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    In-game name: Sarolveldruk

    Location and Age: I am 18 years of age and currently reside in the state of Washington.

    Previous Bans from other servers (explain): None to my knowledge.

    Referral(s): I found this thread on my own.

    Have you voted for Herocraft (No? do so here! http://hc.to/vote): I may do that later if I enjoy this server enough to bother voting for it.

    Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS? yes.

    Special Key: HCS12
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    It's a shame that quality plushies are so expensive and uncommon; I would buy one if the option was more available to me.

    Quote from Olama5

    Now lets talk about what's the first thing you would do if you got turned into a pony and transported to Ponyville.

    Realistically speaking, I think I would have a difficult time dealing with a sudden change in lifestyle like that. I'd likely never see my friends and family again, which would be upsetting for quite some time, and I would have to contend with a new and awkward body- made worse if I were anything other than a unicorn.

    Idealistically speaking, I suppose it would be nice to travel and explore the world before settling down someplace ideal. I'm sure living in Ponyville would be nice and all, but it wouldn't hurt to look around for someplace better. We've seen only a few locations in Equestria; who knows what else is out there?

    Were I given the choice, then I think I would choose to be a pegasus. It would be the perfect means for me to travel around, and I'm sure that flying on its own would be a very fun thing to experience.

    Quote from bagellllllleetr

    Unrelated post is unrelated. In other news, no more 3D printed sandstone ponies =(

    I just checked the Shapeways site and Hashbro's DA page. I have seen nothing so far that might suggest it's going down. Can you post a source, please?
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    MINECRAFT NAME: Sarolveldruk
    AGE: 18
    HOW AWESOME ARE YOU ON A SCALE OF 1-10?: I'll give myself a solid 7.
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    Quote from Larsurus

    Maybe Celestia has gigantism and Luna is the normal sized one?

    le mind boggle

    Applejack seems to have the same idea.
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    Gotta love those cute styles out there.

    Quote from Larsurus

    @Luna being smaller theory

    Clearly all that time messing about in the low gravity of the moon has caused her bones and muscles to atrophy.

    I thought it was generally agreed upon that she was (spiritually) imprisoned within the moon?

    Sometimes I wonder about that. Is it just a common mistake, or do people purposely adopt that particular detail to make it easier for some fanmade stuff?

    I think it is just her simply being the "little sister".

    It can't possibly be that; it's too simple!

    It needs more fantastical changes to the fundamental nature of the universe.
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    Luna's probably my favorite of the royal sisters. I find that a lot of her fanon interpretations show her as one who more easily displays a sassy, playful side than her counterpart while still maintaining a regal air.

    As seen in this picture:

    Dat ear.

    Quote from Nerevar

    So guys, what's your personal headcannon or best explanation for the size difference between Luna and Celestia? Is it as simple as Celestia is just the older sister? Is it because Luna didn't physically age in the Moon? Celestia's greater size represents her having more power?

    Sometimes simpler is better, so I favor the idea that Luna just didn't physically age while locked away. However, I did have a personal explanation that for alicorns, there's a 'higher form(s)' which allows them to exercise greater range of powers. I pieced this idea back before season 2, before we saw Luna's new form. I also noticed how Celestia only had pink hair in the story at the beginning of the first episode.


    It sounds like an interesting concept, but I prefer to attribute it to maturity and age. While an alicorn might effectively be immortal, they'd still have some sort of maturation process to undergo at some point.

    Then there is also the opinion that Luna is simply the lesser in comparison to Celestia. The moon is supposedly smaller than the planet itself, requiring much less energy to move around. Being smaller and possibly weaker would fit the symbolism.
    That's not to say that she is not equal to Celestia. In fact her sister made sure to point that out in the pilot episodes. It's simply a matter of magical prowess and her role.

    If I understand correctly, your headcanon postulates that an ethereal mane signifies that they're in their so-called higher form. How would you explain Luna's newer form as seen in Lunar Eclipsed? Her mane appears ethereal, but she doesn't seem to be in the same form as Nightmare Moon.
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    I bring the harbinger of doom!

