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    Quote from PCAwesomeness»

    Very nice!

    I always wanted to see a "better than vanilla, but not-too-complex" version of the vanilla animals! Will more come?

    Oh yes, we have many more models made now, when we release our newest version (which will be for 1.12.2) I'll revamp this page too.
    Sorry for the very late reply, I don't go on here very much anymore.
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    Quote from Brenniegirl»

    Hi there, I just want to say that I absolutely love and enjoy this mod very much! It puts so much detail into the game that I can't live without. Are you guys still planning on continuing?

    Yes, in a way. I'm currently working on a mod called the Fauna and Ecology Mod which will add realism and complexity to the animals themselves, and the RAPAD items will go with it. I've always wanted to do a mod that actually adds animals, and now I am, and the drops from RAPAD. Config options will allow you to just use the new drops if you wish, incase you don't want any of the new animal aspects. Of note is that its currently for 1.10, but will be moved to 1.12 shortly, and at that point I'll redo the Fauna and Ecology page to be better too. For more frequent updates, you can join the Discord server linked on the page. Cheers everyone.
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    The original idea for this mod was to simply add zebras to Minecraft because I always thought it would be a neat addition and would be easy to do thanks to using the same horse model. Eventually it expanded to include the quagga (a unique and now extinct subspecies of zebra) and eventually wild forms of the existing equines: the wild horse and wild ass. At this point it had become an equine mod but the nagging feeling that this didn't fit well enough with the other animals came up: why don't other Minecraft animals have wild ancestors? Why are all the pigs pink and hairless, instead of being wild boar? This led to what became the Fauna and Ecology Mod, a mod that's first goal is adding more realistic versions of existing Minecraft animals and their wild ancestors (or domestic descendant, as is the case with wolves), and eventually entirely new animals. Flora and fungus will also be worked on, but the focus is the fauna, at least for now.

    Currently this mod adds the new horse, donkey, and cow along with their ancestors, and some horse relatives. All animals have needs based off of the Fossils and Archeology Mod, primarily hunger and happiness. Animals also have sexes and will naturally breed on their own, leading to dynamic populations in the wild. They will need to be tamed and are otherwise feral or wild, and after a few tame generations the newest offspring will be domesticated and become more useful and compliant. Animals also drop their own meat, skins, bones, and fat which will tie into the Fossil and Archeology Mod DNA system when they update to 1.10 (which they're currently attempting to do).

    This mod, thanks to my partner AnarchCassius (who is the coder), is highly configurable and all (and I do mean all) features can be enabled and disabled at will, meaning basically any aspect can be taken out if you so desire. Features including enabling vanilla hand breeding or disabling hunger.


    Horses, Donkeys, and Zebras:


    Biomes: None, domesticated

    Spawning: Domesticated from wild horses

    Variations: 7 vanilla coat colors, plus other markings

    Diet: Grasses, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: Horses are a staple livestock and are commonly used for transportation over long distances. They can also be equipped with horse armor for combat.


    Biomes: None, domesticated

    Spawning: Domesticated from wild asses

    Variations: None

    Diet: Grasses, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: Donkeys are used as a slower but more hardy form of transportation, capable of being equipped with chests for storage.


    Biomes: Savanna

    Spawning: Found in herds

    Variations: None

    Diet: Grasses, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: A rare subspecies of zebra usually hunted for its unique hide. In real life, the subspecies was hunted to extinction in the 19th century.

    Wild Horse

    Biomes: Forests, Taiga (Forest Variant), Plains, Ice Plains (Steppe Variant)

    Spawning: Found in herds

    Variations: Forest (pictured above) and Steppe Variants

    Diet: Grasses, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: Wild horses are usually domesticated into the more useful horse, which is bigger and can be given horse armor. Steppe horses are a dun color while forest horses are a gray color (seen above) and both have striping known from cave paintings and are based on the "tarpan" or ice age horse, which are also recently extinct.

    Wild Ass

    Biomes: Deserts

    Spawning: Found in small herds

    Variations: None

    Diet: Grasses, dead bushes, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: Wild asses (insert joke about name) are stubborn and will even attack the player or predators if angered, but if calmed down enough to tame can be very handy for making donkeys. They're based off the African wild ass.


    Biomes: Savanna

    Spawning: Found in herds

    Variations: None

    Diet: Grasses, wheat, apples, carrots, and sugar

    Description: Zebras are hard to tame but can be very fast, making them a fun challenge to tame. They're based off the plains zebra.

