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    Well, you have a lot of work to do, after only a couple days!

    I'd love it if you've give mine a go (link in the sig). No mods required, though I strongly recommend using the accompanying texture pack.

    If you have SPC, you can cheat with waypoints, there are some optional areas that might be easy to miss, but are worth the visit if you find them.
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    Texture Pack Name: Crimson Asylum
    Author Name: Scix
    Beta(HD? What size?) or Creative?: Beta 16
    Thread Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/387442-16x-166-crimson-asylum-horror-pack-wip/
    Display Screenshot (Width must be 320):

    IG Screenshots (all in one image):

    It was developed to go with the map in my sig, but I think it stands on its own.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.7.x] Crimson Asylum horror texture pack
    I created this texture pack along with a map, but if you like the horror style, there is absolutely no reason it can't be used on its own.

    Minor changes in version 1.2: the bed was a bit messed up, that is fixed. A couple textures have minor tweaks.

    It should also be noted that if you have MCPatcher, this pack has a custom water texture.

    :VV: [download link for texture pack via Mediafire] (Minecraft Beta 1.7)
    :VV: [download link for texture pack via Megapload] (Minecraft Beta 1.7)

    Hey, just found three videos about the texture pack -- one in German and two without speech at all, but near as I can tell they both liked them.

    previous versions:

    [download link for texture pack via mediafire] (Minecraft Beta 1.7)
    [download link for texture pack] (Minecraft Beta 1.7)

    [download link for texture pack via Megaupload]
    [download link for texture pack via mediafire]

    If the map interests you, the link is in my sig.

    I am willing to entertain any ideas for improving the pack, especially if someone is better at skinning mobs and making weapons and armor.
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    Quote from kmiller100

    Could you make the Texture Pack mediafire as well please?


    Sorry about that, I completely forgot I had two different files to upload.
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    posted a message on [ADV/ESC]Crimson Asylum survival horror map + texture
    Yeah! I didn't think of that. Gimme about 30 minutes. Done! Link added to the OP.
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    posted a message on Map Reviewer/Feedback [Video will be made if liked!!]
    I'd love you to play Crimson Asylum (banner in sig).

    What I'd like to know:
    -Does the "intro" work? (don't fly to cheat at the beginning, please!)
    -Can you follow the main thread of the story and goal?
    -Does the texture pack work?
    -do I give you a reasonable amount of stuff to survive? (some of it is there for scenery. For example, there is ice in the freezer.)
    -do the rules work? Are all of them necessary? Are there more needed?
    -If you go to any of the "extra" areas (there are waypoints if you cannot find them), are they findable, do they fit the theme of the map? Are any of the puzzles (usually, just finding a "key") too hard? Does the "key" system make sense?

    A recent player got "off map" because I accidentally left a gap, and some of the outside stuff has been used before and because I left torches around he was sure he was supposed to be there. If you find yourself in any mines, those are not part of the game, and tell me where you got out, please. Also, some of the roadsigns point to places you cannot go to right away.
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    posted a message on Is there a way to make a button act like a switch?
    is that the same as a toggle? I saw a how-to redstone for dummies video and they did a very compact thing to toggle a circuit on or off with a button.
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    posted a message on What to put along a 15k+ block highway?
    Pass behind or through a waterfall.

    Bridges -- covered bridges, suspension bridges, cute little forest bridges.

    Pass through a tunnel.
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    posted a message on Redstone Geeks Support [Official Redstone Geeks Redstone Help Thread]
    This is a "why" question rather than a "how" question. I suspect knowing the answer may lead to niftier things.

    Basically: Why does this work the way it does?

    Actually, why does the original 4-torch work, and why does the 3-torch go all random bursts? Is there any practical way to switch the effect on and off, or slow it down? Is there any more practical use for it than sporadic noise?
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    posted a message on [ADV/ESC]Crimson Asylum survival horror map + texture
    Yep, That's glass.

    Glad you like it. I was pleased with the way it turned out myself.
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    posted a message on [ADV/ESC]Crimson Asylum survival horror map + texture
    I think I've closed up those loopholes, fixed the switch and added breadcrumbs so the player should be able to find the plot-required things in the right order, and well as clarified a bit where the "optional" bits are.

    I wonder if I used a world editor and made the unused-but-rendered chunks empty, if that would shrink the file size?

    Might actually be kinda neat to have the map edges fade into void...
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    Quote from rsmalec

    Ok - I am extremely tired and have to get up really eary to catch a train, but after 1.5 hours, here's my rating and notes.

    It started off extremely well, but I think you should have ended it at the escape, or worked the additional areas in such that you 'think' you escaped and then you see some other weird stuff that makes you question if you're back in the asylum. That said, there was no real 'end point' that says you completed the main storyline. I was never really sure if I was in a dream within a dream or what... :smile.gif:

    If I had to point out the best part, it would be hard for me to chose the ambient noises or the level of detail in decorating the entire world.

    Don't get too turned off by my 'total' rating. 23 is a rather good score actually. I put comments by my lower scores and you can read my detailed notes below.

