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    posted a message on [1.7.4][Hardcore Roleplay][Custom Terrain]Hareveth: A Forsaken Tale
    IGN: Tythonus

    Age: 20

    How did you find this server?: I'm a close friend of Vas's. When I heard that he and Coast had a server I came running!

    Did you read the rules: Tuk-Tuk.

    What was your favourite rule: The idea of announcing a raid and giving your defenders some time to actually collect themselves before you storm them with pvp.

    Example of God-Modding: Giving your character an insane amount of unlikely and unrealistic abilities. (i.e. a human who can fly, breathe underwater, and dodge arrows.)

    Example of Power-Gaming: *Punches Vanno straight in the face, sending him flying through a pillar* (If you forcibly resolve your own actions without leaving room for the defending player to decide whether your action actually resolves)

    Example of Metagaming: Knowing that Tyler has drugs in his chest and going to steal them, even though Ven Rose has never seen or heard about the possibility of cocaine being present in the area (Couldn't help myself!)

    IC -

    Character Name: Ven Rose

    Age: 17

    Personality: Ven Rose is a quiet and thoughtful young man. However, underneath the facade of ignorance and complacency hides a wisdom that extends far beyond his years. When he speaks it becomes apparent just what sort of trials and tribulations Ven Rose has faced, his strong mind shining through. Giving off an aura of indifference in most situations, he is quite used to the surprised expressions from others when they learn of his selfless tendencies and fiery determination. Although not super outspoken, Ven Rose has a personality that, once warmed up to, makes him a valuable friend and a trustworthy ally to even the most disagreeable of people.

    Appearance: Dark blue hair, vibrant green eyes, light skin, five-foot-ten, thin with a very muscular, defined frame. He wears an eye patch over his left eye that is embroidered with a detailed image of a rose bloom and sports a gold ring in both ears, and usually keeps his mouth and neck swathed up in a thick scarlet scarf with a tail that flows gently in the wind. With a thin brow, his one eye severe and sharply defined, high cheekbones, delicate and angular nose, and strong jawline, Ven could actually be considered a handsome boy. He usually wears a black leather jerkin with a white undershirt and elk breeches, the whole getup crisscrossed with leather straps and holsters for various tools or weapons depending on the day's activities.

    Ambitions: Seeking lost companions from the past, and becoming a strong, fearless, steadfast defender of justice in their absence. He is constantly trying to become stronger to quell his fear of the dark.

    Likes: Anyone with a strong sense of justice or a fine amount of hospitality, his friends, apples, the pursuit of knowledge, a good novel, interesting or odd people, anything that spells adventure

    Dislikes: Water, indecisiveness, women, cold and windy days, anything of or relating to darkness. (As in the evil, not the absence of light)

    Roleplay Example:

    Ven leaned back, throwing his dusty boots, legs crossed, onto the counter top as he reclined. From a few moments of rummaging through his drawer he finally managed to produce a small, leather-bound volume from within its mixed-up contents. "Now....where were we....." he muttered, holding the tome in hand, thumbing through its pages with deliberation.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Personal Information:

    Name: Mike
    Age: 19
    Location: Ohio, USA
    Interests: Video games, role play, writing, art, sports

    Character Information:

    Name: Ven Rose

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Ven Rose is known for two things: the red scarf that is always wrapped in a heap around his neck, covering his mouth and nose, and the rose-adorned patch that lies over his left eye. His hair, a strange dark blue in hue, hangs in windswept but neat strands around his face, and a single, piercing green eye can be seen beneath. Although he carries the face of a young man, the youthful visage belies a wisdom that extends far beyond his years.


    Ven Rose is a young man that is haunted by fate. He woke up in a cruel and unfamiliar land, devoid of his memories, and forced to eke out a living in a time of warring kingdoms and feuding deities. He was eventually taken in, cold and confused, by a group of clever bandits with surprisingly large hearts. Ven adapted to their way of life, adopted the mantra of the thief, and integrated himself within the nearby community. Along the way he met many people and learned many things, most importantly what it meant to be human, and how valuable were the concepts of life, love, and friendship.