    Cows and Aurochs:


    Biomes: None, domesticated

    Spawning: Domesticated from aurochs

    Variations: Males lack an udder and have larger horns

    Diet: Grasses and wheat

    Description: Cows are usually raised for meat, hide, and milk, but can also make for transportation while holding wheat on a stick. If untamed, they can be angered by being attacked.


    Biomes: Forests and Taiga

    Spawning: Found in herds

    Variations: Males are darker and larger

    Diet: Grasses and wheat

    Description: Aurochs are a large and aggressive species of bovine found in forests, unlike the plains dwelling bison. If you can get passed the horns, domesticating cows is a considerable reward. They're based off the real ancestor of cows that went extinct during the 17th century due to habitat loss and hunting.

    Discord Link (Download on Server):

    I'll eventually have a standard download link.


    Notes (Please Read 1):

    1. The current models shown under Species are not publicly in game, instead the older models are being used. We're currently working to implant the newest models and textures, but I though I'd show how they're planned to be.

    2. Yes we're updating the vanilla models to be more realistic but still feel like Minecraft. We're tired of overly detailed animal mods that feel so out of place in Minecraft, especially Mo' Creatures which started out pretty standard. The horses are purposefully made to be what we would have wanted the new models to be like because we agreed that the vanilla one was too detailed but didn't like the new official ones.

    3. Why are many of the animals extinct but yet still alive in this mod? Well we kinda placed the mod in the early Holocene time-wise, so after the Ice Age but before modern times, which also explains why animals are being domesticated now. This means other recently extinct animals will be seen too, but that's not the focus. It just so happens that horses and cows have extinct ancestors and were done first.

    This mod is just getting started, although we are busy from time-to-time so please have patients. The next thing on the list of animals is pigs and chickens, so stay tuned and leave comments below!

    Thank you and enjoy!

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    Quote from FeedTheDragon»

    Well i made this in a fev hours

    A Sabertooth would be great!

    Wow, I forgot I even had this thread. Needless to say, I haven't been working on this in 2-3 years. Sorry, but you could approach an actual dinosaur mod if you want.

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    I made a proto-type texture for the zebra, it will need a few touch-ups as the current stripes are straight black with no color variation, plus anything else I think can be improved. I used a resource pack to take this picture.

    I'm putting it here as a proof of concept, to show how well I can texture. And the more I've thought about it, the more I've come to the conclusion that having some other horse tweaks would really help, maybe making this into a horse improvements mod (something that doesn't really exist, surprisingly). But the zebra part takes priority right now, and if that's the only thing someone wants to do, that's fine. Cheers.

    Here is the somewhat complete list of changes I had in mind for horses:

    -Equines do not regenerate health passively anymore

    -Equines eat grass like sheep, which heals them by 1 health point, using already present animation

    -Equines will sprint away from players that attack, like ocelots, and other equines in a radius will do the same, like zombie pigmen

    -Equines will run away if attempted to be saddled before being tamed, does not make others run

    -When a player is bucked off after trying to tame an equine, it will run away as if hurt, preventing ride spamming and encouraging feeding

    -Equines will be able to eat non-gold carrots

    -Equine taming/healing/growth food chart will be revamped for balancing

    -While horses have a normal base temper of 100, donkeys have 150, mules have 125, zebras have 200, zorses have 150, and zonkeys have 175

    -All equines drop 1-3 leather, and everything they have equipped

    -Donkeys will only spawn in savanna and mesa biomes

    -Donkeys and mules will not buck a player off if the player is holding a carrot on a stick, but will buck the player off if the item is switched (if possible)

    -Donkeys, mules, and zonkeys will have an inventory slot for their chest, so it can be removed (if possible)

    -Horse armor will have durability (if possible)

    -Horse armor points will be balanced, including putting gold below iron

    -Leather horse armor will be added from pocket edition, although probably not dyable at this time

    -Horse armor can be crafted, but only if there’s durability (leather will be craftable no matter what)

    -The item texture of horse armor will be redone to match the entity texture, pictured below:

    -Saddles can be crafted

    *(if possible) means it may be harder than most other things on the list to code, and can be skipped if not easily possible

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    When Minecraft revealed they were going to add horses, I was ecstatic. I love animals, so the more added to Minecraft the better, and a horse was among the most wanted. And when the donkeys and mules got revealed, I got really excited. But, alas, they oddly never added zebras despite Mo' Creatures including them, which I found odd.
    And, even over the last few updates, Savanna biomes are one of the few biomes that don't have anything unique, besides the trees.

