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    Name: (GT) MichieThompson

    Age: 15

    Location: United States, NC

    Minecraft Expirience: Played for a long time, Very creative Designer when it comes to construction, Know some neat tricks

    Why you want to join: Tired of running my own server, bored. Want to create Something people will actually like and or if use

    How You'd Contribute: Get alot of Resources, help in creating and building. some unique tricks and ideas.

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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival (partly) Open to anyone! Designers welcome!

    This is a sever meant for anyone with no age limit, however the only rules are this.


    *Don't be annoying to everyone*

    *Don't steal*

    *Don't complain*

    as always, have a good time on this Map, your allowed to build nearly anywhere but it is suggested to stay close by for assistance and supplies as this is a Community based map. currently i'm building a Castle and help would much be appreciated!

    (UPDATE: you can also post on here and ill check daily) (POST GAMERTAG)

    if you want to come join please look for my Gamertag via a Friend request and ill invite you, because this is summer ill be on most of the time and the server will have constant run time as well. this is a PURE survival run so no creative modes have been enabled

    Gamertag: MichieThompson

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