    Pinkie is so cute!

    Quote from Dinh AaronMk

    I seem to be having issues again finding brony-songs and I'm looking back at the first year of the MLP fan-music community and seeing more "spirit" in those tunes than what I'm often finding here. Even if those early songs were just as electric as the new stuff.

    I can definitely relate with you there.

    I think nostalgia has something to do here. Everything is fun and exciting when you first try it out. Gradually you grow tired of it (even without knowing) and look back at the 'good old days' when everything was simply better.

    Not to say that that's always the case, just something to consider.

    Quote from BJtheweatherman

    Hola! I see this place still exists. Sorry I haven't been posting much. School has sucked all life from me and made me procrastinate and then rush 8 projects at once. So I've been busy. However, I'm doing a speech for school on MLP and Bronies. It's gonna be about 10ish minutes long and memorized. We're allowed to have a video or slideshow or Powerpoint playing behind us, and we have to be talking pretty much constantly. So I'm doing that right now, and I'm almost to the last section, where I'll talk about the actual fandom and not the show. Is there anything that I mention specifically? I can have visuals or small clips in it, but remember, I gotta be able to show it to 8th graders. So no clips of stuff with swearing. I'd rather not be kicked out of class.

    Hey, good luck with that! I can't help but think that it'll raise a few eyebrows and palm a few faces, though.

    Still, it's nice that you put a topic you like into your work. Just try not to overdo it.
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    posted a message on What immediately makes you furious?
    Those who are incapable of having a calm, mature and rational discussion over a certain matter.

    It drives me up the wall when folks decide I'm not worth listening to anymore and shut out any kind of communication, preferring to use butthurt, knee-jerk responses to get the last laugh.

    Quote from Flameofice

    6. People who are full of themselves.

    But that's a good thing, right? I personally would not want to be full of anything else. I can't imagine it would be good for my health.

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    I'll see your Chrysalis, and raise you another:

    Shadow Squirrel makes some very nice drawings.
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    posted a message on (1.5.2) Rich, Creamy Vanilla Bean Craft - Closing June 14th. Thanks for the good times! Details in thread.
    Quote from ChaingangHLR10

    I didn't grief. 1jragoo has my password and he was recently mad at me. Most likely he did it. Please unban me, all I can say is I didn't grief Kisume.

    Then it might be a good idea to change your password soon as you can.

    Your account is your responsibility, and it falls upon the owner (in this case, you) to make sure it is not abused. Since your negligence has allowed someone to use your account without your permission, it is not likely, then, that you will be unbanned.

    Furthermore, you have no real proof to clear your name and mark this 1jragoo as guilty. Sorry, but it happens.

    I suggest finding another server to frequent.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Heya fellas, It's been a while.

    I'm sorry to appear during such a discussion on the thread after all this time, but I felt it necessary to get some more variety of opinion in here.

    For those of you who are getting tired of this sort of topic coming up, let me tell you first that I completely relate. Sometimes it seems that it's those who do not like the stuff that bring it up more often than the people who partake in it.

    Have a comic:

    Quote from zgrillo2004

    I use to be a brony but what bothers me is this. The fanbase tends to shove it at peoples faces constantly

    I feel like I'm the one person who has rarely encountered this. From time to time I'll see someone that has made an unnecessary reference to the show in some place on the internet, and they're usually reprimanded by fellow fans and 'non-bronies' alike.

    When it does happen, I don't let that get to me. I don't identify myself to a group based on how well it behaves all the time; the general openness and generosity of the community is great to enjoy, of course, but I consider myself a fan because I enjoy the show and its fanmade content.

    they actually masturbate to the porn work of the show

    Cloppers are nothing new. People have found the sexual appeal of 'innocent' things since man's earliest days. It's a part of who we are, and I feel that a lot of those who find it disgusting are basing it solely on personal opinion. As much as I can respect that, there are limits.

