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    posted a message on {1.8} -=RAGEQUITGAMING.US=- Bukkit Survival Server
    1) Name: Sarah
    2) In Game Name: 54t5uk1
    3) Age: 25
    4) Time Zone/Region You Live: Mountain Standard Time
    5) Skype Name: 54t5uk1, or search for Sarah Chalupnik
    6) Amount of time playing Minecraft: A couple hours a day, three or four days a week.
    7) What you like to build: Attractive constructions.
    8) Hobbies: Games.
    9) Any opinion on any of the poll topics would be greatly appreciated: Seems fine to me.

    P.S..... I don't see the server address anywhere, and the live map doesn't want to work for me....
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    posted a message on CraftedMine Vanilla SMP! [12w41b] [24/7] [YouTube!] [Colonies] [Whitelist]
    IGN - 54t5uk1
    Age - 23
    Skype - sarah.chalupnik
    YouTube - heddge
    Biography - Hmmm... I've been playing Minecraft since shortly before survival mode was added to the game.
    I've never been banned from any server. I hate drama so I don't create drama. I get along with most
    anybody. But if you have a poor work ethic or are a chronic lier, we will not get along very well. Don't
    get me wrong, I'll be polite and civilized, but don't expect me to pay you much mind. Besides those listed
    previously, I live in AZ and am sometimes rather busy due to work. But I love the creativity and adventure
    that minecraft brings.

    Notes - Something you might want to know is that I have a habit of using emoticons a lot when I type.
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    posted a message on My first try at a village made in creative mode. >.<
    So I've just started experimenting in creative mode. While before I stuck to survival most of the time. Here is the start of my first village. Still so much work to do! :x...

    The Fishermans House.

    A bridge I built...

    The light house.

    The farm house.

    Road to the farm.

    Wheat field.

    The barn.

    I still plan on adding a castle and church of sorts... among other things.

    Any tips are appreciated! :)
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    posted a message on How much excess cobblestone do you have?
    In my storage area I had to carve out a whole room dedicated to cobble just to store all the chests and keep the storage area neat. XD
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    posted a message on Your favorite change
    Quote from Badprenup

    Still think it would be cooler if it was an upbeat, happy tune and only played what it currently does in the Nether or with a Redstone charge connected to the jukebox. But to each his own.

    That would be awesome too! :ohmy.gif: Kinda gives me a feeling of... a secret "message" and a mystery to solve. I love mystery games.... <3
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    posted a message on Music Disks 11 and 13
    There may or may not be any correlation between the two as of right now, but I think we should have fun with the idea that there is. Even if it proves false in the end. :tongue.gif:

    I would like to think there was something worse/scarier out there in Mincraftia then Herobrine. Record 11 makes me want to think waaaay back to the "in game" history of Minecraft. I think it would be interesting if the person running was Herobrine before he was a ghost(or whatever he is supposed to be). Perhaps this was the moment when he would become the eventual horror of the foggy Minecraft worlds. XD

    Minecraft is all about imagination/survival/adventure... be creative with your ideas on "what record 11 means." ^^
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    posted a message on My first minecraft castle
    Quote from emily_2010

    well you obviously put alot of work into it but not as much thought, you should google pictures of castles, there is litterally thousands of different kinds and each is unique, just snag some ideas and apply them to yours.. and never ever ever ever ever make boxes :biggrin.gif:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    While its true that the castle isn't very interesting to look at, I'm glad somebody is giving advice instead of just bashing on his first castle. I know when my creations are... not so good, I love getting some helpful criticism. +1 to you, emily_2010.
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    posted a message on Contest: find me the stronghold in this map!
    Me thinks he was trollin'. Anyways. I've been searching around and so far no luck :/
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