    However, a dark age eventually extended its tendrils out to his small niche of life, and his normal petty schemes with the Rook gang turned into a fight for survival, and even humanity itself. After a series of horrendous events and watching countless comrades die, a part of Ven snapped, and he withdrew into himself. He fled, with no destination in mind, in an attempt to rebuild his life and tack back what little sanity he originally had. He spent this time wandering throughout all sorts of different villages and habitats, studying the arcane and honing his combat skills in hopes that no loved ones would ever be taken from him again.

    Account Information:

    IGN: Tythonus

    Time Zone: Eastern standard

    What roleplaying experience do you have: I have roleplayed for quite a few years, starting with Runescape back in the day, then Minecraft, and just recently I have come from a stretch of roleplaying in the WoW community for two years as well.

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Aye

    How did you find this server: Luck of the draw I suppose!


    What does roleplaying mean to you: Immersing yourself in a fantasy world and telling an engaging and interactive story with the help and input of fellow gamers.

    What does metagame mean to you: Metagaming is ICly exploiting facts that you, as a player, know but your character does not.

    What does powergame mean to you: Powergaming is forcing certain actions to resolve without the consent of other players. For example "John kicks Jane in the face." No. Please no.
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    posted a message on Ralenfal - Medieval RP Apocalypse [MagicalSpells][Monster Apocalypse][Heavy RP]
    Minecraft Account Name: Tythonus
    Character Name: Tythonus "Ty"
    Character Gender: Male
    Desired Class: Mage
    RP Sample

    Tythonus trudged through the ever-growing expanse of wreckage, his dead idol and mentor still hanging limply from his arms. "Rest well, old man," he whispered soberly, setting the late mage down next to some of the additional victims, presently being lined up by other villagers in a clear spot. Shedding his final tear, Tythonus looked up, unflinching, at the line of fire and soot on the horizon, growing ever closer. His fist clenched into a tight ball. As he lurched to take his first step, someone caught his arm and he turned around. It was a childhood friend, Holly.

    "You're not going back, right?" She pleaded. "We have an army to fight for us, Ty. Please stay here. The lower tiers are lost anyway."

    Tythonus looked her in the eye grimly and yanked his arm away. "I learned magic for this reason and this alone."

    "You haven't mastered it! Not even remotely! You'll die!"

    'I have a weapon, Holly." He removed a pillow from his satchel.

    "A pillow doesn't count," she snapped.

    "It's full of coins, jerk," he retorted. With a final glance, Tythonus continued making brave, deliberate strides toward the lower tier of the village, where the sounds of fighting continued to echo into the night. Suddenly, a massive horde charged across the cobblestone toward him. However, it wasn't the horde he was expecting. It was a full company of knights, bleeding and wounded, making a run for it. That, if Tythonus remembered correctly, was the rest of their remaining forces.

    The rattling armor-clad men pareted around him, paying Tythonus no attention amidst their mad retreat. He continued to walk, focusing on what little magic ability he had. He allowed it to build with his anger and sorrow with each step. Even if it was just a blast of air, he was going to make sure it was a big one. When he reached the lower tier, where nearly every house was aflame, he took the cobbled path toward the main square. There, he warranted, he would find the monsters. Before long, he saw their twisted figures in masses around the square, still tearing homes apart, ripping the cobbles from the earth, feasting on the knights still alive. In sudden shock, Tythonus choked up and let his power go too early. A massive beam of light that tore through the smoke clouds and debris alike erupted from his hand. A multitude of monsters were caught in it and disintegrated on contact, but others soon filled in the gaps. In horror, Tythonus realized he had lost control just like his late mentor had warned, and in a moment of intense pain and disorientation was branded by runes up and down his arm. He fell to his knees and clutched it as the beam stopped, seething.

    And of course, of all moments, this was the moment the monsters decided to attack. Tythonus shut his eyes in pain and despair, awaiting the end.

    He awoke some time later that night, in a field of sunflowers. The first thing he noticed brought his heartbeat back strong. "Old man!" he choked in desperation as the apparition began to fade away. Tythonus tried to move toward it, but his reflexes were too slow. The image of his late mentor was fading, and with one final gesture, it pointed off into the distance, where the flowers parted and revealed a mountain range on the horizon.