    I myself find nothing wrong with it, because there are a lot of good reasons why people find these equines attractive.

    promote homosexuality with fanfics and pics

    I'm gonna stop you there. I do what I can to treat people with mutual trust and respect, but I can't help but feel that my view of you dropped sharply at that remark.

    I understand that there are people who don't like something for whatever reason, but usually it's best to keep it to yourself, especially when it's unnecessary to bring up to begin with as well as being a subject of controversy.

    act elitist towards mellow people and haters.

    See first response.

    I got a little nice message from a rabid brony who told me this.....

    Is this what you guys call a brony? sounds like a person who hasnt taught manners if I say so myself.

    I agree, it does look like he could lighten up a little. However, you have not shown us the full context of the conversation. How do we know you weren't being especially condescending and rude at the time?

    I want an honest opinion from others.

    And here you have one.
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    posted a message on (1.5.2) Rich, Creamy Vanilla Bean Craft - Closing June 14th. Thanks for the good times! Details in thread.
    In-Game Name:

    Age (We don't discriminate based on age, only on maturity):

    Time Zone (look it up if you don't know):
    Pacific Standard Time.

    Have you ever been banned? (honesty is key, we do background checks!):
    Pretty sure I've never been banned in the past. I usually stick with servers run by friends, or people I know.

    Why do you want to join this server? (Aim for about 3 sentences):
    I'm really just looking for something to do. I find small servers appealing, what with the large number of servers neck-deep in plugins and confusing regulations.

    I've been in a state of limbo with Minecraft for some time now. I haven't been able to get into it for a little less than a year. Hopefully this server (promising as it is) can deliver some enjoyment.

    What sets you apart from other applicants? (Aim for about 3 sentences):
    I don't presume to consider myself unique and special among others, though I do strive to stand out a bit from the crowd.

    I'm also filling out the application with the questions in bold. That should lend me a few points.

    What can you bring to the server? (Aim for about 3 sentences):
    I enjoy traveling, and maps are fun to fill out. You can expect me to uncover vast swaths of land for others to view.
    I also like to follow directions, especially when helping with large projects.

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I consider myself a friendly person, decent and willing to help when need be, but otherwise prefer being left alone when surrounded by people I do not know.

    Any questions? (optional):
    Yeah, would a minimap mod be considered an unfair advantage over other players? I don't plan on using it in the meantime, but you never know.

    Also, are there any limits as to how far a player may explore? I understand the size of the map can put a strain on the server's budget, and I'd like to know if there's a hard limit in place before I start crafting maps.

    I just love the banner on the first post. It has a wonderful, simple charm about it. Admittedly it was also what drew me into reading the contents of the post itself.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    Gotta love .gifs that loop seamlessly.

    HNNNG, Sweetie Belle is so adorable!
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
    I would like to find the artist who made this:

    He/she had also made a similar .gif with Derpy that I found downright adorable. Unfortunately I could not save it to my vault at the time.

    Quote from Blazevoir

    I know some fans want them; I personally am neutral about them. If they did literally show up this season (or later ones), I hope either Twilight or some other unicorn or (one of) the princesses know an underwater breathing spell or there's ' class='bbc'>submarines. As far as mythology, I say go for it!

    Careful what you wish for. Next thing you know, Hasbro will come up with some kind of submarine toy set and push that into a seapony episode.

    But in all seriousness, it wouldn't be farfetched to see them with goggles and snorkels. Then again, a magical spell would be fitting as well.

    Oh Spike, y u so troll.


    Umm... I think it's just the instruments. Here's the original source:

    I'm actually looking forward to it, because I know some other songs that sounded awesome as a rock version.

    I'm not a huge fan of rock, but it does sound interesting.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)

    So are you folks hoping to see seaponies, or even just hints of them?

    I think they'd be cool as a part of Equestrian mythology, and not actual, living creatures.

    Quote from Blazevoir

    My heart already exploded twice (one each when I previously saw them)... Y u make me experience it again? D=

    Quote from Blazevoir
    And yet, there's supposedly a rock version coming out later... Wonder how that'll turn out.

    Does that mean the lyrics and stuff will be different, or just the instruments?
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