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    I kinda suck at remembering time exists... I blinked and 7 months passed? BUT I DO have the work in here to prove it, I suppose. lolol

    So yes... finally a new update months late, but hopefully it's worth it. ^_^

    Quote from JFMillerUSA»

    I also been enjoying it with the modpack Dreamcraft, perfect combo. By chance in the future create textures for some of the mods in the pack. If there's anything I could do to help, just ask.



    Huh, is that the other thing using the dreamcraft name? I'll have to look into it- is it Java or Bedrock?

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    Theme: This pack is a semi-realistic yet true to Minecraft pack, with fantasy and medieval themes. I
    have taken inspiration from Japanese culture (for example I'm mildly obsessed with cherry blossoms),
    Norse myth (only fitting for Minecraft, right?) other medieval ideas, and some ideas purely from my
    own imagination.

    Most of my textures are created via digital painting using my wacom drawing tablet, some via filters and
    purely digital work, and some are made via utilizing the vast collection of pictures I've taken as resources.

    Welcome to my world... the world of Dreams.
    • DreamCraft •

    • This is still a heavy WIP. Please check back from time to time for updates!
    • This pack is free for use as-is, but NOT free to edit or use in shared remix packs. Just a fair warning. Please see "Legal" at the bottom of this post for more details. :3

    About the name "DreamCraft". I notice some time ago now that someone else was using the name "dreamcraft". Regardless, I can date my use of the name DreamCraft back to at LEAST May 26th of 2012. Likely prior (that's the earliest save date I've got). As such, I will be keeping this name however with the addition of "Sarinilli's" to differentiate.

    • ~ • ~ • Mod Support • ~ • ~ •
    As of yet my pack works right out of the box in vanilla, save a few features:
    My pack does require OptiFine for custom sky, custom colors, and random mobs.

    August 24 2023: I've made a huge mess of the pack... but oh it's a lovely mess. Lots of new stuff done, the gui has been changed to the new format, cherry blossom petals everywhere... They're like glitter, they keep showing up in the weirdest places. Got some good work done but I'm in the process of a 64+128 mesh, and some things I've been working on are sort of half done.


    Oh lord it's such a mess... there's a changelog in the zip, but it's a mess too. lol

    Release Date: June 14 2016!
    Updated: August 24 2023!

    For version 1.20.1+ (Snapshot 23w33a):

    For version 1.13 (Up to Snapshot 17w47a):
    (this version is no longer updated!)

    For version 1.12 and prior compatible versions:
    (this version is no longer updated!)

    Granite, Diorite & Andesite with "polished" alts

    Deepslate and all variations

    Blackstone, New Endstone, and New Prismarine

    New Bedrock, Calcite, Tuff, Basalt & Variations, Quartz Bricks, Cut Sandstone Slab Variations,
    Chiseled Nether Brick, Cracked Nether Brick, Lodestone, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Crimson Nylium, Warped Nylium, Honeycomb Block, Target

    Ores (Coal, Iron, Copper, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Quartz) in Stone, Deepslate and Netherrack
    All Copper blocks

    New Glowstone, New Sea Lantern, Ancient Debris, Netherite, New Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, Raw Gold, Gold, All Amethyst Blocks
    Snow, Powder Snow, Ice, Packed Ice, Blue Ice

    Crimson woods and Warped woods

    Lightning Rod, Chain, Soul Lantern, Soul Torch, Blast Furnace, Grindstone, Stonecutter, Composter (with contents preview)

    Amethyst Shard, Chain, Copper Ingot, Honeycomb, Honey Jar, New Fermented Spider Eye,
    Netherite Ingot, Netherite Scrap, "Poisonfisk" (Pufferfish), Sweet Berries, Warped Fungus on a Stick, New Bucket
    Glass Bottle, Potion, Splash Potion, Lingering Potion, Bottle o' Enchanting, New Dye Style

    Updated Flower Pots with new variations!

    All Candles, Unlit and Lit

    Nether Sprouts, Warped Roots, Crimson Fungus Variants, Warped Fungus Variants

    Azalea Leaves & Flowers (as Cherry Blossoms), New Spruce Bark/Wood

    New Guis!

    The fancy new menu screen, with a new splash (yes it's in runes! It says Dream Craft)! :D


    Cow & Mooshroom


    Villagers (Butcher/Leatherworker, Blacksmith, Cleric)



    Blaze (day and night views)




    Kitties! ♥
    I made the Siamese a gray long fur for reasons (Once MCPatcher is up to date for 1.9+, I'll have a TON of cat colors and bring back the actual Siamese as well). :3

    Elements of my pack MAY be used for remix packs for personal use only. They may NOT be used as place holders or in any pack which will be posted anywhere ever. My textures are NOT to be used, edited, altered or adapted in any way shape or form.
    You MAY use my pack AS IS in videos as long as the link be posted in this thread or in a comment at the upload site, and credit as well as a link back to the pack and this thread be given at the video upload site. (Actually, please DO make videos, I would love to see them!)
    If you wish to share my pack, do NOT upload it elsewhere, please link to this thread and/or the upload site.

    Want to show your support? Feel free to use my banner!

    • ~ • ~ •

    Is there anything you would like to see in my pack? A special feature, specific idea for an alt texture, or mod support items? Feel free to make suggestions! I'll gladly consider any requests. :3
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    Quote from JFMillerUSA»

    Love the pack, Are you still around. Any updates?

    Funny you ask only the other day- I know I go lengths without updating, and I do apologize for that! Life and all, and I have to be in the right mindset, you know?

    That aside.. I actually have been working on my pack off and on the last week or so, so yes you can expect an update to work in 1.19.3 here soon. ^_^

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    Oh I hope I didn't forget anything... I feel like I forgot something. AHEM, I mean...

