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    posted a message on SUper Danganronpa 2 role play!

    Rp Name: Nobu Todobashi

    SHSL/Ultimate: Graffiti Artist

    Why i want to join: Ive been looking for a group for awhile to do a rp like this since i just recently finished the anime. It seems fun to do a thing like this.

    Will you follow any rule I give you: Sure i guess... JK yeah i will

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    posted a message on Minecraft DanganRonpa Server Rp!

    1.IGN: Savagewolf14

    2.age: 15

    3.Rp name: Nobu TodBashi

    4.talent: Grafiti artist

    5.reason to joining: ive been a fan of the games and the anime. I was always looking for a group to RP about this.

    6.Will i follow the rules? what kind of question is that of course

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