    Tythonus looked in that direction for hours it seemed. He was emotionally and physically exhausted, and he was too afraid to turn around and look toward his old home. He could feel the warmth of flames on his back, and the light cast shadows and rays through the flower stalks. His former life was over. At least, for now. A good part of him knew that his mentor's final sacrifice to somehow save him was the best chance he'd ever get, and there was no use in letting it go to waste. That part of him took over, and with his last remaining strength, he shut away his fears and sorrows, and took a step into the darkness.
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    posted a message on AeroRPG -- Server closed
    In-Game Name: Tythonus
    How often will you be on this server?: At least once a day
    What kind of home is not allowed? (Will accept two answers): 1x1 towers and skybases
    What are some other servers you've played on: Darkahlen, CastleCraft
    How did you find this server?: Friend referral
    Special Key: Ty6

    Name: Tythonus
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance (What does your character look like?): Tall, thin, with a slight build, a sharp jaw, blue eyes, and a brown wolf cut
    Biography: Tythonus is a problematic young man, seemingly mislead by fate. Above average at everything but fantastic at nothing, he desperately seeks a permanent path to travel into the future. Although bright and somewhat determined, nothing seems to interest him enough.

    Born and raised in a small village without a name, Tythonus learned quickly to become self-sufficient. His people skills, however, differ exponentially from his demographic. He was known to always be rash and headstrong, with a notoriously large mouth.

    He now seeks a new life that can teach him more about the world, but more importantly, about himself.

    (Sorry, kind of lame backstory, but I would like to kind of build a character from scratch for once.)
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    posted a message on Chronicles of The Darkahlen Empires[Hardcore RP][PVP][Heroes]
    US Eastern Time zone. Once the server is up I will get you whitelisted.

    It's okay I'm already whitelisted, I just miss playing already! You guys are doing a wonderful job spinning a compelling story and keeping the RP going. I really like it.
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    posted a message on Chronicles of The Darkahlen Empires[Hardcore RP][PVP][Heroes]
    Also, the server is currently down, so you wont me whitelisted until tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.

    What time zone? I'm prepared to stay up fairly late tonight just to be able to play for a little while. I missed the big rebellion and my character really needs to advance his story line to catch up with the new world.
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    posted a message on Chronicles of The Darkahlen Empires[Hardcore RP][PVP][Heroes]
    IGN: Tythonus
    Age: 18
    Why do you want to join?:I really enjoy roleplaying, and I think it would be nice to be with a good server through its early stages. I like getting to know people and how the server works. It allows me to nestle down into that sense of gamer community, which sparks great stories and greater times.
    Location: U.S.
    What are you looking for in a server: Professional roleplayers, Decently designed cities, moderate to large number of players (at some point), meaningful battles, not a ton of plugins, freedom to choose your path, and most of all CREATIVITY.
    What do you expect of this server?: If I can see it to completion, I expect quite a bit. I have plenty of ideas so I'd be willing to help with anything that doesn't involve direct technical know-how (sorry). Right now, I don't expect much more than professional RP and a friendly community.
    How much time can you give?: I'm a student, it varies. However, if I see that this is going to be a worthwhile project that people are putting effort and thought into I will MAKE time. (Especially since summer's right around the corner!)

    In character:

    Name: Ven Rose
    Race: Human...?
    Appearance: Average in height, slight build, brown hair (dyed this way), green eye
    Personality: Calling Ven an odd person is an understatement. He is cold and indifferent about almost everything, and monotonous in the way he speaks. Very rarely does he show any form of emotion or speak in a way that isn't analytical and concise. Ven's posture is very careful and elegant, yet powerful and deliberate; he is not one to hesitate, but goes the extra mile for style points. He can get very passionate and excited quite rarely, but when he does it's usually about something strange and seemingly random.
    Likes: has a strange obsession with the concept of elegance, secretly enjoys brotherhood and kinship, has an interest in the macabre, has a certain liking for the art of battle and the unspoken respect between rivals.
    Fears: (Although he hides it) Ven fears those with unspeakable power, and will do anything to avoid having to swim (this also means that if he's on a boat he'll get violent sea-sickness).
    Specialties: Magic (If this is not possible, make that armed close-combat), Ingenuity, Determination
    Weaknesses: Terrible people skills, irrational fear of women,
    Backstory: The punishment: no dinner, straight to bed. The offense: playing in the pond, neglecting the family store. A five year old Ven stared up at the wooden ceiling while laying in his bed one fateful night, wondering what he could do to get back at his parents. "I hate you! I wish you were dead!" he had exclaimed before storming up into his loft. That night Ven got what he wished for and more.

