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Hello. I'm Scorpinax. I've been playing minecraft for a while now, and i've introduced it to several friends and gotten them hooked as well on this great game! I make sounds, skins and maps (link below). If you want a sound for a mob or something, you don't even have to do anything except ask! I do skin requests as well, but only ones sent to me via a message on Planetminecraft. (link below, again) I'm generally friendly, and i enjoy helping others out where i can. I'm also a seed explorer, and post cool seeds i find in my status! Read some of my past ones to find more!

I hope to eventually learn Java and help out with mods as a coder, but that will take some time as i learn the ropes.

Here's a link to all my skins I've uploaded!
Interests Skinning, Helping with mods, Modeling, Eating Foodstuffs

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