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    posted a message on Uses for cobwebs

    You could use cobwebs as filler items in item sorters.

    For example if you're building a huge item sorter for a storage room you'd need an item that's stackable and usually doesn't appear as an item to fill up the slots in a hopper besides the item you're sorting for.

    Cobwebs aren't used much, can only be mined with special preparations and are also rather rare, so they'd make a good choice as filler items.

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    posted a message on What's Mending?
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper»

    Also counts for items you're holding in the off hand. So if your using a sword in your primary hand to kill things, a pickaxe with mending in your other hand will get repaired.

    This also applies to stuff worn in armor slots.

    Basically every time you pick up an experience orb a random item worn in all armor slots, main hand or off hand enchanted with Mending will gain 2 durability.
    If the items are already at full durability the experience points are added to the experience bar instead.
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    posted a message on Potion of Luck

    Increases the chance to fish up a book enchanted with Mending :P

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    posted a message on Enchantment Chest / Levelling Up Issues

    The others have already said it but to clarify some things:

    1. Between the enchanting table and bookshelves should only be air blocks. Any other blocks, bet it torches or carpets, will block the bookshelves off.

    2. Since the 1.8 update enchanting requires experience levels and lapis. To unlock the highest enchantments you need at least 30 lvls. If you want to enchant something you need to pay 1 to 3 lapis and lvls, depending on how powerful the enchantment is. That's no bug, it's intended.

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    posted a message on Why won't they fix the graphics issue?
    Quote from jcm2606»


    Impatience isn't the issue in this case.
    The OP is complaining about the bug tracker moderators closing and deleting his bug reports.
    It seems like they don't see the problem here.
    They'll start looking more closely when more people start complaining about this issue.
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    posted a message on [Customized] Problem with Biome Depth Weight

    Hi there!

    While playing around with the customized worldgen options I've discovered that BDW creates nice and tall tower-like mountains.

    At the same time, though, it also creates pretty ugly spikes in ocean biomes which go up to build limit.

    Is there a way to keep the desired tower-like mountains while avoiding the undesired spikes?

    The end result should be giant flying islands above endless waters, which are pierced by tower-like mountains.

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    posted a message on Quiver and Potion Satchel

    Hello guys, here again is another suggestion of mine.

    Appearance in Inventory Interface:

    Quiver and potion satchels are items that can be equipped by the player just like any other wearable item, although quivers and potion satchels share the same equipment slot, so you can only use one at a time.

    Both items, when equipped, provide 3 more slots for specific items (all kinds of arrows for quivers and potions for potion satchels).

    Appearance in Heads-up Display:

    Besides the usual hotbar appears another, smaller hotbar with a distinct color and only 3 slots.

    This equipped hotbar contains all the items which were placed inside the quiver/potion satchel's inventory slots.

    It can be accessed by pressing the Alt-key on your keyboard and moving the mousewheel, much like the usual hotbar and it also remembers the selected slot.

    In addition you can press Alt-1, Alt-2 or Alt-3 to select the slot 1, 2 or 3 via hotkey.

    In case you're using a bow it will use the arrows found in the previously selected slot on the equipped hotbar.

    In case you're using a potion satchel you can just press the Alt-key again and right click to use the potion from the previously selected slot.


    When a slot uses up all of its content (example: arrows) it will search the player's inventory and try to replenish its stock by moving a stack of the same item from inventory into the slot.

    Acquiring a Quiver or Potion Satchel:

    Those items count as treasure and can be found in chests from dungeons, jungle temples, etc.

    Since they're rare to find the new mechanics are only added to the current ones, so you can still fire an arrow even when you don't have a quiver.

    The idea:

    The purpose of these items and mechanics is to enable the player to switch easily between several kinds of ammo without clogging up the hotbar.

    Well then, give me your thoughts.

    Maybe you can think of more ammo-like items which could use this kind of mechanic?

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    The skeleton would only be at fault, if it had a will of its own.

    But it doesn't have a will; it just follows a predefined behavior by its program.

    That's why I called it a "natural phenomenon".

    Venting your rage against other monsters of the same kind is just as fruitless as pissing against the wind, although it can be good for our mental health.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    Monsters attacking the player on sight is a natural phenomenon in the game's universe and something a player should know.

    When someone gets shot by a skeleton and ends up in a pool of lava as a result then it's to a 100% the player's fault.

    A mature person would acknowledge his mistake, learn from it and move on.

    Deleting the game because of this looks to me like the player is denying his mistake and refuses to accept reality, which is pretty damn immature.

    Also could someone give a clear definition of "rage quitting"?

    It might be we all are talking here about different things without even knowing it.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    I don't rage quit.

    I don't even understand it.

    Isn't it kind of immature to run away in rage because you made a mistake?

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