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I draw almost daily, playin' a lot of Counter-Strike in my free-time, I like to animate weapons and do 3d art. Reading comics is also a big interest for me, I started reading a comic called "TwoKinds" in 2006, I am still happily waiting for new pages today. I have been drawing all my life, my friends didn't understand how I could draw like I do, but I am still learning how to do it on computer, considering I do have a drawing pad, I draw anything I want to. That includes the naughty stuff. I am a very calm person, people say I have no feelings, I barely get sad, or mad. I've played lots of rage games. But while my friends punch a wall because of a rage game. I lie in my seat and try again.

My childhood wasn't that great, I did have a great life while I was young and lived with my dad, but I didn't know the real him and I didn't get to know that until I was fourteen, I thought I was lucky with my dad, but I was wrong. He became slowly worse, I dealt with it for two years, when at the end everything went to shìtstorm, he stopped making food and stopped talking to me, thankfully I got able to tell my teacher about it just some few days after when the shìtstorm happened. I moved to my mom's boyfriend, since she was in Thailand, and he had told me everything he thought of my dad, and everything he did. My dad just wanted me, then kicked mom out so I would forget about her. He tried everything to keep me, but he failed, and I got to a better place. Now I am here, with a good ending.

I don't show much feelings towards people after this, I have big trust issues, and I rather be alone. I don't have the sadness for suicidal, I don't have the anger to get revenge, I am not afraid to die.


- Competitive Gaming

- Drawing

- Animating

- Reading w/comics

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