    He woke up, bloodied and disoriented, lying amidst the burning rubble of his once-proud city and the dead bodies of thousands. He was staring up again, now under a blood red moon, this time sorting out his painful memories. bits and pieces floated around in his mind: his parents murdered in front of his eyes, glimpses of demons, bright colors, magic, burning, destruction, pain, running through a panic, darkness. There were also memories there that felt out of place. An odd man from another time, in a position of political power, commanding vast knowledge of subjects Ven didn't understand. Once he consciously acknowledged that the out-of-place memories truly were not his, he underwent a violent transformation. Strange symbols burned crevasses through his flesh, his hair turned white and his left eye went blind.

    After a nervous breakdown and a sudden change in personality, Ven set himself straight by trashing the concept of emotion within him and searching for answers. After living as a vagabond for years, he learned nothing about what happened that fateful night. All he knew was that to every person he met, he was a loon. No other people seemed to exist with memories like his. Could it all be a lie? It just made him more obsessive and determined. Ven concluded that overwhelming power and an elegant, shining will were important things for him to acquire. An incredible power to crush enemies and to one day stand toe-to-toe with the demons (or worse) if the need arose, and elegance to keep himself free from becoming the very monsters that had once broken him. Ven's drive to obtain this vision of his perfect self have led him to walk a slightly dark path, delving into many taboos and breaking quite a few laws.

    As a 19 year old boy, he has currently come a long way. The demon threat hangs above his head like a deathly hourglass, and the nagging fear of his own madness and shaky terms of existence are etched into his body. But other than that, he has reached a notably calm period in his life…

    Rp example: *Sidesteps gracefully out of the arrow's path and tilts head downward with furrowed eyebrows. Could it be....disdain?* The way you hold that bow...your haphazard manner of existing...so terribly un-elegant....*Throws head back, expressionless, and points his sword at the skeleton. The grass around him rotates in a circular manner, as if carved by an invisible wind* The method and source of your power are irrelevant, your death will be swift. Prepare.
    What kind of Ice cream does he/she/it like?: Banana Mango Vanilla....with chocolate fudge....
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 The Land Of Olivin RP ! ~~ Dedicated Server! No Lag! <Magic> <Roleplay!> <Pvp> <Classes> <Races> !!
    Name: Mike
    Age: 18
    About yourself: Future author of an awesome fantasy book
    IC:(Charcters Name) Ty (this is subject to change based on when I die)
    IGN: Tythonus
    Did you Read The Rules?: Yes :Diamond:
    InGame Name: Tythonus
    Proffesion: Mage
    Skills: Casting, Enchanting, PVP
    What is your Race: Elf
    About your charcter: Tythonus was once the gatekeeper and high mage of a vast and reputable kingdom. In a battle quick, bloody, and terrible more than any nightmare, the kingdom he loved and served was destroyed. Everything and everyone , wiped out in just a few minutes by an unknown, unseen enemy. In a fit of grief, Tythonus lost control of his power and locked himself away inside a shield of magic, only to awaken hundreds of years later without a single memory left intact.
    BackGround: This will be the story of Ty, searching for clues to reveal to him the true life he once lived. Sometimes, however, truth is better left untold...
    RP example: *The head of the arrow buries itself in the rock next to Ty's face with a thud* Well! That arrow will make a wonderful housewarming gift, thanks! I'll just go ahead and be on my wayyyy- *Another arrow misses Ty's face by an inch, brushing through his hair* Okay maybe interior designer's not the career path you're trying for, but I'm sure we can talk out these troubles over a pint, right? Yikes!*Ty ducks and a third arrow strikes the place where his head used to be* Okay come on now. Do I really look like that much of a jerk? I really hate getting serious....
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