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    Sounds like fun. Hoping to join this soon. Gonna have to find a way to easily switch between 1.8 PR and 1.7.3, though. Anyways, I'd be glad to join :3
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    Looking foward to the compatibility with the zipline mod. Both amazing mods, but it sucks having to build up power while shooting :sad.gif: . But, other than that, amazing :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Legends - Hardcore Faction PvP 1.1 Bukkit [24/7 DEDICATED][NO LAG][NO WHITELIST]
    In game name: Scike
    Requested Faction: Romans
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    posted a message on IMMORTALUS [RP] [BUKKIT] [WHITELIST]
    First Name: Jorden

    Minecraft User Name: Scike
    How long have you been playing SMP?: First day of beta.
    Do you have RP Experience?: Two years.
    What is your birthday?: 1/22/98 (Yes, 13. Don't act suprised.)

    Role Play
    Character Name: Scike Ladel

    Character Race: Human

    Character Description: He appears to be a dumb old fisherman, but he's actually very wise and specializes in military tactics.

    Character Bio: Scike Ladel is simply an old refugee fisherman. There isn't much to it. He was born and raised in Cratisha, fishing whenever possible. He had a peaceful life, until the attacks begun. His father was a mercenary leader, hence his knowledge in military tactics, but he has never wished to fight himself.

    Character History: Scike Ladel was born to Ashley and Timothy Ladel in the quiet village of Cratisha. Timothy was a mercenary leader, but Ashley did not know this when she married him. The relationship between the two was short lived, due to the fact that Timothy was sent to prison shortly after Scike was conceived. Ashley raised Scike with the help of other villagers. During childhood, Scike fished. That's about it. Since then, he has become very skilled at it but doesn't have the time to fish as much as he'd like. Scike learned more and more about his father as time progressed, even though, there wasn't much to learn. Timothy was a strong leader, but worked for the wrong people. Assuming Ashley had left Cratisha, Timothy accepted a job to attack the small village. Him and his men rode into town peacefully, and Ashley received word that he had returned. She ran out onto the pathway to see him throw the first torch at the town hall. She screamed and ran back to her home, but tripped and fell on her way. By then, Timothy and Ashley had aged quite a bit, so she did not survive the fall. Scike, living only a few houses away from the town hall, heard the scream and took a peak outside his window. He could not believe his eyes, and quickly retreated into his basement. Days after the attack, the looting began. Thieves pillaged the remains, searching for valuable items. Scike remained in his basement as he heard footsteps and fighting above. Soon enough, one of his peers found him cowering in the underground home. Scike and his peer spoke of the pillagers and the mercenaries. Scike explained that he knew it was his father, and his peer informed him of his mother's death. Scike instantly stated that something had to be done, and his peer agreed. He spoke of a small group of young men and children fighting off the pillagers any way possible. Scike took interest in the group and requested admittance into the group as a strategic planner. His peer, knowing his wisdom, accepted. Scike and this small group fought off pillagers for nearly three months, before slowly splitting apart. The thieves and pillagers were not as frequent, and Scike felt he had done his duty. He left shortly after the first death of the group. Since then, Scike has traveled the lands and somehow avoided conflict. He has constructed a small house by a lake and stays there for long periods of time, fishing. He has had ideas about starting new fishing and port villages, but has not set his mind to it. (If anyone who reads this is interested, contact me. Also, sorry for the long history, I got into it XD)

    Character Class: I would like to be a peaceful old fisherman, but if one of the other classes is required, warrior.

    Place of Birth: Cratisha

    [Edit] Crap, forgot to put the cupcakes thing... Here we are, I read rule 3: Cupcakes.
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    posted a message on ☣ Ruined World: Reborn™ ☣[Serious Roleplay|Hardcore|Realistic|Forum|Teamspeak] ☢
    /sigh. Time to look for a new server...
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    posted a message on ☣ Ruined World: Reborn™ ☣[Serious Roleplay|Hardcore|Realistic|Forum|Teamspeak] ☢
    Going to assume it was the robot thing? Or at least hope, heh.
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    posted a message on ☣ Ruined World: Reborn™ ☣[Serious Roleplay|Hardcore|Realistic|Forum|Teamspeak] ☢
    -Minecraft Account Name: Scike

    -How old are you?: 13 (I ask that you don't just send me away for this...)

    -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Central/United States

    -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: I believe so.

    -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: I'm a fun guy who sits around and plays WoW and Minecraft during the football offseason. During the season, I play football (Derp). I also play hockey pick up games every Thursday for fun. So yeah, I'm sporty and fun... And a geek. :3

    -How much time could you be on the server weekly?: About... 24+ hours.

    -How long have you played minecraft?: The very first day of Beta.

    -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?: I know my roleplaying pretty well. Been roleplaying for about three years. I used to, and still do every once in a while, roleplay on a WoW private server named Divinity-X and another named Prologue-WoW.