    So, why not just make a mod that adds zebras, and zorses and zonkies for consistency? Mo Creatures ofcourse has these too, but people may not want to have an entire mod for a single mob, not to mention they're not compatible with vanilla horses. Their artstyle is even different.

    What they are:
    Zebras would be slightly smaller than horses, have a custom texture that I will provide (all mobs will), and have the same model as a horse. They will spawn in savanna biomes instead of horses (donkeys still spawn normally), and will act a bit like ocelots; they'll run if you don't have food in hand. Zebras are faster than horses, and will take longer to tame when feeding and riding them, and can't wear armor or have a chest. Besides this, they'll act just like a normal horse, including taming and riding mechanics. It's mainly a reskin with some minor changes to make them unique.
    Zorses are basically a faster horse but slower zebra, and can wear armor.
    Zonkeys are a faster donkey, and can have a chest.
    Both hybrids are sterile and can only be bred or spawned in.

    I also have some ideas about how to make the vanilla horses/donkeys better, such as eating grass like sheep and being kicked off while trying to tame causes damage, because otherwise they can be spammed, but that can possibly be an addon or a separate mod entirely.

    So, that's my mod idea I'd like to do. Note I'm mainly a texturer, so that's why I'm reaching out for a coder. I always felt small mob mods like this should be more widespread, so I'm starting here and seeing where it goes. I can also communicate through the Discord chat if that would be easier. Cheers.

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    Quote from Ender_Dwarf3»

    I do want to point out that Eggmorphing is still considered canon even if you remove the scene from Alien. The Alien3 Novelization (Which I do believe is considered canon) more or less confirms that Xenomorphs are capable of both having a Queen egg laying and eggmorphing. I haven't read the book myself, mainly becasue I cannot find it in at my bookstore, but I assume is basically becasue the Runner Xenomorph started to eggmorph some of the prisoners while the Queen gestated inside of Ripley.

    Another thing I do want to point out, is that at this point in time, all the original Alien films are still canon. The Wayland Yutani Company report released more or less confirms, at the moment, that all the films are still canon even with Prometheus and, baring any changes to the report, Alien: Covenant.

    Its more likely that the Queen Xenomorph is an unexpected mutation of the creatures, maybe due to using a sterile but otherwise perfectly healthy reproductively active female human in their creation.

    How would this cause something to mutate unexpectedly? Hell if I know, I'm just throwing out ideas.

    All three Alien novelizations feature eggmorphing (well, just the same case but told again twice), and aren't canon. In fact, that scene from the Alien 3 novel is actually talking about the scene from Alien, because its canon in that universe. So if that scene wasn't in Alien, it can't be canon with the Alien 3 novel (at least that part). And at the very least, the events of Alien 3 and the novel can't exist simultaneously because of differences, so its not canon in the main movie universe.
    I never said any of the original movies were not canon, did I? I don't like certain things about the newer movies, sure, but they're still canon by what we're considering right now (unaltered modern movie canon).
    Until confirmed, I don't think the queen is a mutation, but either is just as plausible at this point I guess.

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    Quote from Cybercat5555»

    TBH I feel the opposite. I much prefer what Prometheus/Covenant are doing for the series instead of what Aliens did for it. Aliens was just another Starcraft/Starship Troopers/giants space bugs attacking people, which nowadays is very overdone and common. Maybe it was new or at least interesting for 1986, but not for now. At least the prequels are pushing the films back into a more unique niche with "semi-lovecraftian organisms engineered for the destruction of life" instead of "big space bugs making hives everywhere and killing things in the way". Also with the black goo, the prequels restore some of the hopelessness of the original-the goo is something you can't kill, can't fight. And if you happen to avoid it the first time, its various "aftershocks" (neos, etc) will likely kill you.

