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    Out of Character(OOC): (Don’t be shy we won’t ban for this part it’s only to know our players)
    IGN(In Game Name): TheSchnoodert

    Roleplaying experience ( What Roleplay servers have you played on before? Or what Roleplay games have you played before): I have been playing loads of Minecraft roleplay servers over the past year. Too many to count. I also experimented with WoW but didn't really like it.

    Age ( Please do not lie It won’t make you better): 17

    Country/ Time zone: United States/Central Time

    Where did you find us?: On Google when I searched for a LOTR roleplay server.

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed): I am a huge fan of LOTR. I have read the series twice. I have watched the movies probably 15 times each. I have been searching for a LOTR roleplay server for a while and this one seems perfect. I respect you guys for taking the time and commitment to help build an amazing server.

    IF you could choose a character from the list in the post, who would you want to be and why?: Dwarf- Warsmith. Ever since I read The Hobbit I have loved the Dwarves. They can have a sense of humor, they know how to party, and they fight hard for what they believe.

    Time you can give to this server(Everyday, or per week): 5 days a week.

    Who are the Evil Characters of Lord of The Rings?: Saruman, Orcs, Uruk-hai, Ring-wraiths etc. There are also more subtle evil characters like Boromir who tries to take the ring from Frodo. Also Boromir's dad could be considered evil.

    Have you read the rules?: Yes :)

    What is RolePlaying for you? : Roleplaying gives me an opportunity to experience the characters first-hand. It is a one of a kind experience.

    What is MetaGaming in your words? : Using out of game info to affect in-game decisions.

    What is PowerGaming in your words? : I don't know much but I understand that it is an attempt to maximize your progress towards a goal. Apparently it is a bad thing to do. I will have to research it a bit more :)

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    *Your IC part better be detailed if you want to be accepted*

    Name(Please give your Character a name that fits with your race) : Haran son of Vorin

    Race(Go see the race section higher up. And is he a man or a woman): Dwarf/Man

    Age: 96

    Character Backstory:

    Haran was born under Vorin, a Dwarven Warsmith. When Haran was 26, He was separated from his Father after Smaug the terrible raided his city and fortress. Haran was forced to evacuate the city along with a company of two other dwarves, Fili and Kili. They planned to embark on a journey to find Vorin, only to find out he was killed in Moria at the hands of the Great Goblin. Fili and Kili soon betrayed Haran, and left him for dead, deep in the Blue Mountains.

    Haran was was dazed, when a large figure stood over him. He introduced himself as Gandalf the Gray. Gandalf nurtured Haran back to full health. After a week, they parted ways. Gandalf said he needed to go to the Shire to find a 14th member of his company for "an adventure". Haran was now on his own, and set out to kill whomever was responsible for his fathers death.

    Roleplay Example ( A conversation between your character and someone else. We want to see who well you can Roleplay :) ): Haran: If you kill me, you will never find it. Please... You need me.
    Kili: Find what?
    Haran: My Prec- *slips out of consciousness*

    Personality traits: Determined, Stubborn, and Mysterious

    Physical description or image of skin?: Lightweight, short, caucasian. Long black beard parted into two braids.

    Skills of your character : Good with an axe, Faster than most dwarves, and Stealthier than most dwarves.

    What is his ultimate goal? ( Ex: Becoming a king, owning the biggest farm, being the richest merchant in Gondor ) Avenge his fathers death
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