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    Welcome to the family friendly Minecraft Forums.
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    Quote from killerkiwi117

    Think of it like this, if you pray and he isnt real, you die. yay

    But if you pray and he IS real, you go to haven

    But if you dont prey and he is real, you may go to hell!

    To go to haven, you must accept god into your heart

    Exactly! Because god wrote the bible.
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    Quote from BC_Programming

    Unlike everybody else in this thread, TOS is quite literally my least favourite.

    My order is:


    Most of my issues with TOS are more or less with how silly it is in some ways, and how mysteriously there are the overtones of 60's issues; first episode for example; allow me to paraphrase: "A FEMALE YEOMAN SPOCK THIS IS INSANITY".
    My biggest issue is just sheer annoyance. Such as that one episode where those guys that have white on one side and black on the other (which was obviously trying to make a political statement in the 60's) apparently have superpowers and can control the enterprise, which is never really explained.

    TNG is my favourite, Picard being my favourite Star Trek captain, because I always felt the way he conducted himself was more in-line with the ideals of the federation than ****ing every green-skinned alien they came across. One episode of Voyager tries to put it in perspective as Kirk et al being "pioneers" so they didn't necessarily follow the same set of strict rules, but the way I see it they only had rules when it suited the plot.

    TNG also actually had something to do with space; TOS more or less explores the social issues of the 60's; TNG has a few parallels but they don't scream "WE ARE MAKING A SOCIAL COMMENTARY ON RACISM" like some of the TOS episodes. Also, I much prefer the existence of story arcs, rather than "in this episode, a situation appears, it is resolved, and we never speak of it again" which appears to be part of the TOS mantra. Now, TNG is still wholly unrealistic, just like the others; they are constantly encountering space wedgies and "anomalies". Hell DS9 has a flipping Blue Swirly Thing within Visual Range. If one was to judge Space by Star Trek, it would be filled with stuff. But this is sort of necessary since if they made it realistic it would be far more boring.

    And everytime on TOS when that red alert thing zooms in and out of the light I'm on the floor laughing, it's just so silly! I'm cracking up just thinking about it.

    I like Voyager, DS9, and Even Enterprise, as well. TNG, Voyager, and DS9 are very close in my favourites ranking. Enterprise I feel is something like TOS done "properly" or, rather, without the in your face 60's social commentary. For Enterprise The temporal Cold War thing was rather annoying though. On the other hand, I do like how it wove in the Defiant from that episode of TOS where it dissappeared and actually sorta explained it. DS9 wove in a few TNG characters throughout, aside from the first two episodes. Q-Less, that one where the Will Riker that was "duplicated" in that transporter malfunction joins the Maquis and takes the Defiant, etc. (much like the first episode of TNG had a send off from McCoy, and referred to a few TOS episodes).

    One thing I liked about the last episode of TNG, was that the "earlier" time actually changed things so they were the same; Data, for example, has much the same personality as in the very early episodes, which is distinctly different from later episodes.

    I understand how you feel about TOS, but you cant hate on a show just because it deals with issues of the time. I'd wager that 90% of all television dramas have dealt with social issues in one way or another, TOS, TNG, and Voyager included.

    The 60's was also a very turbulent time, TOS dealt with that very well in my opinion. Hell, TOS was the first television series to have a black woman and a white man kiss (Ep, Plato's Stepchildren, season 3)! It's these factors of television that allow society to move past racial and gender inequality.
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    The worst grammar I ever heard a man use was:

    "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"

    Pretty bad. And most people confuse bad grammar with bad spelling which pisses me off.
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    posted a message on There it is, folks. Curse is a money-sucking content-stealing company.
    I say that there's truth on both sides.

    WedTM's bias is that he's angry that he was fired and is looking for anything he can use against curse to show how bad they are.

    On the flip side, curse is a money making company. Of course they're going to add ad banners. I can understand that. Why? Because if you are in the business of making money, you're going to maximize your profits anyway you can. Also, you're going to improve the website so the community stay's happy and the advertisers who are targeting the community stay happy.

    I've used mc forums ever since the first day beta came out. I have noticed the 502's and the 503's. But ever since curse has been running the show, it's been fine. That's my two cents.
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    You should try regular shampoo sometime. You might not stink as much.
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    posted a message on Best place to buy a genuine purple heart medal?
    Best place to get a genuine purple heart medal is on the field of battle, where 2500 bullets a minute wiz past your face, but one manages to catch you right in the ass.

    That's where you get a purple heart medal son, not some internet retailer.
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    Anon cant do anything anymore. They're just pizza faced slobs who bask in the glory they once had, but will have no more.
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    Random fact of the day:

    Everytime you post something minecraft related in general off topic, a small child in africa dies.

    Only YOU, can prevent this from happening!
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    Quote from toast_burner

    Holding a gun doesn't automatically make you look cool.
    Also it might just be the angle but she looks very skinny, like unhealthfuly skinny.

    Correction: Holding a gun does make you look cool, and anyone who says its not cool has obviously never held a gun.
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