    About the normal adult>warrior, maybe the intelligence is suppressed, allowing them to become more ferocious and in your face as opposed to subtle and stalking. Queens just lose this hyperaggression since all they do is sit around and lay eggs, no need for the extra aggression, allowing for some of their intelligence to come back. Its like being normal, then being very high/in an altered state, then coming down some. Though I do hope at least warriors are retconned in the future, they are visually unappealing vs a normal adult imo, and they make too much confusion. Regarding them cutting the power, I always envisioned the species as being able to somehow "see" electricity, which is how they find you. Maybe they saw a lot of electricity wherever that power system was, and assumed it was the "brain" of something, so they attacked it (because they like to go for the head when fighting, so they possible see the large amounts of electricity in the brain). So in their mind they weren't intentionally cutting power, they were just trying to kill a big organism. Alternatively the hyperaggression is carried on through the queen to ensure its underlings won't be smart enough to try to overthrow the queen, as we never saw dome-headed normal adults in Aliens either, even though we know new aliens were constantly being made. Likewise we also have never seen a loner-type alien encounter a queen, so we don't know how they would act. There is just a lot of gaps in the series regarding the queens, hives, and different adult stages

    Also what I mean by why eggmorphing is done is not to form a happy little hive to take over the area, they only eggmorph when they feel they can't kill off all the life in the area, so they call in a back up. But they only eggmorph one or two people at a time since they are not "programmed" to take over the area, they are "programmed" just purge the area then die off/leave to find more prey. And the eggmorphing "nest" was small, quickly-made, and just spanned 1-2 walls and a corner, not the maze of tunnels of other hives, and the xenomorph who did the eggmorphing wasn't staying guard, it was out killing, so they (normal adults) obviously don't have a desire to make huge hives and protect them at all costs. Xenomorphs just say "oh crap i can't kill all these things off in time, I need a backup" not "I want to make a hive to take over this area and stay here forever".

    Preas were never mentioned in the WYR, so I guess that renders them noncanon even before Covenant existed

    Also queens do seem to retain some of the host's DNA, going off Fire and Stone. Just all the queens we've seen in the films are all from human hosts and all their underlings also came from human hosts, so they would all look similar obviously. But in FnS, there was a queen trapped in an evac ship, and it looked slightly more like the skeletal monkey organism common in the area, not to mention a large group of xenomorphs that looked to have also come from the monkeys lived nearby. Though its interested they didn't make a hive, just living in this tangle of vines that grew on the outside of the evac ship. Also if Life and Death, FnS's sequel, is also canon, we see a queen that grew in some sort of creature native to Varda, and all its underlings were of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, since they had a more diverse pool of hosts instead of just being in one area with nothing but humans.

    That is a point of contention; we like the opposite sides of the series. I like the ever growing hives, with hordes of xenomorphs killing and dragging people to feed the legions, and you like the more small scale killings by an intelligent stalker who just wants everything dead. I like both sides really, but it bothers me they seem to be trying to retcon the hive aspect of Aliens.

    But, the show must go on.
    Do you think you're diving into your own head canon too much, regarding the Warriors and eggmorphing? Specifically the Warriors thinking the power cables are an animal, which isn't even hinted at. And why the hell would the Queens underlings ever want to overthrow her? That would stop their means of reproduction, and being genetically identical, they would gain nothing from doing that. And I it was confirmed by James Cameron and the crew that the Warriors are suppose to be matured drones, as they've been around for longer. And we don't know if new xenomorphs were being made constantly, only one survivor was found in the hive. She could have hid out like Newt. And we do see a "loner-type" alien (I think, that wording is not very specific) encounter a queen (sorta); the dog/cow drone from A3, who was purposefully protecting the soon to be born queen.

    Now dealing with eggmorphing and your head canon getting in the way a bit; we have technically never seen a canon eggmorphing. That scene in Alien couldn't be canon by the dialogue of Aliens, where Ripley doesn't know where the xenomorph eggs come from. And even if that was canon, I think the reason it wasn't a huge hive was because there was only a single drone attending it. And there was no indication it would have stopped building it. And maybe the drone left the eggmorph hive, like the queen in Aliens, because the hive would be destroyed and it would all be for nothing if the humans weren't killed. Alternately, they both fled to safety probably to establish new hives because their original was going to be destroyed anyway. Point; I see no major difference between how the hives are run, plus eggmorphing remains unseen even if it's canon, so we don't know for sure.

