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Feed The Beast Team Member - Wiki Staff - Editor, Spanish/Tagalog Translator, Administrator, Bureaucrat, Extension Developer sometimes
Mod Developer of Flaxbeard's Steam Power, ChaoticKarma, DramaSplash, SeedCopy, Ping!, Santa's Decor, Santa's Toys,Freedom, Sparkly Pants


I am currently working on a major in Computer Information Systems, heading towards 3 certificates (Java Dev, Web Dev, C# Dev), a high school diploma, and potentially a full degree in Computer Information Systems and/or Computer Science. As you can tell, I have an interest in computers, especially programming them to do stuff.

I write web applications such as the MC Drama Generator Ruby Edition and GitHub User Language Statistics. I also make a bunch of Ruby gems, and a multi-purpose IRC bot known as LittleHelper and SatanicBot also in Ruby. I am not necessarily a FLOSS programmer, however I love the OS community, and prefer for all of my code to be at least visible source.

Location Portland, OR

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