    I am thankful to have your report! I hope you'll be willing to answer some questions...
    Did you get into the "Manse"? That was intended to be the ending of the main storyline.
    It's possible I need to steer the player more thoroughly.

    And by your score, I think you may not have found some of the areas, I wonder if you could tell me which ones you explored?

    Map: Crimson Asylum
    Minecraft Ver: 1.6.6
    Mode: Singleplayer
    Difficulty: Easy
    Texture Pack: default
    Mods: none
    My Total Playtime: 1.5 hours
    My Final Score: 0... lost my 5 diamonds to death


    Awww, you played with the default pack? An awful lot of the decor won't make sense.

    Map Total Rating (out of 40): 23

    Individual Ratings

    Theme: 2
    Visual decor/detail: 4
    Creativity: 4
    Adherence to theme: 4
    Storyline: 2
    Puzzles: 2 - there really weren't any unless you count needing the right keys for doors
    Score progression: 1 - hardly found any diamonds whatsoever
    Gear progression: 1 - not counting the fact that mobdamage is off, got a full suit of iron in one room and never saw any other gear whatsoever
    Hidden items: 1
    Difficulty: 2

    There were way more hidden items ... hmmm... I think I really must steer the player better so they can at least find where to find things. Wish I'd had you play before I released it.


    Playthrough Notes

    Holes in the floor right at the beginning, when the player is focused on signs.
    Not putting my view distance on 'tiny' - I want to see the map!
    I like the idea of gold blocks being "keyholes" and indicating where to put levers.
    Green wool...
    Here we go!
    BIG ISSUE: I can't seem to throw the green wool. I clicked on it to separate it into stacks, and every stack is 64. You have 'infinite items' turned on. I turned it off, but I still can't drop items. Trying to figure out what else

    could be on... ok... I had to type "/drops" and now I can throw items.
    Flickering torches are (intentionally) annoying

    Maybe the holes in the floor were a mean trick. I was more going for falling apart than trap.
    "Tiny" is probably way too low. I like the fog, but it makes finding new areas tough if I don't have roadsigns.

    There's a large skeleton (in a bowl) painting behind some steel doors, to the left of the next area. Thinking you wanted us to explore, I jumped up on your moss stone block and then up onto the steel door top, then over the glass wall.

    Now I'm stuck here.

    Cheated out.

    Crap, I thought I'd made the whole thing impassable.

    Jumped down a glowstone hole.

    I love what happened when you respawn. Nice "score" sign.
    clever filing cabinet and drawers, tvs, closets!!! sinks.

    hmm... full suit of iron in the women's bathroom?

    rattling doors are creepy

    I was a good boy and didn't open doors 4a thru 4f since they don't have a gold key block. Or the records office... but it looks like something is in there... should I open it?

    Not sure where I get the golden apple key (it occurs to me that I may forget which keys I have and don't since they are all levers/buttons)

    I'm glad the respawn worked. That was my biggest worry.
    the golden apple was actually through a hole in the wall in one in the only open 4th floor cell
    As for the records office and other locked doors -- there is a box full of "keys" at the end if you want to go back and explore.

    ok - this is strange. i found the door down in the morgue with 'broken lock' inside was a skeleton and 4 creepers. skeleton stepped on a pressure plate and opened door. i was prepared to fight, but creepers didn't explode and
    skeleton didn't shoot me. how did you turn off the monsters????
    is it 'mobdamage?'

    It is. Dang. I hope it at least scared you. I don't have access to spawners so I made a lot of hidden rooms that were likely to invite mobs.

    I went into special ward... not entirel sure if i had the key. minecart ride...

    whoa... thought i was done.

    going into lost mine

    there was 1 gap in the cactus - not sure it's supposed to be there. did some exploring, but went back to 'the path'

    Again, I thought I'd blocked that off. The Lost Mine is not intended to be a part of the game, though it does exist -- it's from before I realized I was making an adventure map.

    this map is full of random repeating sounds. very mood setting

    So glad that worked.

    lots of pigs in this maze
    found rose key

    went back thru cactuses.. found caves with torches and burning netherrack... so this is an area that was 'created'... keep exploring

    that was a waste of time. lots of tunnels. i guess the burning netherrack was a red herring

    found a way around the steel door. following a path.

    got a wolf pet (bones from morgue)

    oh maaaaaaaaaan... exploring this enormous cave, fully lit with torches, forever. no idea if this is part of the story... completely forgot what the point is. found obsidian. about to give up, find chest and a bunch of furnaces. i'm

    getting the feeling that this might be your exploration world turned into an adventure map? i don't think i'll be able to find my way out of here in any amount of time... :sad.gif:

    finally gave up and did an /ascend

    Sorry about that. I swear, I spent hours trying to block those off.
    You got "around" the iron door? Which one? You still talking about the Lost Mine. Yeah, that is HUGE, and so-named because I get SO lost there.

    I come out to a different sign that says 'lost mine'. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    I go in. this one is full of doors...

