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    *Years playing MC:2 or since early stages of alpha :D
    Reason you should be picked:I would love to play on a server like mindcrack, that is not a total cluster **** of chat spam pvp 12 year olds.
    Pictures of builds(can be anything in MC like houses,redstone machine,etc):
    A little about you:I like to play football and I am very much into video games :)
    Quote from SquealingMoose

    IGN: XsquealingmooseX
    Skype: Squealingmoose
    Age: 15 (very mature for age)
    Years playing Minecraft: since Alpha

    Reason I should be picked: I have been looking for a server just like this one for a while so I can build, adventure, and converse with others and wonderful friends! And, I am a good builder and a great friend/person. :)

    Pictures of builds: sorry, but I haven't really taken any screenshots of my builds... :(

    About myself: I love minecraft, people, xbox, cats, and dogs. I Watch all the mindcrack guys, and I am trying to be a commentator also. I have a cat, dog just passed away, I have a hamster named Twizzler, and a overgrown goldfish named patches whom I have had for 2 years! :D

    lol I like your personality I think we could get along :D
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    Quote from zat_person

    I agree!

    I read this then looked to the left and saw Location : Under Your Bed At Night I was like okay.
    But what is your skype mine is this SCOREDPLAYER
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    We should all talk on skype and play :D
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    IGN: Scoredplayer
    Why you should be here: Because I dont want to have a over flowing tekkit server this looks nice.
    Age: 14
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    Hey buddy. This isn't the hack forums. So Email Bombers a.k.a troll virus doesn't belong here.
    Thanks buddy.
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