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    Quote from Cybercat5555»

    I mean physically created. Since the way queens are now doesn't conform with Covenant (film or novel, both say the eggs were created artificially, just they vary by who created the eggs), so the only way to keep queens in line with the new canon would be to blame queens on some form of goo-based mutation, not a natural development. Also, if you look at a queen, it does have a lot of traits in line with other goo mutations- larger size, unnatural proportions (huge head and chest, tiny stomach and hips), degeneration of certain features (arms and legs), addition of new, mostly vestigial features (mini-arms), unusual reproduction for the species (eggsac instead of eggmorphing). Also all queens we have seen (not speculated or hinted at, I mean actually 100% confirmed on screen) in canon are all derived from the singular individual that was on Hadley's Hope-the immature queen in A3 was from the same brood, and the queen in AR was cloned from the A3 immature queen. Hell, the queen in Fire and Stone more than likely descended from same line, since some xenomorphs arrived there on an evac ship from Hadley's Hope, and the queen was in the same evac ship. Also, who's to say the derelict didn't have some goo on-board, and when it crashed, some of the goo infected one of the eggs, causing it to eventually produce a mutant xenomorph, a larger individual nicknamed a "queen".

    Also we know the xenomorphs have existed on Sevastopol a while now, and the station lacks appropriate weapons to kill them, so how come none have evolved into kamikaze-styled warriors? If anything, the initial xenomorph was still eggmorphing before it became a queen and developed the eggsac, which could be why the xenomorphs we see in Isolation are the more intelligent normal adults. So in a nutshell, xenomorph got on ship, xenomorph eggmorphed some poor fools, xenomorph later mutated into a queen, but the station was destroyed before the new queen had enough time to lay a lot of eggs.

    Also I hate the term "drone." "Drone" brings to mind a weaker, passive, stupid individual who really has no large purpose. The domed-aliens (Big Chap, isolation aliens, etc) are just the normal adult, the typical matured form of the species, being intelligent, having self-preservation, and relying on stealth and ambush to kill prey, with domeless warriors only arising when its "parent" was also mutated (by parent I mean a queen, not the host in this case). Essentially I feel as if there are 2 strains of xenomorphs- "true aliens" such as Big Chap, the protomorph, the neomorph, etc as in xenomorphs/related species that don't have any "evolutions," don't create hives, etc, and are just meant to be a planet-wide version of DDT, agent orange, mustard gas, etc. they are there to clean off a planet of the "meat" then eventually die off themselves. They are not designed to take over a planet with hives since that would be utterly pointless from the view of the engineers. "Hivers" are a subspecies of xenomorph which arose from a singular mutation due to goo, creating a deformed xenomorph that layed eggs instead of eggmorphed, and the mutated traits carried on into some of its offspring, causing them to develop a secondary adult stage (warriors) and sometimes even a tertiary adult stage (queen) (not counting praetorians since they're not in the films and probably no longer canon now, WYR does't mention them).

    God I hate what Alien: Covenant has done for the Alien franchise. Yes, the first eggs were created artificially, because a chicken can't lay an egg if the chicken didn't hatch from an egg. I do think queens are "natural" (however natural xenomorphs are anymore) because they're oddly specific to simply be a mutation, especially considering other xenomorphs are smart enough not to kill them and listen to their commands. And you went from an animal that creates eggs from biological material to an animal that somehow lays eggs, two not very compatible ways of reproduction to develop naturally from one another.

    The reason that there are still drones on Sevastopol is probably because the hive is very young, and the drones are still needed to find victims. It may be more than just simple maturing, only happening under certain circumstances that the queen wants.

    I'm getting incredibly sick of your insistence warriors are stupider than drones, and that drones are some sort of master race. If drones are so smart, why do they dip in intelligence in warrior and then become very intelligent as a queen again? And remember than the warriors in Aliens were able to sneak up on the marines in a huge horde twice before attacking, and cut the power to the station. They just have different methods of attacking according to their role in the hive.

    And if you think eggmorphing is canon, then xenomorphs should and would be able to make hives, ones that just lack queens. They would take their prey into their hives and attach them to the webbing, and they would turn into eggs, and then new live prey would be taken in so they can be impregnating. Either way, hives are created.

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    Quote from Cybercat5555»

    It still wasn't the original idea, check out these 2 videos

    They said there was one alien and the game was based off the first film, not the later ideas with hoards of aliens coming at you. While they don't outright say "eggmorphing", its hinted at. They also said they don't want to retcon or remake the series, so it means that eggmorphing was used some at least (if they didn't do eggmorphing, they would be retconning something), if there was a queen (I highly doubt it and I hate the entire idea), more than likely it developed later, like after the initial aliens were made from eggmorphing, based on their intelligence and how they're not the "warrior" design. If anything, the whole hive and and multiple xenos near the end of the game were more like later additions. Also based on the time, queens haven't even been created yet, as all queens we've seen are all from the same line.