    No! don't go in there!

    good lord - i'm back down in the empty caves... getting pretty irritated now

    Sorry again. You're just slipperier than I am. I should just bury that stuff.

    did another /ascend and then /fly 4 back to the cart house to take the other path. it's asking for the rose key. ok - i am quite sure i wasn't supposed to venture outsde those cactuses!!!!

    the sign that says 'rose key' is blocking the ability to place the lever. had to break the sign
    crap. I thought I'd tested all the locks.

    victory garden... is there a point to it?

    underhill. somewhat nice hovel... but is there a point?

    Color? It's a small village with its own backstory, but that doesn't come into play. Every building holds a secret, though.

    been playing for over an hour. started strong. but now i'm a little annoyed. I have 3 diamonds (not counting the one I lost from the first fall)

    found your swamp! looks pretty nice... with the default texture pack I get a very dense/damp forest vibe more than swamp

    is this a sewer

    navigating around side doors. ran out of buttons/levers

    big tree with an unforgiving drop... heading up...

    and on the way down i couldn't resist jumping. death

    tried /goto swamp

    oh wow - there is some amazing architecture out here. it's night, and the floating ice looks amazing. this place is very much insane. i am quite certain my character is in an asylum and this is a nightmare.

    sounds going off all over. this big lava thing.

    here's a nether portal...

    nice house and lighthouse

    eek - there's this black ... growth thing in the sky

    checking out lava...

    started jumping around your waypoints. wow - you have put a LOT of beautiful detail in this map.

    but as i said, this portion doesn't seem to have any storyline/signs to follow. I am quite sure I am missing things, and I don't know where I'm going. So I'm going to stop and post this. Please let me know if I was on the right track,

    There was a note in the depot saying you had to look in the swamp to find the 2 keys for the temple -- a "crown" and a "root" -- maybe you can guess where those were hidden?

    The idea was after the temple and the lighthouse (via portal), there's a locked gate on the bridge leading to the Manse, your home. Sounds like you didn't get there. :sad.gif:

    or if this portion is just unfinished, or....?

    I would really like to play more of our stuff. The beginning parts were really well done, and what I will be rating on.

    Thank you! I'll go back and see if I can leave more breadcrumbs and block up holes sneaky buggers will squirm through.

    Rating Definitions

    Theme: Uniqueness, personal interest, utilizes MINECRAFT functions, rules
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Visual decor/detail: overall effort
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Creativity: overall effort
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Adherence to theme: did the map feel consistent and balance story, vs exploration, vs puzzles
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Storyline: overall effort
    0 = nonexistent or n/a
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Puzzles: overall effort
    0 = nonexistent or n/a
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Loot Progression: pacing of score items and random loot
    0 = nonexistent or n/a
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Gear Progression: pacing of armor, weapons, and tools
    0 = nonexistent or n/a
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Hidden items: overall effort
    0 = nonexistent or n/a
    1 = below average
    2 = average
    3 = above average
    4 = astounding!

    Difficulty: overall difficulty of puzzles and mobs
    0 = Impossibly hard, may not be able to see the whole adventure
    1 = Too easy
    2 = Difficult, can not blindly run through on Easy/Normal
    3 = Challenging, on peaceful
    4 = Challenging, on easy/normal but not impossible


    I think there's a lot here that the user may never get to see ... do you have any suggestions for ways to do that?

    Here are the major locations:

    MAIN PLOT (more-or-less in order):
    The Nightmare (intro area)
    The Asylum
    The cartride
    The Depot
    The Maze
    The Temple
    The Swamp/Sewer and Big-ass tree
    The nether track connecting the two portals
    The Lighthouse
    The Bridge
    The Manse -- home!

    Side/Optional areas:
    *The Warehouse
    *The Ice level
    *The Volcano (you can go in, you know)
    *The Gem Palace
    *The "Hope" track.
    *The Hellmouth
    The Cemetery
    The Hedge Labyrinth
    The Underhill
    The Birch Cottage
    The A-frame
    The mysterious water temple
    The Redstone Mine, The Lost Mine, and the House Mine
    The Kennel
    The Swamp Hut

    (* marks the ones with actual puzzles and challenges, though almost every location has at least one secret)
    I even have an alternate ending ... and your "still in the asylum" interpretation counts as a valid third.

    I am sorry some of the plot was lost. I feel like your western and my horror were both extremely detailed, and lots of it lost if the player doesn't find the trail.

    Whelp, looks like I'm working on 1.3 tonight!
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    posted a message on [ADV/ESC]Crimson Asylum survival horror map + texture
    Apparently /reset doesn't actually reset very much.
    firedamage is off, too. I just reset everything back to normal, and I'm uploading version 1.2, ETA about a half hour.

    I wish I could do something about the map size ...
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    posted a message on [ADV/ESC]Crimson Asylum survival horror map + texture
    Oh, dear. I had no idea that would carry over. If someone didn't have SPC, would that crash the game, do you think?

    I guess I'll have to fix that!
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    posted a message on Fear in a Handful of Dust
    Watching the movie, I see I made two very basic mistakes:
    First, I didn't follow the footprints.
    Second, I didn't look for secrets -- I just assumed it wasn't "that kind" of map.

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