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    posted a message on If minecraft was removed (POLL)
    I'll answer.

    I have other hobbies. While Minecraft is pretty close to the only video game I play, I have a lot of other hobbies and activities that I can take part it. I'll be disappointed when the plug gets pulled on Minecraft. It's going to happen one day. I've seen it before. I've played MMO's that have been turned off. I've played computer games that no longer run on modern computers. Even with the best intentions, no software can endure forever. Nothing is permanent. I'll remember that Minecraft has essentially taught be how to use YouTube as more than a platform for looking up the odd video, but I won't dwell on it.

    A lot of the Minecraft community is young - very young. They've probably never experienced change, loss, or growth. I know that the loss of something like Minecraft, which feels like it has basically always been there, is a really scary thing, but it really isn't. Like the loss of a pet, having to move, a break up, or any other change in life, things do go on and something else will come. When that time comes, I'll remember all the fun I had playing with blocks and retaking my house from the zombie invasion that seized it, not dwelling on how my favorite game was taken from me. I hope others will do the same.
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    posted a message on Will microsoft take action against servers selling parts of the game?
    Well, considering you actually couldn't sell parts of the game before, I don't see that changing. I find it funny that people are brandishing torches and pitchforks around fears that Microsoft might put everything behind a pay wall, yet seem to support that servers have been doing exactly this for years.

    Microsoft might take a more active approach to enforcement, but we have to remember that this (EULA) change is still quite new. This isn't a matter of pre- and post-Microsoft Mojang, but whether or not Mojang had an opportunity to enforce the EULA before the company was sold. Let's not scapegoat Microsoft for things it isn't at fault for.
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    posted a message on Why no mods are coming yet for 1.8
    This happens every time there is an update. Updates bring new and changed lines of code. Those changes need to be found by the people behind MCP, who's work is taken and built on by the people behind Forge. From there, individual modders then need to start working on updating their own material and ensuring that it doesn't conflict with the new code.

    This all takes time, and it's only been a few weeks. When 1.6 came out, I remember that it was months before mods started coming out. Many didn't make the transition. 1.7 took a while too. That's just the reality here.
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    posted a message on minecraftian language
    This is a really interesting concept. I look forward to being able to read it in more detail. For documenting the language, I would look at real world language documentation, such as those to document endangered languages, or the kinds of language writeups that are common in linguistics exercises (which show basic grammar and a vocab list). A wiki could also help keep things straight and in one place.

    One thing I'd like to do is write the language up in a book series for an in-game library. I've been wanting to build one for some time, and want there to be more than just crafting recipes and wiki copies. I think this would be a fun addition.
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    posted a message on Bibliocraft Books Request
    I have a few books I've written up using Revise (an offline book editor) for a similar idea. I stopped working on it a while ago but am hopping to revisit the idea and make more books now that 1.8 is out.

    If you send me your email address, I can send you the few I still have. If you want to keep in touch (or help out), I can share any new material I get written.
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    posted a message on 1.8 100% Vanilla server looking for some new, mature players (18+)
    Quote from BMW_12»
    1. What is your username?

    2. How often do you think you'll play? (This won't effect if you can join or not)

    3. How old are you?

    4. What type of player are you (Builder, Adventurer, Redstoner...)

    1. ScooterinAB

    2. At least every few days, though it all depends on how engaged I am and if I have a project to work on.

    3. 31.

    4. Mostly builder and adventurer, though I'm kind of shameful at adventuring. I do enjoy exploring and sightseeing though.

    Hope I can be a part of the server.
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    posted a message on How do I convince parents for minecraft PC?
    I'm come over from tabletop gaming, the most controversial, misunderstood, and openly hated hobby ever (you know, aside from drugs). The keys is to overcome any objections your parents put forward. If they complain about the cost, explain that it's one time $20-something cost, and among the cheapest video games on the market. If they say that you already own it, mention that the PC version has the added bonus of being able to play with other humans, not just sitting alone with your phone 2 inches from your face for a few hours. If they complain about the violence (which isn't even a real thing, considering the game's rating), explain about creative mode and maybe show them creative server videos like World of Keralis (where people build apartments and office towers). If they complain about it being a time waster, explain that there are way less engaging activities that you could be doing (watching TV, lying on the couch, etc). If they don't want to use their credit card, mention that you can either buy a prepaid credit card to buy it or the apparent Minecraft cards (which I wasn't aware of). Basically, get your parents to use their words like big boys and girls and actually explain why they don't want you to have it, and then use your words like a big boy or girl to explain why you want it.

    On the flip side though, don't be whiny, annoying, and naggy about it. Explain to your parents how much you like the game is words they can understand (remember, they don't play), but don't whine or cry or beg while doing so. You can go with the benefits of gaming angle (which is really boss reading), but your parents might think you're trying to trick them. Use facts, not emotions, to sway them.

    At the end of the day, while it is up to parents to decide on things like this, we live in the 21st century, not the 1950s. Any parent with children under the age of 20 should at least be willing to hear the out their children and rationalize their decision instead of pulling that "I'm the parent" garbage. And this is coming from a 30 year old and an uncle, not a kid who isn't getting what he wants.
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    posted a message on Looking for people to make YouTube vids.
    I don't record, but I wouldn't mind playing with those who do.
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    posted a message on Looking for a small Vanilla server? Check this out!
    Things that you like to do on Minecraft:
    -Building in survival. I find the whole thing infinitely more satisfying when I bleed and fought for every block.
    -Caving with others. Even though I die like a champ, I like exploring in groups.
    -Trading and helping. Again, community is really important for me.
    -Interior decorating. I like immersion, and making functional buildings with functional and attractive interiors is really enjoyable.