    I understand that they didn't originally want to have a queen, but its part of the Isolation canon because that's what they went with. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying eggmorphing is canon because they originally wanted to have eggmorphing and they also wanted to not retcon anything?
    I find this line of reasoning interesting, but a bit contrived. It could be said that they decided on this retcon-free game afterwards. Simply going by the final product, there is a queen during the events of Isolation and the events may or may not be canon with the movie canon, its purposefully never been confirmed one way or another. This is a fact, but I respect your reasoning even if I don't agree that's good enough to confirm it.

    And what do you mean created yet? Physically created inuniverse or created creatively? Because for the latter, it should be noted that Isolation does seem to take aspects from at least Aliens, because the main character is first (and only?) mentioned in Aliens.
    Unless, you mean created inuniverse? Because in that case, why not? The eggs that hatched the xenomorph in Isolation are the same eggs that are the source of the xenomorphs from Aliens, and obviously one developed into a queen. Both came from the same place and both can equally turn into queens, and both did by canon.
    I'm pretty sure the events went something like; the first person who was impregnated gave birth to the individual who would become queen, and she layed eggs that would eventually turn into the drones seen. As you say, this probably isn't so because they're not warriors, but warriors mature from drones. The chestburster from Aliens, which was in an established hive, was born with a smooth dome, meaning it would have developed into a drone and probably a warrior afterwards.

    I'm almost dead certain now the reason some xenomorphs are less careful ("less intelligent") is just by caste, drones are careful and stalk their prey, drones come in mass because they're stronger. I can't really find a counterexample, except Resurrection, but those obviously had genetic problems which could explain it.
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    Quote from Cybercat5555»

    From what it seems, xenomorphs without a queen are more intelligent on their own than ones with a queen. Once again take Aliens and the suicidal warriors, and AR with its self destructive individuals. Meanwhile compare it to Big Chap. Big Chap didn't have a queen, and it was much more intelligent that a warrior-taking time to think and stalk its prey, waiting to get them vulnerable and alone before it strikes. The same thing applies to the aliens from Isolation, since they slowly stalk and hunt, and do have a desire of self-preservation, since they run from fire, at least until they learn your flamethrower isn't strong enough to really hurt them (before you say "but there is a hive and you can hear queen!", the original idea was there wan't a queen and it was just eggmorphing, just the AI devs got tired of saying what eggmorphing is so they gave in and said "ok there is a queen you just don't fight it". Also I have ripped the sounds from the game, and not one file sounds anything like a queen)

    Also the xenomorphs are not a natural animal and don't have a desire to "further the species" or "the hive is more important." They were designed as like a living version of mustard gas, designed to just kill the animal life on a planet, then die out on their own, so engineers or whatever can then have the planet for themselves. Eggmorphing is more like a last resort if a singular xenomorph feels its outmatched, but keep in mind how slow the process is, so theoretically an engineer or whatever could find the person being eggmorphed and then kill them before its done.

    Given queens still stay canon (I'm starting to doubt they will), they would more like be an aberration, an unexpected variable that popped up, since xenomorphs are goo-derived as well, and the goo is very unpredictable itself, not as a "natural" stage of the species. Meaning queens are not needed for the xenomorph species as a whole and the species does not revolve around them, they're just mutants of mutants. Not to mention all the queens we've seen in the films are all descended from a single queen, and have not appeared outside of this one line.

    A Queen in Isolation has been confirmed, the sound file doesn't matter. (use ctr F "Queen")
    Eggmorphing is not confirmed, but is still possible as far as I know.
    Also, I don't think its actually intelligence but with once a queen is established, the workers don't matter nearly as much because they can be replaced. It may also have to do with the individuals being drones.
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    Quote from WolfRaptor»

    The only time in any media when queens fought, was in Aliens:Genocide. Which is non canon.
    Also it wasn't necessarily the Queens, mainly the warriors.
    And the Xenomorph's weren't even of the same kind, it was the red strain and the normal strain fighting, and had no sense of self preservation, which most Xenomorphs in my opinion should show. I mean, its better to have a fully grown Xenomorph rather than a Ovamorph which cannot do anything. Thats another thing about the comics and the Aliens movie I don't get, the Xenos just through themselves into the path of obvious death, Literally just watch both the turret scene, and basically whenever the Xenos attack in Aliens.

    Aliens is literally just starship troopers but with Xenos, seriously, just compare the brain bug from the film to the queen, and then compare the way how the warrior bugs act to the warrior Xenos. Although to be honest, the sole reason the any of the marines and Ripley survive is plot armor.

