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    posted a message on The Notch Virus
    Quick, pose as a team!

    No wait... that's posing as a Notch guys.
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    posted a message on Frost's Real RP server {Donations welcome}
    Name: Herman van Stalza

    Race: Human

    Class: Knight

    Age: 30

    Appearance: Stoic, yet friendly appearance. Wears heavy armour at all times, due to paranoia about assassination attempts.

    Weapons: Large chipped and blunted Broadsword

    Equipment: A small shovel and a hatchet.

    Abilities: Strong strategist and fighter, has seen countless wars.
    Agility: 3
    Endurance: 8
    Intelligence: 3
    Luck: 6
    Personality: 5
    Speed: 3
    Strength: 10
    Willpower: 3

    HP: 70
    Attack 12
    Defense 6

    Description: Born the prince of a rich family, he was destined to become the duke of a small plot of land far to the east. He grew up learning much about warfare, and, as a result, is a good fighter, but he never recieved much education outside of war, leading him to be inexperienced in all but that. He was nearly assassinated four times before finally leaving his family to live on his own, taking the prized family sword with him. His family hunts for him still, hoping to find an heir to the throne. Those who wished to kill him now control his old home. He is also an expert in throwing weapons, and has extensive expertise in the use of siege weaponry.
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    posted a message on How to pronounce your username!
    IDK why people say Sk-uhd
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    posted a message on Share Your Weird ****
    Quote from seekercat »
    One of my eyes is light blue. The other is hazel with a little pie piece that is light blue.

    Whoa. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

    My favorite type of food is cereal. I might just take a bowl of cheerios (only honey nut, not that cardboard BS) over a steak.
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    posted a message on Healing Glitch?
    Yeah I guess it defaults to that in the new update.
    Also, check http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14427
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    posted a message on Game not saving after new update
    Quote from Skillkills »
    This is really started to **** me the **** off...... I decided since It doesn't save, to waste all my iron on rails and a minecart. I created the most intricate Rollercoaster you have never seen. It Spiraled halfway down an epic mountain, then rode down a path, over a giant lava pit, through an underwater glass tunnel, Through the sky (with many ups and downs, I might add), and finally slowed at the very start (it looped around). Finally, Firefox froze, and crashed, Along with it, my computer crashed..... all that work was lost.

    "Mr.Skill... your minecraft.... I'm afraid it has save cancer. There isn't much we can do. We could try chemot-"

    "No, no... I think I'll take the little guy outside and... and we'll do what he's always wanted to."

    *Four hours later*

    "Wheeee! That was fun! Daddy can we go aga- ag- *Cough cough*"


    firefox has encountered an error and needs to restart


    On topic: Yep. My saves are dead in the water.
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    posted a message on signs are kinda scary
    I hate it when I see a sing and it scares me. Verbs are so creepy sometimes.
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    posted a message on Paranoia killing SMP?
    There's a couple major issues at hand here.
    One is, co-op vs PvP. Survival's current problem right now is the fact that the monsters are weak.All players tend to be attracted to the greatest conflict. If the current version of Infdev was made into multiplayer RIGHT NOW at the current version, the biggest possible conflicts would be between players. That's PvP. But if notch makes some new monsters and buffs up the existing ones, suddenly, the biggest threat to players in survival is the monsters. Players would rather fight against the hordes than each other.That's co-op. There'll always be bandits, and there'll always be cooperative players, how many of each just depends on the conflict.

    The next issue is the "There will/won't be greifers in survival!" Most person's definition of griefer (from what I see) would be a person who destroys the work of someone else for no personal gain (other than a couple laughs at the other person's expense) So,busting into someones house and stealing their iron is NOT griefing. Busting into somebody's house, burning all of the wooden and cloth parts, destroying all the doors and tearing down all the torches intentionally is what I'd consider griefing, even if that person gets some torches and doors from the loot. Because griefers are not doing it for the items, they're doing it to get anger out of people. And in Survival, where items and buildings have much more value and time staked in them than creative, people might get even MORE angry than in creative servers.
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    posted a message on Turrets and Mines
    I don't think he's suggesting it, just making silly ideas for mob-based defenses.
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    posted a message on Building the 7 Wonders of the World
    Quote from Canavaro99 »
    Quote from Dayman »
    Quote from Lordofq »
    There's sand in infdev now. I don't think he used hacks.