    The update.. it is here. Details in the first post.

    Do be aware if you click to check the changelog, which is now under a spoiler, you may..drown. Please be careful!

    Screenshots have been updated as well, also under a cut.

    The old downloads are still there, as well as the new one. All updates from here on out are going up on MediaFire so I don't have to worry about weird sites with weird upload limits or weird hard to find download links. :)

    ...Guess it's time to start working on the NEXT update? Hahaha

    Anyway, a little preview image of the shiny, pretty new menu screen:

    PS: I have a site now, too. Simple, but it's there. :)


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    Quote from Alvoria»

    That logo feels very 90s to me for some reason. I approve! :D

    Hahaha I didn't even think about that, but I guess with the bright gradients, I can see that. Like 80's but not as neon. I'mma take that as quite the compliment, thank you! :D
    Quote from Alvoria»

    Also, yay for both you and your pack being alive!

    Yes, it's been a crazy couple of years! After MCPatcher and Optifine took ages to load back with 1.13 in '18, some life things, and sort of hitting a bit of a creative block, well, I meant to get back to this sooner, then the world was plunged into chaos. I sort of avoided a LOT of things for 8-10 months, then at the beginning of last year a lot happened (good.. different, busy, but good things) and time sort of got away from me... next thing I know... it's been 4 years since I touched this, or Minecraft save to open it, get overwhelmed looking at all the changes and new things, and close it again. I don't know... almost 2 weeks ago I was working on some little custom things in Animal Crossing and started really itching to do more than the limiting color pallet could allow, finished what I was doing there, closed it, got the 1.18.1 update and have been uhhh... rather busy since. hehehe

    I have umm... umm... *checks my changelog and pales* HAVE I REALLY FINISHED 98 NEW BLOCKS!? Huh, I guess I have. And that's not including items, updated, tweaks to textures and texts.. and I'm not ready to share the update QUITE yet so there'll be even more. heh heee o__o;

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    Quote from SycloneSJS»

    Can i ask if anyone has a link or made a template for the new horses before i have to make one??

    Also now my company is signed as a Minecraft partner we are designing and making new content for the official Bedrock store and growing our team.

    I did...but they went and changed the model/texture again and it currently doesn't match- ie the horses are currently broken, showing part of the body on the lower half of the neck. I was going to remake the template I put together when they finally fix that.

    And congratulations!! That's amazing news! Good luck!


    SO I'm redoing my stripped woods, and I think I like this new direction... Still MORE than glad to hear opinions and feedback, of course!

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    posted a message on Insta-realistic decorations *sample*

    Seeing as how no one's responded, I will.

    First and foremost, they look amazing. I won't deny that- you've done a wonderful job on these! Very clean, very sharp and the detail is amazing.

    Now, my personal opinion which I have a feeling many of the community share; it's nothing at ALL against your work... but I for one prefer the fantasy, medieval appeal. I like feeling like I'm in a world without technology and the "stresses" of the real world. I LOVE exploring, building my farms, and building things like castles, old viking longhouses, etc. So for me, these models would ruin that appeal, as lovely as they are.

    If you ever decide to go that route, and create more medieval/fantasy models... I would be MORE than glad to give you some suggestions, as there are a few things I would LOVE to have in my pack, but don't have the modeling skills to provide.

    All in all, like I said, these sadly aren't for me, though I do love your work! Keep it up!

    And as a sidenote; please do be careful with likenesses of licensed material- the gamecube MAY be an issue; I know for a fact Nintendo considers things like fanart and cosplay to be free promotion, but they've got a long standing history of shooting down fan-games, so I'm not sure about their products being represented in another game. They may or may not care, so do be careful. Bethesda and Steam as a whole don't mind free fan works, but again, be careful. I cannot speak for other companies. I'd recommend making sure there's a text file disclaimer for anything you recreate like that.

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    Hey everyone.. sitting on my next pack update for a bit but I've done some fun stuff. Wanted to share this though; I'm rather happy with how they came out and the detail for being 64x, but I'm always willing to hear opinions and constructive criticism. :3

    They're my new "stripped" Logs; decided to go with a vine like knotwork and floral on them since they seemed so bland otherwise.

    Thanks for the likes guys! However, and this took me by surprise, but I got it pointed out that the vinework look resembles termite patterning from a bit of a distance. *laughs* x'D
    Leave it up to family to be brutally honest right? If it inspires me to do even better though I'm sure not arguing, so we'll see what I actually end up using. :3

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    posted a message on What is the best looking ressource-pack? And which shader is bestlooking with this ressource-pack?

    That is entirely up to personal taste Some will say one, others will say another... in the end your idea of "best looking" may be all your own.

    All I can say is look through packs and find one you like. Start by checking people's pack links in their signatures, look at those, check them out, try them out and see what you think.

    Same goes for shaders- though personally I don't use them anyway. I just use the default ones that come with minecraft these days.

    And lastly, good luck! Hope you find one that truly speaks to your tastes. ^_^

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    posted a message on How should i deal with the new ocean world generation?
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    I can understand how a change in the worldgen algorithms would change newly generated chunks (and could lead to some startling discontinuites), but why would you expect this to effect already generated chunks?

    It's because they rewrote worldgen from the ground up; meaning, the algorithms behind the previously generated chunks have changed. New worldgen will interpret those chunks entirely different, and you'll have a completely different map at best- trashed, broken or missing chunks at worse. It could completely destroy a world that uses the old worldgen algorithm because the entire code base is different.

    In short, new worldgen won't know that your previously generated chunks in your old world were even there. It won't know how to render them "properly".
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