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    IGN: sayre1000

    Age: 15

    (Mandatory)Skype: sayreminecraft

    Experience: I have Co-Owned (not been co-owner but co-owned) 1 minecraft server, it reached a steady 20-25 players before shutting down due to infighting amongst staff, I have also been an Admin on 1 minecraft server which got to a steady 50 players before the owner ran off with the donation money, finally long ago when I was 12 I was a moderator however I was demoted back then because I quiet frankly just wasn't mature enough for staff then. Since the servers have shut down I can't really give you an IP however I could give you the contact information of some other staff from the servers via Skype. Please msg me there if you wish to get in contact with them.

    How Could You Help The Server: Over my many many years of playing minecraft I have accumulated what I feel is a vast knowledge of a variety of minecraft server types and community types. Using this acquired knowledge I could help manage the staff team, if needed, help to write guidelines and tutorial for new staff members. With my knowledge from previous minecraft servers I could help with recruiting methods and managing social-media for the server. While I won't PROMISE to give you money or never make even the slightest error I will say I would try my best and always give it my all when it came to bettering the community, staff team, and playerbase of the server.

    Why Should We Pick You: Thanks to me experience on previous minecraft servers I have a great wealth of knowledge of many plugins and commands, ranging from a simple mute to a the most complicated Voxel Sniper commands there are few new ones that could surprise me. Along with an in-depth knowledge of plugins which MANY MANY players have I could also offer a level of experience that many other candidates just don't have. After being on so many minecraft servers and being staff on those with many players I have learned how to keep a level head and analyze every situation clearly to make the best decision in a timely manor. While I can be a little silly at times I feel this is a necessary quality of any high-ranking staff members in order to keep the players comfortable when they are around, however I can quickly switch to a dead-serious mindset if the situation calls for it. So, why should you pick me? Well I feel I stand out from the other candidates because of my previous experience and dedication to those servers I am staff on. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a pleasant day.

    Maturity|1-10: 8-9 (This is in my own opinion, you are more than welcome to judge for yourself)

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