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    posted a message on Quiver and Potion Satchel
    Quote from GerbilCrab475»

    The only problem I see this causing is that the potion satchel can basically act as stacked potions (which are super OP). Have an inventory full of instant damage and have a single satchel slot selected and you can rapid fire those things. Currently a player must sacrifice most of their hot bar if they want to potion spam, which lessens the severeness of the problem of potion spam. With an item like this, a player could become so deadly that they would become unstoppable.

    I don't do PvP in Minecraft and so I only know what I read about it on this board.

    After reading your response it seems to me like there's a problem with potions itself and my suggestion just amplifies the severeness of the problem.

    If I understand correctly you can put 9 damage potions on your hotbar and - depending on skill and latency - you can fire those in rapid succession to deal horrible damage to you enemies.

    So if you fill your whole inventory with potions you could do this 5 times and after that you'd be completely useless in a PvP fight without any means to replenish your stock.

    Sounds like a pretty unfun way to play and is only a viable option because it's so OP.

    If I were a developer working for Mojang and wanted to overhaul the combat aspect of my game, then this is something I'd change first.

    Maybe add some sort of short cooldown to potions (per effect), so you wouldn't be able to spam them like crazy.

    I know, this isn't very creative, but I'm sure Mojang will have some better ideas for it.

    Balancing potions might even allow them to stack, which I personally would like to see happen.

    In case Mojang really neglects balancing out potions then I'd add a 5 second timer per item slot on the equipped hotbar, when a potion is used.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    I don't use signs so maybe that's why I didn't experience this bug yet.

    If it doesn't repair itself like it happend to lotus49, then maybe loading the world in MCEdit and removing the "missing sign" could have repaired the chunk.

    Although this is just a speculation and I'm going to stop posting off-topic stuff here ^^

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!
    Quote from lotus49»

    I tried reloading the world several times and tried walking into the huge chunk-sized hole. I wasn't able to. I knew which bits I ought to have been able to walk on but I wasn't able to enter the missing chunk at all. It wasn't like walking into a wall. My player sort of quivered like the game couldn't make its mind up whether to let me go there or not.

    Fortunately, reloading an earlier save did the trick. The backup was a couple of days old but at least I didn't have a huge void in my base.

    What you quoted there was directed at Wingsrising :P

    Fortunately I haven't encountered such a bug yet.

    Would be pretty frustrating having such a thing happen right inside my base.

    I don't know much about mending the aftermaths of such glitches, but I can imagine you could fix it using MCEdit by copying the affected chunk from a backup file and inserting it into the current one.

    With this you would only lose the progress of one chunk.

    Though this would only work if it wasn't a reoccuring bug.

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    posted a message on Post Pics Of Your Survival World

    It's a custom world with lots of flying islands and the ground is mostly covered in water.

    In some areas the body of water even reaches bedrock.

    Biome size is set to maximum.

    I like wild worlds like that which I can tame and terraform to my liking, although it's a pain to get around ...

    Hopefully 1.9 is gonna do something about that dumb boat glitch not syncing properly.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!
    Quote from Wingsrising»

    Weird! I've had chunks vanish before but when I exited and re-loaded the map they were back, thankfully (as I don't make backups every session).

    This is just a graphical glitch.

    The chunk is still in your save file but isn't rendered properly.

    If you walk into the chunk this should force the chunk to update.

    Although reloading the world works, too.

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    posted a message on Quiver and Potion Satchel

    I've added the option of using hotkeys (Alt-<1 to 3>) to select a slot on the equipped hotbar.

    This should improve the handling of ammo switching in hectic fights.

    Thanks guys for supporting my suggestion :D

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    posted a message on Post Pics Of Your Survival World

    My half-automatic smelter:

    Mushroom farm for red and brown ones:

    A chicken farm, which produces raw chicken and feathers:

    An above view of some of my buildings.

    On the left is the previously mentioned chicken farm, to the right the mushroom farm and in the center is a residential barrack for my city's future population in the making.

    A map of everything I've built so far:

    My progress is rather slow, since I play Minecraft rarely these days.

