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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ☢ Year 2075: Decade of the Lost ☢
    Quote from Devilsgamer666

    thanks for double denieing me and that coment about my shift bar makes no scence

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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ☢ Year 2075: Decade of the Lost ☢
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Quote from JoeShmoy

    Probably not. :( We may incorporate some of the major and trusted players if we need extra help

    I'd offer a hand, but I'm just kinda average when it comes to building. I'm mainly good for making smaller things, but I'm guessing that's sorta what you folks don't need help on.
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Quote from QuinnHatrik


    I honestly don't see this as a bad thing. I think the server has needed this for a while, some time to improve and rebirth.
    As long as it comes back bigger and better as planned, I am not disappointed.
    Goodbye for now, friends, and see you later.
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Quote from JoeShmoy

    You're missing something.

    Sorry, didn't put the exact quote you guys wanted. Should be right now.
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Out of Character

    Minecraft account name: Schwiny12

    Country of residence and time zone: US Central Time

    Define role playing in your own words, do you have any past role playing experiences? Stepping into the role of a fictional character and acting as he/she would. Played plenty o' Minecraft RP servers in my time, son.

    What is your reason for applying to this server? I want to reunite with mah boys and partake on more fantastic adventures.

    Have you been banned before, if so why? I have not.

    Do you agree with our rules, how about the lore? Yes, yes, would you kindly.

    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Yup.

    Define Powergaming in your own words, example: Having your character perform unfair or seemingly impossible feats, usually in combat. e.g. *Stabs everyone in the room. All dead.*

    Define Metagaming in your own words, example: Using OOC knowledge IC.
    e.g. Reading someone's app to learn their fears or weaknesses.

    In Character

    Character name: Reavus Arcunok

    Your character's story so far: Reavus was born in a small, underground science facility run by a organization known as the SPE. He was the son of one of the head scientists at the facility which set the bar high for Reavus from a young age. He usually did find himself ahead of the other children both physically and mentally. He effectivley learned to operate machinery and was taught hand to hand combat as well as marksmanship. However, it never seemed to be enough to please his father. As a child Reavus was given several strange implants from the scientists along with taking strange tests and exams. He never questioned any of these things until later in his childhood.
    By the time Reavus was in his late teens, he began to learn more about the experiments going on within the facility. He, along with all of his peers, has always been told they were trying to cleanse the Earth and find salvation for humanity. But as he began to assist his father in various experiments and operations, he realized they had given up their goals of restoration long ago. Now it appeared to Reavus that they simply performed seemingly meaningless physiological experiments along with studying and developing robotics. Shortly after this, he discovered that he and the rest of the children were mere guinea pigs in these experiments. This infuriated Reavus, causing him and several of the other children in the facility to escape one day during training exercises on the surface.
    Oblivious to the dangers of the wasteland, the children were slowly killed off until the last remaining three stumbled across a small settlement, Reavus being among them. The locals were very accepting of the three and there they lived for several years. Their peace was interrupted in a large raid by a group of bandits that had been harassing the settlement for weeks. Many of the settlers took arms against the hostiles, Reavus' two friends being among them. In a panic, Reavus fled the town and ran into the wastes, abandoning his friends and comrades.
    Today, in the year of 2065, it remains one of his biggest regrets.

    Does or did your character have any companions or family? Not currently, he is utterly alone.

    How old is your character? 22

    Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? Roughly 6 ft. tall. Fairly average build, muscular but not extremely bulky. More slender and acrobatic but not scrawny. Long, light brown hair and deep brown eyes. Generally wears a long leather coat over a blue undershirt, but he also carries a lighter set of clothes that allow for greater mobility.

    How does your character act? He is determined and usually quite calm and reserved, but he also has a quick temper. He has a fighting spirit and despite living most of his life in safety, he retains a strong survival instinct. He is loyal to his superiors but also has experience leading others. He is a great ally but also a powerful enemy.

    Character's occupation: He has experience in both combat and operating machinery. He is a decent tactician as well.

    Does your character have an education? He received a great education as a child, especially by the wasteland’s standards.

    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: Reavus was given several augmentations as a child that grant enhanced strength and stamina (nothing superhuman), as well a stronger immune system.

    Does your character hate or fear anything? Being helpless or unable to help an ally. He also dislikes large open spaces due to spending most of his life underground.

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain: Reavus gasped for air after slamming into the cold concrete floor of the basement. He rolled over on to his back to look at the hole above him that had collapsed and sent him plummeting into the floor below the ruins. He felt a sharp pain in his side and screamed in agony. He glanced at to the right to see a large shard of stone protruding from his abdomen. He heard shouting from the floor upstairs and the sounds of a struggle. He heard the yelps of the hounds that had been stalking him and his friends for several nights. They must’ve taken the opportunity to attack. Reavus was about to call out for help but his voice was weak and drowned out by the sound of the fighting. He let out a groan as another sharp pain came from his side. As the sound of the fighting died down he relaxed himself. But before he could again cry out for help, he heard a growl come from his left by the stairs. He glanced towards his left to see a scrawny, rabid looking hound slowly proceeding towards his injured body. He let out a scream of terror as the beast lunged at him and prepared to deliver a fatal bite. Before it could clamp down its jaws on his neck however, the sound of a gunshot rang through the ruins. Reavus opened his eyes to see the limp body of the hound lying next to him, a bullet wound on the top of its head. He looked back up at the hole to see his friends gathered around, staring down at him.

