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    The sun rose on the day, shining on the city known as Opes- the human capital city. Within the city walls, the west half was known as the Residential area- this is where people lived. Further south in the same area were the slums. The homeless lived here, supported only by those who have enough generosity to give them coin. To the north were the rich nobles, with extravagant and flamboyant houses, trying to outdo each other. The southeastern part of Opes was the Business place, where craftsmen sell their goods. And lastly, in the northeast was the castle, where the current king of the human empire- Artemisius- resided.

    “I take it preparations have been taken care of?” Artemisius asked.

    “Yes sir, it should be ready within the month.” Responded one of his messengers.

    “Good. This is the three-hundredth anniversary of this tournament, we need it to be better than ever before.”

    “Yes, and we estimate a record number of people will arrive to watch- nearly three thousand, from what I hear. Not to mention those planning on signing up.”

    “With numbers like that, we'll most definitely need to move it to outside the city. The eastern ruins are still unoccupied, correct?”

    “I believe so, sir. Yes.”

    “Make it so that the tournament will be held there. We cannot hold three thousand more
    people within these walls, it would be chaos.”

    “Of course, sir, I shall see to it right away.”

    The messenger exited the room and left the king to his own thoughts. The old ruins… I sure hope nobody makes a fuss about what happened so long ago… We cant even be sure it really happened… but I suppose there will always be the few who believe in those old stories no matter what.

    Two weeks later…

    The king looked over the east wall and smiled. The three-hundredth annual Ketto Tournament was about to begin. It was still two days away, but people were pouring in from the portals in the business district, of every race. This year's tournament was sure to be one to remember. The king was only worried about the old stories of the ruins from so long ago. Most people had likely forgotten by now, but fears about the incident of old were sure to worry some.

    Artemisius turned back from the wall with renewed hope about the occasion. The only thing he truly had to worry about was the fact that the ruins were about two miles from the city. He smiled, and made his way back to the castle. All that I can do now is wait.

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    ((Cool! When do we start?))

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    This is very rough, so dont expect it to look very good. I just want to know if theres any interest in the base idea.

    So, before recorded history, there was modern technology, and dragons. Humans and dragons started fighting for some reason. Oh, and both parties could use magic at the time. With both species on the brink of extinction, they both made a pact using magic. This destroyed all technology that the humans had, as well as removed their intelligence. The dragons were forced never to interfere with mankind's affairs again, and neither party could use magic anymore. Now, the year is 2050, and mankind has expanded so that there arent many places for dragons to hide anymore. Dragons are being sighted more and more every day, and because their being sighted, the pact is starting to fall apart. Magic is slowly returning to both parties. The dragons are contacting humans (via telepathy) occasionally, hoping to find some willing to go with the dragons and to be an advocate to the dragons, so that chaos doesnt ensue like it did before. anyone who denies the opportunity has their memories wiped, and replaced so that nobody suspects anything. Each person applying will be contacted, and will hopefully join the dragons, because otherwise you just have a modern everyday roleplay.

    Thats the story in a pretty big nutshell. If i get enough interest i'll start the RP. Oh, and what kind of magic system should i go with? Im thinking either harry potter or inheritance style magic.
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    Quote from 16cadrian»

    Wow. Put a minecart on a sloped rail, walk off a cliff, throw an item out of your inventory, guess what? falls! why? because yes, gravity does not apply to all blocks, but it does apply to some entities (including minecarts)

    Edit: there should be a rule that only allows people with reasonable intelligence to suggest mods and features for the game.

    Over 90% of all the things in Minecraft ignore gravity. Also, THIS IS A VIDEO GAME! Stop trying to apply real world logic to it. Gravity exists, but only to CERTAIN THINGS! And there are PLENTY of ways around gravity. In Minecraft, gravity isn't universal.

    Oh, and if your rule is implemented, then i guess you won't be able to post any suggestions.
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    Faith in humanity lost.

    Need =/= Want. This is a want, trollsack. If you want it, make a mod.

    The old system was broken; it allowed people to take TONS of damage and then BAM- back to full, without any effort.

    Another thing is that food didnt stack back then, meaning you had to constantly monitor the furnace so that you get the most out of it- leaving you open to player attacks.

    My last point is that this would be going backwards. What if a species of ant suddenly learned how to talk? Bad example, but roll with me here. A whole new world just opened up to them- one that they would enjoy and want to be a part of. Then suddenly, they stopped talking. THats similar to what you're suggesting. Not in a literal sense, but in a metaphorical one. An achievement of earth-shattering proportions suddenly made irrelevant from one person's opinion.

    No support.
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