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    posted a message on King's Public Faction Based Survival Server [Closed, 01/21/11-12/21/12]
    Maybe he joined when it was public? Like the few minutes/seconds after you created it?
    Or maybe /f invite opens factions to public temporarily.
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    posted a message on King's Public Faction Based Survival Server [Closed, 01/21/11-12/21/12]
    Well this is the first time I came back. The map works great! :D
    Giant fish: Nowhere to be found...
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    posted a message on Looking for: Movecraft
    I'm looking for a movecraft server that has nothing to do with Madrealms. Has a semi-active player base, and is NOT full of your average person who just wants to screw around with other people.
    I'm looking for a server that has between 20-30 people during busy hours (USA Preferred)

    I do not want the following:
    Inconsiderate "Ban and leave" admins, who ban you and ignore/reject your appeal with no though if any.
    A mostly permaban server. Rules have corresponding sentences that make sure you can still have a fun time later but not ­ you over for all eternity.
    Enormous playerbases - I think this comes with both of the above do not wants, but I'm just making this obvious. An enormous playerbase generally annoys me with massive amounts of stupidity instead of just a few "how do I?'s".

    I apologize if I 'offended' anybody here, but if you're looking at this thread you should be offering a server, not replying with a "Ya me 2"

    Screw you, read the damn post.
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    1. Minecraft In-game name: Sarbinger
    2. Location & Age: San Jose, CA Age: 14
    3. Previous Bans from other Servers: Herocraft, two maps ago (maybe one?) last year around November.
    4. Referral(s): Siwarone, Revan_187, WolfLvr
    5. How did you hear about Herocraft?: My three friends ^ started playing again and I felt the want to play with them.
    6. Have you voted for Herocraft: Yes!
    7. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA & ToS?: Yes, I agree with the Terms and EULA
    8. Reason you should be accepted:I'd like to play with my friends on Hc. That's all.
    9. Special key (DON'T LEAVE BLANK!): HCS9
    10. Additional Info: Nopegineer.
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    posted a message on Fallout: Factions *EPIC* *MUST SEE* *LIKE MineZ* *GUNS* *Hunger/Thirst* *Raiding* *RPG LEVELING* *GUI MARKET* *SP CLIENT MODS CO
    I seem to be the only one on right now.

    This needs more people. >_>

    PLEASE. It will get more people. ;~;
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    posted a message on Fallout: Factions *EPIC* *MUST SEE* *LIKE MineZ* *GUNS* *Hunger/Thirst* *Raiding* *RPG LEVELING* *GUI MARKET* *SP CLIENT MODS CO
    Don't pick favorites.
    This one has more content in different areas than MineZ.
    Both are fine. <3

    Also, it's currently down, so don't qhine about it. >:U
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    posted a message on Looking for some people to play tekkit :)
    Wot wot. I could be an eighth.
    Also, may I direct your attention on... Ehh...
    *cough* technical jargon *cough*
    for the avid server maker, you must do that.
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    posted a message on King's Public Faction Based Survival Server [Closed, 01/21/11-12/21/12]
    I'm ba-aa-ck!
    On/and off playing got me bored with other stuff. So I'm back. :P
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Official Runecraft Server: Weaver

    Yo. I'm Sarbinger. I mostly play servers for one plugin they have, mostly runecraft/movecraft.
    This will be my first server in over three months.
    I've been playing Minecraft since three days before the nether came out.
    I've played on -2- servers with runecraft. One in 1.8.1 alpha, one in 1.4 alpha.

    I've had wonderful times with runecraft, such as this one time I made a mansion on a faith island, and put a chrono trigger on top of it... The trig was griefed though, some idiot stacked up dirt to the sky ={

    Anyways, I love runecraft and I have free time right now. :}

    The biggest project I'd like to work on is a city of faith islands that could be a designated PVP zone, with some smaller hand-built glass islands above that to spectate from.

    EDIT - thought of project
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    posted a message on Roleplaying Server (WTJ)

    Both your servers have been deemed acceptable. (Haughty, yes.)
    I shall look into them shortly.

    Sadly, I dislike writing essays about a character for a backstory when I could write, say, a paragraph or two to sum it up.

    Also, is the name of your server (SILVANIA) in any way a reference to Last Exile's Silvana?
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    posted a message on Roleplaying Server (WTJ)
    I'm looking for a server with at least four of the following:
    • Movecraft addon
    • Caring community/admins
    • People that don't go HA HA WE STOLE YOUR ____
    • Something without an essay for a whitelist application
    • A server that does not require me to go to their website/blog hoster to post an application
    • Community that may play some games OTHER THAN Minecraft
    • Lack of idiots
    • Factions/pvp

    I also don't want any of the following:
    • Griefers
    • Impossible-to-memorize-ruleset
    • Nice people you meet once then disappear forever
    • QUITTERS (People who give up easily)
    I made this topic to find a -decent- server that fits my standards. I hope to the Laptop Gods that this is answered with people who read what I want. I'm fairly active and I know an amazing amount of information regarding in-game-content.
    Thank you for READING this TOPIC.
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    posted a message on ▲▲▲[ Events] [Whitelist] ▲▲▲1.2.5 Exalted Lands RP: 24/7▲▲▲[Factons] [Magic Spells] [Multiverse] [Heroes] [Movecraft]▲▲▲
    Out of Character

    IGN: Sarbinger
    Age: 15
    Did you read the rules: Yes. I read the rules. Including the ones not listed under the rules section.
    Will you be active?: I'll be as active as possible, but if I have to leave for some reason, there will be notification such as "I'll be on a fishing trip for a few days"

    In Character

    Character Name: Addyn (Last Name Withheld)
    Character Age: 26
    Character Backstory: Days before the war started, Addyn was working in his father's shop. He didn't know it, but across town, at least three buildings caught on fire, smoke was rising and a man was riding through the town saying, " They're coming! They're coming!" Addyn didn't know what he was talking about, but he started smelling something like freshly cooked Flatbread. The garden in his backyard was on fire, in a matter of seconds, he dashed out the door and through the alleyways. Avoiding these strange men carrying weapons. He ran to his home to collect his parents and his things, but his home was already burned down. He quickly left the city, never to be seen by the arsonists again.
    Character Appearance:
    Addyn is still dressed in his leather smock, keeping most of his smaller equipment in the pouch of his smock. He carries a small dagger (stone sword/iron sword) on his belt behind his smock. His eyes are brown, his hair is brown, and he wears simple working-class clothing.
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    posted a message on Cool 1.1 Seed
    Be civil and redirect him to a posting site. Or try to help him learn BBCode

    Here, an image site for you.

    [img] URL here ]/img]

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    posted a message on The User Above is Famous in the forums?

    Seen you a bit.... While lurking.

    (never enough)
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    posted a message on How would your avatar interact with the above avatar?
    *gives black and white camera*
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