    Anything else to add? Rushed some of this a wee bit. I’m just excited to get back on.

    Provide an image of your character's skin:
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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Quote from JoeShmoy


    Hellz yeh! Lemme get working on dat app!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] Phantom's Mods - OresPlus - RecipesPlus - MonsterEggsPlus
    I've been looking for mods like these and the ones you're planning. Thank you and keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on ☢☢ Ruined World ☢ ☢: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay [Whitelist] [RPG] [Bukkit 1.1] [mcmmo] [Beer ;) ] [Bookworm] [Spout] [Guns] [Voxe
    Quote from dangirdas

    Ah yes indeed,i too remember those times.

    Wow, what a shame that this server just straight went to hell just because of a owner that straight up ignored and neglected his own server. Haha, oh the irony of having the server called Ruined World 2! :D

    Well since i got that out of the way. I'm planning on reviving Ruined World myself, in fact i'm doing it right now. Making the server like it used to be, but way better.

    Well I'm glad the original-ish Ruined World is making a comeback, but we're still gonna work hard on Humanity Lost. I'll probably peek by your server once it gets up though, I can never leave Ruined World completely :)
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) ☢Fallout: Sins of Our Fathers☢[24/7][Serious RolePlay] #1 FALLOUT ROLE-PLAY SERVER!
    Quote from NelthenRedstorm


    I get the "You are not allowed to join. Goodbye!" message every-time I try and connect though. Have I just not been white-listed yet?

    I'm getting the same problem. I guess they just forgot to whitelist us after accepting our applications. It happens.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) ☢Fallout: Sins of Our Fathers☢[24/7][Serious RolePlay] #1 FALLOUT ROLE-PLAY SERVER!
    IGN: Schwiny12
    Age: 15
    Time you can dedicate: 1-4 hours per day, it really depends
    Why us?: There aren't many good post apocalyptic RP servers out there, and this one looks like it might have what I'm looking for
    Define Role-Playing in your words: You assume the role of a character you have took the time to create and react to situations the way he/she normally would, not how you would yourself. You need to really immerse yourself in the world your RPing in as well.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using info you've heard OOCly and using it to give yourself an advantage ICly. Example - You hear someone's location over global OOC chat and immediately go there ICly
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Making your character do things in RP that are unfair or impossible. Example - "i kil all uin 1 shot bcuz my char is teh best."

    Name: Benjamin Libera
    Nickname: Ben
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown medium length hair and piercing blue eyes. He is rather short but is very muscular and quick. His mouth is usually covered with a black bandanna to mask his appearance and for protection against any sandstorms which are common from where he comes from. He wears his light metal battle armor at all times which gives him both mobility and protection.
    Personality: He is usually cautious and serious around strangers and always on his guard. To friends and companions, however, he is trusting and always joking around. He is a great tactician and is easily upset when someone disagrees with a plan or opinion of his. Other than that he is able to control his emotions well. He often does what he thinks would benefit him most and does not like taking sides in conflicts. Overall he is a good friend or ally but does not trust anyone easily.
    In-game RP example: Ben reached the top of the large sand dune and looked over the vast expanse of the wasteland. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary... He glanced over to his life long friend, Carter, who was staring curiously into the distance. Ben again tried to take a better look into the distance but once again saw nothing. They had just finished raiding a bandit camp and Ben wondered if Carter had spotted another, ripe for the picking. "What is it?" Ben asked. "Ben, quickly, get down!" Carter commanded frantically as he jumped back down behind the cover of the sand dune. Confused, Ben took one last look into the distance. He now saw what Carter had been staring and and wondered why he hadn't seen it earlier. A large wave of sand, several miles across, was now coming into view as it raced towards the two companions. Again Carter screamed "Get down, Ben! What are you doing?!". Ben quickly followed his instructions and jumped down beside his friend, laying low down to the ground. After a few short moments they both felt the dust and sand rushing overhead. Neither dared to open their eyes and look up, as they had both been in this situation many times before and knew exposing their eyes meant blistering pain or even temporary blindness. The dune had provided just enough cover and the sandstorm ceased as quickly as it began. "I think it's over..." said Ben quietly. They both got to their feet and brushed of the layers of sand from their armor and emptied their boots. "Well, lets get going." said Ben without hesitation.
    Background: Ben Libera was born into a family of traveling mercenaries. His family would travel the wastes looking for work, accompanied by another family known as the Atteros. The two families got along well and Ben eventually became friends with their youngest son, Carter, at an early age. Both boys learned to fight as mercenaries as they grew up and both excelled at this. They were both trained in melee and ranged weapons from their fathers as well as stealth and other skills that would keep them alive in the wasteland. Ben particularly chose the rifle as his weapon of choice and quickly grew into a great marksman.
    When both boys were around 18 years of age, the two families got into a disagreement. Two small military groups were offering equal amounts of pay for their mercenary services and now it was time to decide which side had the right idea. The two families disagreed which side to take and it escalated into an all out war. Ben and Carter tried to stop the pointless fighting together, but Carter was killed in the process. This enraged Ben and he decided to disband himself from the mercenary group. On that day he left behind everything he ever knew and quickly regretted it. His friends, family, siblings...
    For 6 long years, Ben wandered the wasteland, seeing where life would take him. Along the way he honed his combat skills and met a few friends. He now enters Utah looking for opportunities and seeking his destiny...

    Nuka Cola is tasty :)
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