    But he's got stacks of 100 sand?

    sand are deeper in infdev

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    posted a message on Intelligent creepers
    The problem with making creepers smarter is the fact that they are very destructive. Very. If 5-10 creepers had super-good AI and simply waltzed up to your wall one by one, no wall of any usable thickness would survive. Everything would either have to be under ground (In which case you still need exits to get wood, food, ect.) or so reinforced that everything aboveground would look like fort knox.
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    posted a message on Just a teeny-tiny lighting idea!
    This is a way to improve the gaming experience whilst keeping it from sucking up too much CPU/GPU power during Day/night transitions.

    Have all Day/night lighting changes start in the east first. That's it. When the sun comes up, chunks closest to the sun (Ones in the east) would update first, so that a wave of light passes over the world, and it would simulate what happens in real life. When the sun goes down, the chunks nearest to the MOON (the east) would update first, and the light would retreat. This means the engine doesn't have to try and update everything at once, and the lighting may go smoother.

    When it comes to programming this, I have no idea if it would require a lighting revamp (In which case I'd rather not have notch spend his time on just this) or not.
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    posted a message on suvival story
    Whoawhoawhoa, the creeper won?
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    posted a message on Hide your stuff.
    Alright, I'm getting into this warzone.

    Hiding stuff is going to be a necessity if it becomes PvP free for all,and that's looking like the truth, at least in part. There are problems in both systems though.

    One: Idiots are not going away. If you people think it's gong to become all flowers and candy-canes after the game becomes paid-only, you're wrong. It WILL be better. Much better. But there still will be people who will destroy things for the sake of destruction. In the PvP system, there will be LESS of this however, because it will be part of the game. in coop, I see it being a problem.

    Two: The A-team doesn't mean crap if the other people know about your secret base. In no way should bases be permanent fallout shelters, but once the enemy finds your beautiful house or cave base, they will know about it FOREVER. Some time they'll get though your defenses, or come later. (See three) They'll persist until they find some loot, most likely. They'll dig around looking for secret stashes and in doing so, will most likely tear a good amount of the place down.

    Three: You aren't online forever. This is the kicker. What stops the Aussie from coming on when noone's home and just stealing all of your hard-earned stuff when you can't do anything?

    Four: Say goodbye to forts and castles. It's going to be survival of the fittest, and bad tactics will be eliminated quickly. One bad tactic would be building above ground. Take this, for instance: If you are a raider or thief looking for some loot, a big castle will be an easy target. Chances are that no one is home and it's free for the taking. Even if someone is there, catching them by surprise almost guarantees victory. Break down the door, smack the homeowner in the face while he's crafting/mining/building and go find the chest. What if it's hidden? Homeowner comes back, has no items or armor, and you kill him. you keep searching until you find it. So, the good idea is to just dig under a certain block in a secret place and make a minimalist, simple cave house. Yay.

    Five: Infinite means incredible hiding potential. If what I said above happens, everyone will hide their stuff in some crazy place way out in the wild. Thieves will starve. Thieves could stalk someone until they found a place, but any good player knows to look behind them every once in a while.

    I'm not saying thievery is a horrible, deplorable act. It's part of the gameplay. Kill or be killed. I'm saying it will be all but impossible to be a thief within a week. Not too many people will build above ground after long, and with all the hiding tactics people will use, it's going to be really, reallly, reeeallly slow being a thief at this point.
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    posted a message on Evilgrims server
    The server appears to be down...
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