    -What do you expect this server will be like?: Hopefully a sort of Fallout feeling... But with a more intense roleplay feeling.

    -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: Digiex, and I left due to sports and one of their update delays. I just lost interest in it. (It was SMP with light roleplay. I needed something more hardcore...)

    -Have you ever been banned before? if, why? ( Be Honest ):Nope.

    -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules? What about the lore?: Yep and yep.

    -What is a slime called on this server?:Does it have a name...? I thought it was [Unknown] :3

    -How did you hear about us?: The Forum tab xD

    -Will you be willing to download and be active on our Mumble server?:Sure, but I'm more of a Ventrilo guy.

    -Character Name: 0057-K6-D3L74, AKA, 'Cookie'

    -Biography: Built during "The Survival Project", 0057-K6-D3l7A was created by a Dr. Jorden Cook. Dr. Cook had created 0057-K6-D3L74 with one thing in mind. He wished for the future generations to know what happened to the once peaceful world they live in. He disguised 0057-K6-D3L74 as a simple robot who's purpose was to cook, clean, and take care of the humans. 0057-K6-D3L74 had all these features, but could never put them to use. Dr. Cook had stored 0057-K6-D3L74 in a secure vault underground, where he has stayed for nearly 148 years. Now, 0057-K6-D3L74 has awakened. He knows the story of the past, unlike most. He must spread his knowledge to the humans.

    -Character Family: None.

    -Character Age:About 148. No one really knows, not even him...

    -Character Appearance: Rusted and dirty robot. "Cookie" carved into his back by his creator, Dr. Cook.

    -Character Personality: He's a helpful, polite robot. He avoids conflict whenever possible and he is determined to spread his wisdom of the past to the human population. (Any fatal flaws?): He's kind of... Out dated. And young.

    -Occupation: I guess you could say a.. Prophet? /shrug

    -Can your character read or write?: Read. Not write.

    -Can your character mine?: Yep, but nothing hardcore.

    -Can your character build?: Yep.

    -Can your character fight?: Nope.

    -Can your character farm?: Yep.

    -Does your character have any special skills?: Well... The only advantage would be he's a robot... But he's weaker than the average human when it comes to beating things due to his physical age.

    -Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: He's very rusted and therefore weak when it comes to lifting heavy objects, lifting things, and mining.

    -Character Fears: Mutants, Fuelbots, Securo-drones, and, of course, water.

    -DESCRIBE an event where your character is in deep pain: Cookie stands on the radiation covered beach and watches the sunset. A D2 sweeps behind him and shoves him into the water. Cookie panics, flailing violently as his metal limbs began to rust even further, and gears come lose and begin to wash away. He barely manages to climb onto shore and he searches for the gears with a stick, attempting to hook them onto the tip. His battery begins to malfunction and loud grinding is heard from his pack. (He's a robot.. I tried :3)

    -A screenshot of your skin:Screenshot <--- Click meh!

    -Other Information: I tried :3. Hopefully you like it enough to allow me to RP a robot. I know they died out, so don't get pissy and say I didn't read the lore.
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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    Awesome idea. I hope Notch adds this one.
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    posted a message on ★ ADETOS ★ [1.6.6][PvP + Factions + War = HARDCORE SURVIVAL]
    IGN: Scike
    Why you want to join the server: Looks fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes with this community.
    Why I should let you in: It's really up to you, but I'm a fun guy to hang out with and I can be a nice person. (Just don't **** me off XD)
    Referrer: Minecraftforum.net?
    Banned Before: Nope
    Anything else I need to know:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Jut started a server with a bunch of friends and this is the first mod they said I should get. So, we're setting up a war zone in the mean time. Can't wait for the update!
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    posted a message on Champions Rise (Bukkit/RP/TombStone/Towns/PVP/Whitelist)
    NAME: Scike
    WHY should i join? Looks like fun. Looking forward to joining in! First?
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    posted a message on Shire Gaming Minecraft [Roleplay][Warfare][Cities&Towns]
    Minecraft ID: Scike
    Age: 13
    Location/Timezone: Illinois/Central
    Building Experience (optional): Don't have any pics but I am very experienced when it comes to Minecarts and boosters.
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    posted a message on ★Nationcraft ★[HARDCORE PVP][Factions][24/7 UPTIME][NO LAGG]
    IGN: Scike
    Age: 13 (Very good roleplayer. Have 1-2 years of experience)
    Location: Florida
    Time spent on minecraft: Joined right after Beta was released... I know, it's weird.
    Why you want to join this server: I have been looking for a developing rp/war server and this one looks great.
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    posted a message on ♦Empires at war [whitelist] [lite-rp] 24/7 [dedicated]♦
    Sound like fun!

    IGN: Scike
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