    Ok, rant over. I just wanted to point out some flaws in Aliens.

    It's because they're simply workers in the hive, their lives are meaningless. If it dies, a hundred more will take its place. And if the Queen wants something dead, then they'll jump in front of every gun they can until the job is done to make sure its done as soon as possible. I see nothing wrong with how the xenomorphs are depicted in Aliens.
    And if you're wondering why the drone from Alien was so careful, that was because it was the only one around and needed to insure its own survival to carry on its species' legacy.

    As for this xenomorphic in-fighting idea, I do like it and it does make sense on a biological level. Xenomorphs reproduce asexually, at least as far as we know, so the Queen and all her children are genetically identical. If another Queen is producing her own eggs, there's no reason why it should be allowed to continue to do so. Her children will be unrelated, and don't contribute to the first Queen's success, and just take resources away from the first Queen's children. To make sure her genes continue to survive, she should kill the other Queen.
    I'll admit, its never really been shown canonically, but I think that's what would happen. Like others said, ants do the same thing. It would insure the strongest xenomorphs always prevail, again dealing with the "perfect organism", always fine-tuning itself.

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    posted a message on Realistic Animal Products and Drops Mod (Updates Are Here)
    Quote from Hoops4sho»

    i'm fairly certain i could tackle a wiki. i've just recently started a job working 3 12 hr shifts a week, lots of free time. modded minecraft and rock band are my only real hobbies right now. of course i'd need you to feed me the information and i'd need a little guidance, but, at the risk of sounding boastful, i'm a pretty good writer. i really enjoyed playing with RAPAD in 1.7.10; i have some experience with the old version.

    speaking of, i really liked the feature of turning animal hides into leather rather than the vanilla way of just receiving leather as a drop. will there be something similar in 1.1? if i may suggest, another mod i playing with in 1.7.10 had a similar mechanic but it differed in execution. in Reasonable Realism, you received hide as a drop. you had to craft a tanning rack out of sticks and string and place the hide on the rack. after a fixed amount of time it converted into leather. maybe some kind of combination of the two would be really cool. treating the hide with tannin through a crafting mechanic and then placement on the rack for drying. i dunno, just an idea. i'm no coder so i have no idea what it would require to make it happen, and i'm sure you have much of the groundwork for the mod completed already. not trying to rock the boat; as i said, i enjoyed it the way it was.

    The thing about the wiki is that things are still being added and changed, which make it prone to spontaneous change. So maybe hold back a week or two when things have deffiantly been straightened out. (I know I put the "ad" up, but that was before some internal changes)

    As for leather, right now all (ok well technically most) animals drop a single whole skin, which you then cut with a knife into pieces, the amount of pieces depending on the species. These pieces are used to make skin armor, or used with Tanning Solution (basically the new tannin) to make leather. There might also be a stage inbetween tanning solution and leather, which is a tanning rack like you said. So it's something we're deffiantly considering.
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    posted a message on Realistic Animal Products and Drops Mod (Updates Are Here)
    Quote from Hoops4sho»

    no promises yet but i might be interested in helping with a wiki...

    will the 1.1 update be 1.7.10? i just in the last couple weeks have been playing in 1.10.2 for the first time and i'd prefer to not go back now that i've finally made the jump, but i'd want to be playing with RAPAD if i'm contributing/writing a wiki for it.

    on an unrelated note, i'd be nice to see some cross mod compatibility, like say with Mo Creatures, Animania, and/or Better Agriculture... Reliquary, Ender Zoo, ... if i could just get Mo Creatures and Animania i'd get all gushy!

    The 1.1 update will be for 1.10.2.
    Now a decent amount has happened lately internally, including having new coders, but we are full steam ahead now. I'll probably be creating a new thread for 1.1 because everything is going to change now, and I'll open up the RAPAD Discord to get a sort of community going for input and stuff.

    Cross compatibility would be cool, but it would be a very lengthy process considering the new mechanics in 1.1 (that's a lot of new meats, skins, and so forth). If anything, we might just make a seperate mod with new animals and make that compatible xD
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    Quote from broxyerspino»

    well i suggest cow horn.

    Cow horn/horn

    it should be drop by the cow normally its 1-2 horns drop.

    it make sence :P

    It does make sense, but what would it do? And I'd keep in mind that it would be pretty common.
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