    Things that you don't like to see in a server:
    -Thieves and murders. I'm 30. I have no patience for that crap.
    -Playing on multiplayer when no one is actually playing together. Community.
    -Ridiculously ugly buildings (like ther 5x5x3 wooden block full of chests and furnaces). Not everyone is great at building, but small details and changes can make a simple building look really good.

    How long you've played Minecraft:
    About 2 years.

    Why you're interested or why you're applying:
    Lately, I haven't had any good multiplayer. While folks are generally helpful, my last string of servers were almost barren. Like the roleplaying joke about everyone sitting alone in the shadowy corners of every tavern, I seldom ever see other players, let alone play with them. When they've worked out, small servers like this have been enjoyable.

    As an aside, given that you are shooting for a Vanilla server, I'd kind of like to try snapshotting. We're not dealing with mod updates anyways, so using snapshots isn't that far off. Not a deal killer though.
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    posted a message on What are some of the reasons people DON'T use mods?
    I try to be careful with mods. I like that some mods truly add something to the game. Right now, my favorite is Ruins. All the mod does is insert some abandoned structures throughout the world. No mobs, no new blocks, and no new mechanics. Something so simple that adds a surprising amount of enjoyability to the game, while at the same time being removable if the mod goes down.

    I'm very suspect of heavy modding after my Feed the Beast experience. The mod pack, while enjoyable, is several versions out of date now with no hope of updating. A single mod seems to be holding things up, but that mod was so integral that it cannot be removed without breaking nearly every world. I trained in museums and collections work, and one of the main things in that field is being able to reverse your work. This kind of modding cannot be undone without a world reset.

    Something else that concerns me with modding is overuse. So many servers just slap on mods like crazy, to the point where you can't even enjoy the game anymore. I was looking at a server with 4 different magic mods, plus a few dozen other mods. It was too much. New players or those unfamiliar with the mods can get so overwhelmed that they either don't use the mods or simply leave.

    I'm also not a big fans of mods that only feed themselves. In particular, I find that Thaumcraft and a lot of industrial mods only seem to exist to feed themselves. All the work you do with the mod is in order to get something else in the mod, then something else and something else after that. I'm fine with progress, but I'll pass when the end result of a mod is only self perpetuating.
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    posted a message on [64x,32x] Battered Old Stuff (200,000+ downloads) (WIP) (24-Dec-2019 update)
    I'm really enjoying this texture pack. I can't wait for more updates to finish off the GUIs. I did a quick edit for colored glass until there's an official update (personal use, I hope that's ok), but anything more than that is too new of territory for me.
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    posted a message on [18+], Mature...ish, relaxed, friendly little server - MistyCraft
    Minecraft IGN: ScooterinAB

    Age: 30

    Timezone: Mountain (Canadian Prairies)

    Experience and Play Style: Been playing for just over a year. I like the building and exploration game. I also like having zombies punch my face off (I'm kind of bad at the survival game).

    Tell us something about yourself: I'm an unemployed teacher working another part time job (medical reasons). I'm into tabletop gaming and building movie props. On the Minecraft side of things, I prefer actual communities, and enjoy helping others and sharing resources. I also like to work on community building projects.

    Are you going to play now (vanilla) or wait for a safe release with anti-grief plugins? I'm happy to start now in vanilla, as long as I'm not robbed within minutes on setting up a home.
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    posted a message on How many painting can be available? (empty spaces on the texture image)
    I was looking at the paintings file and noticed that there is a lot of empty space vertically between paintings. It looks like the spaces are following a pattern that would allow for a greater number of available paintings. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any information on how to format the image and whether or not additional paintings can be added.

    I'm interested in building a paintings resource pack (now that we can use multiple packs at once). If additional paintings can be added to the empty spaces on this image, this could lead to some really enjoyable building projects (like an art gallery, for example).

    Does anyone know more about this? Am I incorrect in my observations, and chasing a red herring? Am I on to something?

    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] Muddy Puddles [Semi Vanilla] [Grief Prevention]
    Quote from norez

    i'm from western canada.

    Western Canada high five. If I can ask, what part? I'm in central Alberta.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] Muddy Puddles [Semi Vanilla] [Grief Prevention]
    IGN: ScooterinAB

    Age: 30

    What can you tell me about yourself?: I'm interested in more community play in Minecraft. I'm growing tired of solo multiplayer and servers that are overrun with thieves, vandals, and jerks. I want to play with others, help one another, work on community projects and spaces, and actually be a part of a community. I prefer building and exploring, as well as taking zombie fists to the face (I'm pretty bad at the survival part of SMP). I'm always interested in improving my building skills as well as helping others improve theirs. I'm also a fan of interior decorating, which is not always easy in Minecraft.

    What interested you in Muddy Puddles?: The community and age aspects. As a mentioned, I like to actually play with others. If I wanted to play solo, I'd go offline. Regarding age, I have no problem with youths. I worked in youth advocacy when I was younger and am training to be a teacher. Aside from maturity issues that can lead to griefing and theft (what happened on the last server I played on), it comes down to lifestyle. As a working professional, I have work, other hobbies, and some family obligations. I play at different times of the day and for different lengths of time than youths, and bring a different attitude to the game. I have no problem with youths, but do want to play more with gamers my own age.

    I hope you like what you see. This looks like a really enjoyable server, and I hope that I can be a part of it.
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