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    posted a message on Quiver and Potion Satchel

    To be honest I was just too lazy to make a picture for the crafting recipe just like in my other suggestion.

    But on a second thought I guess it turned out to be a good thing to keep it uncraftable, since it promotes going out on an adventure.

    This game needs more uncraftable treasures along with new and more difficult dungeons to make adventures worthwhile.

    Thank you for your support :)

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    posted a message on In game recipe list that the player builds over time.

    I'd like to add an idea to your current concept.

    Maybe add written books with recipes to dungeon loot chests, which would detail several craftable items using descriptions and explains how to craft it via self-explanatory pictures.

    The player then has the choice to keep the item as it is or add its content to his list of known recipes, which would destroy the book.

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    posted a message on Quiver and Potion Satchel

    Hello guys, here again is another suggestion of mine.

    Appearance in Inventory Interface:

    Quiver and potion satchels are items that can be equipped by the player just like any other wearable item, although quivers and potion satchels share the same equipment slot, so you can only use one at a time.

    Both items, when equipped, provide 3 more slots for specific items (all kinds of arrows for quivers and potions for potion satchels).

    Appearance in Heads-up Display:

    Besides the usual hotbar appears another, smaller hotbar with a distinct color and only 3 slots.

    This equipped hotbar contains all the items which were placed inside the quiver/potion satchel's inventory slots.

    It can be accessed by pressing the Alt-key on your keyboard and moving the mousewheel, much like the usual hotbar and it also remembers the selected slot.

    In addition you can press Alt-1, Alt-2 or Alt-3 to select the slot 1, 2 or 3 via hotkey.

    In case you're using a bow it will use the arrows found in the previously selected slot on the equipped hotbar.

    In case you're using a potion satchel you can just press the Alt-key again and right click to use the potion from the previously selected slot.


    When a slot uses up all of its content (example: arrows) it will search the player's inventory and try to replenish its stock by moving a stack of the same item from inventory into the slot.

    Acquiring a Quiver or Potion Satchel:

    Those items count as treasure and can be found in chests from dungeons, jungle temples, etc.

    Since they're rare to find the new mechanics are only added to the current ones, so you can still fire an arrow even when you don't have a quiver.

    The idea:

    The purpose of these items and mechanics is to enable the player to switch easily between several kinds of ammo without clogging up the hotbar.

    Well then, give me your thoughts.

    Maybe you can think of more ammo-like items which could use this kind of mechanic?

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    posted a message on What PC do you have an at settings/render distance do you run minecraft at and what fps?

    Giving Minecraft more RAM than it needs to run is actually a bad idea.

    At fault here is the Java garbage collector, which only gets to work when the assigned RAM is full and needs to clean up supposedly deleted objects to make room for new ones.

    And when the garbage collectore gets to work it results in a "lag spike" in the latest versions of Minecraft(1.8+).

    So the bigger the amount of RAM you allowed Minecraft to use the more stuff to clean up piles up and the bigger the "lag spike" becomes.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    Don't worry, I know you weren't serious ^^

    I just used your example to make my point of view a bit more clear :)

    Although channeling your annoyance into something more useful is a good example people can follow.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    The skeleton would only be at fault, if it had a will of its own.

    But it doesn't have a will; it just follows a predefined behavior by its program.

    That's why I called it a "natural phenomenon".

    Venting your rage against other monsters of the same kind is just as fruitless as pissing against the wind, although it can be good for our mental health.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    Monsters attacking the player on sight is a natural phenomenon in the game's universe and something a player should know.

    When someone gets shot by a skeleton and ends up in a pool of lava as a result then it's to a 100% the player's fault.

    A mature person would acknowledge his mistake, learn from it and move on.

    Deleting the game because of this looks to me like the player is denying his mistake and refuses to accept reality, which is pretty damn immature.

    Also could someone give a clear definition of "rage quitting"?

    It might be we all are talking here about different things without even knowing it.

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    posted a message on Rage quitting!

    I don't rage quit.

    I don't even understand it.

    Isn't it kind of immature to run away in rage because you made a mistake?

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