremely confused, but he realizes what happens, he then, as quickly as he can, runs after Boris, shouting random profanities and threats at him.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    Queen Avika is a little disturbed by the Kings words. He sounds somewhat different than he has in the past encounters. It could even be said he sounds a little desperate in his attempt to woo her. Nevertheless, she has been made aware of the seven vessels that now hover above the planet, and the king had dealt fairly with her in the past, so she was willing, at least for now, to continue to believe what he was telling her.

    She sends out several units of 100 drones to the nations she is now aware of, one of which units turn up at the gates of the "Archeonian" City to deliver the message from the King... to whatever fairies may be around at the time. Another unit turns up at the martian landscape of the "Garktonian" outpost. Another turns up at "OceanTech". One unit is also sent to the "Ostus". Another turns up at the dome of the "IRIS". Another turns up at the kingdom of Terra, and also at "Afieq's" army, both being nations that the drones have recently apprised the Queen of. No units were sent to the nations that have already had the cloud removed.

    To all of these nations the same message is delivered telepathically:

    We are the Aquon. We are here in peace. As you can see by the massive objects in the sky, we are all under threat by the intergalactic visitors who have recently arrived and have taken strategic positions around our planet. We are here to form allies with you in battling these hostiles. We have been given word from the King of the Midg that by joining with us the cloud above your nation will fall, so that you may once again be able to fight, and that we may together defeat the enemy that has arrived. Only by fighting together will we stand a greater chance of survival. We urge you to consider this proposal.

    Once the Drones deliver the message to these nations, the Queen orders their instant return in preparation for pending war.

    A telepathic message is sent to all the drones that have went to the Garktonian outpost, who sent it is unknown and the voice sounds calm, but stern, blunt and cold, also sounding vaguely robotic.

    We accept this alliance, we will fight in the war against these invaders with extreme prejudice, I cannot guarantee that I survive or make a noticeable impact but nevertheless we accept.

    The UFOs then fly off in different directions, not in squads, only in singles, the Garktonians start to prepare for war.
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    Quote from Buttons»
    Ariel steals a few seconds to look around at the diverse variety of people in the room,

    "I must say though, there's no shortage of the special kind in this place. But hey -" He gives a small laugh; "If I'm not being rude right now; where are my manner?"

    The man notices Ariel, and despite wearing a sack as a mask he is clearly shocked, after a few seconds the man decides to try and ignore Ariel and doze off.
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