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    (for anyone who has trouble reading this)
    Need help with forge

    I want to install Tale of Kingdoms but it need's forge. And whenever I put forge on it tells me chickencore does not support 1.5.2 but I installed 1.5.2.does anyone know what is the problem. Here’s how I installed: 1 Installed forge 1.5.2 2 opened it. 3 open %appdata%. 4 opened bin. 5 opened Minecraft. 6 deleted META-INF in both files. 7 put the files in Minecraft forge into Minecraft. 8 opened Minecraft. And then it told me that chickencore does not support 1.5.2.What is wrong?

    This is in the wrong topic first but i will help you

    Here is a download to the recommended version of forge installed on 1.5.2
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/3gts8051wl7cg4b/minecraft 1.5.2.zip

    As for the mod watch a video and install it from that if you have any trouble send me a message with subject: Need help with forge
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    I am sure that there are other texture packs with cool glass textures but i wanted to keep the default texture pack. So i edited the defaults an enhanced the glass. I know there is some work needed but this is my first time editing textures.

    Download: http://www.mediafire...gpyu8cy4xc9oxg5

    Glass blocks
    Glass panes
    Glitch(working on fix soon)

    Thank you for looking at this texture pack
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