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    When will alex skins be supported?

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    Admin fishing for them compliments

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    posted a message on Elora's Gate - Come Create a Community! [Apollo, Apollocraft, Mobius, Sovereigncraft]

    Beautiful server full of beautiful people and beautiful creations.

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    posted a message on [AC] Zelda Adventure V0.9.7 (1 062 241+ DL's) (WORK IN 2018)

    How would you feel about this being completely replicated within vanilla minecraft?

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    posted a message on Tabletop Simulator! [Currently Cards Against Humanity is not available]

    I've been watching alot of tabletop videos on youtube and wandered why it wasnt created in minecraft, so I made it! Currently chess and scrabble is available though you can create you own games such as a custom D&D game or anything you want. If you do a youtube video please link it here. Thank you!


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    posted a message on [16x, 32x][1.8.X][3D Models] Precisely Portal and Modified Portal [Newly Updated!]
    This was the first 1.8+ Portal texture pack, supported by the first Beta creator which is supported by the first Alpha creator.

    Portal: The device has been modified
    As a lover of the game Portal, I was very happy to find a portal texture pack that Carlotta4th added to the original pack that Cosine made for minecraft. (Carlotta4th's pack available here and Cosine's Pack available here)
    You're welcome to modify the packs to fit your own needs/dungeons/etc, but you cannot make profit off of the textures themselves, claim the textures as your own, or repost the packs without giving credit and linking back to the originals. Thank you!

    This means: Yes. Use the packs for the dungeon you made (that's kind-of the point)! If you're using the vanilla textures, you could say something like "download [texture pack name]." And if you need to alter the textures slightly for your dungeon, say something like "I altered [texture pack name] by Sayomi_Inoue, so here's the version you need for this dungeon: [link to your version. A normal, non-adfly non-profit link]" (You can certainly link your dungeon world to adfly--just not my textures). Enjoy testing!
    What are the differences?
    Precisely Portal is the more "true to portal" version. It has two-block high walls, mushroom turrets, particle cane reeds... so it looks more like portal, but it's a of a lot harder to play minecraft normally with it on (turret soup?! Particle cake?!?). But this could be a good version to make a test chamber with if you really want it to look like portal.

    Modified Portal is "inspired" by portal rather than exact. Nature still looks like nature for the most part, and items are generally easy enough to recognize-- You can actually play minecraft with this pack on and not be too confused!
    The 32x32 packs use Vattic's "Faithful 32x32" for the base textures. Great pack, I highly suggest giving it a look.

    FAQ (Frequently asked questions):
    Please check this list and the "to do" list before making suggestions.

    Q: This pack is mostly what I want for my test chamber, but I need to change it a bit. Is that okay?
    A: Short answer: yes. But read the "permissions" section first so you know how to do this properly. Enjoy making your test chamber!

    Q: Make the companion cube gravel or sand so it has physics!
    A: You could use the summon FallingSand command and give it the data for a cube, it'll work like a charm. ^-^

    Q: Why don't you animate the 16x16 cores like you did the 32x32 cores?
    A: Well it wouldn't look as good since its such a small space.

    Q: What are the two block high walls? (only available in Precisely Portal)
    A: Dirt and stone. Layer it so stone goes over the dirt to get the appearance of the two-block high walls.

    Q: Can I get the world file you used for the pictures?
    A: Kinda. Most of these pictures are just model rooms made in my personal world solely for screenshots, but there are many maps that use this pack.
    To do list: (not in any specific order)

    - Bunnies
    - More mod support!
    - Random blocks
    - Custom sounds (Music and other things)
    Change Log:

    25/2/15: Updated most textures to 1.8 and added models.
    8/7/14: Added new portal texture (Emancipation Grill) and new water to precisely. Change to obsidian,and all new ocean blocks.

    2/7/14: Took over the pack woo![/spolier]
    None for any current versions of minecraft, perhaps you will be the first one this list?
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    posted a message on Chisel 3 [The Dev Releases]
    Quote from EratoNysiad»

    Tatami mats don't work like that, unfortunately.

    The collapsible carpenters blocks can be 1 pixel high. Also I meant the full blocks for the walls.


    Will you also be adding in the furnaces and stuff like that? Id love to have one for kitchens while another for a blacksmith area.
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    posted a message on Chisel 3 [The Dev Releases]
    I have a suggestion for a block: Layered, like snow layers but would have grass,sand,gravel,leaves and whatever else should have layers. That way you could have a desert like this
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    posted a message on Pokémon in Vanilla Minecraft [OLD THREAD]
    If you want any custom heads I'll be happy to make some for you, these are some heads I've made all ready http://heads.freshcoal.com/heads.php?query=robotthunder500
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