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    posted a message on Power On: Whitelisted, 100% Vanilla Server NEEDS PLAYERS
    Minecraft Username: SandScales

    First Name: Otto

    Skype username: SandScales

    How long have you had minecraft: Since wolves happened.

    Age: 22

    Do you watch Mindcrack or Hermitcraft?: Mindcrack, preference towards Team Canada. But I do follow Generik.

    Do you have a history of griefing?: Nope.

    Do you make youtube videos?: No, at least not yet..

    Country you currently live in: USA.
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    posted a message on Erebus: Attack of the B-Team [Towny] [Dungeons] [Great Community] [Whitelist]
    Minecraft username: SandScales
    Where you found this server? Minecraft Forums
    Why you want to be on this sever? Looking for a calm little server to play on in my few spare Minecraft hours.
    What are you planning on doing on the server? Build small builds, gather resources to share.
    Your favourite colour? Blue as the changing skies.
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    posted a message on •·.·´¯`·.·• Simply Vanilla •·.·´¯`·.·• ☾✘☽ Whitelist ☾✘☽ Anti-Grief ☾✘☽ PvE ☾✘☽ Mature and Friendly ☾✘☽
    In-Game Name: SandScales
    Age: 20y
    Description of your personality and play-style: I'm quiet and a bit of a "lone-wolf", preferring to explore and build on my own. Especially building- building is one of my favorite things to do in Minecraft, building forts and rest areas and homes. I tend to make a lot of my work underground, or surrounded by natural terrain in several cases. And when I'm not building, I'm exploring and gathering resources. However, I'm not extremely aggressive towards mobs. I try not to whipe cows and chickens from the face of the earth, and I avoid creepers the best I can. I also try to leave some cocoa beans, reeds, and netherwart for other players, sometimes even planting the stuff in completely new places. As far as contact with others players in general, I'll give some friendly "hellos" and "goodbyes", and small conversation, but I'm not the best for huge conversations. And I don't care if I find people wandering around my structures (I actually love letting others see my work), but I don't appreciate people who destroy and steal!
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    posted a message on AmaniCraft! [NEAR-VANILLA] [24/7] [WL] [PVP-PVE] [NO-GRIEF] [NO-LAG]
    IGN: SandScales
    Age: 20y
    Reason For Joining: Looking for a server where I my builds will be left in peace instead of pieces.
    Do you pledge not to grief?: Yes.
    None at the moment.
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    posted a message on RedCraft [1.3.1] [NO WHITELIST] [Anarchy PVP, FACTIONS, GRIEFING, LOOTING, CHAOS!]
    IGN: SandScales
    AGE: 20
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] [MINDCRACK-LIKE] [24x7] [WHITELIST] ShadowNet [LIMITED SLOTS]
    -removed, thankyou for your time-
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    posted a message on Is it worth even starting?
    Well, take these questions to mind: Why do you want to make a mod? Are you looking for something fun to do? Do you want to learn basics in something that could be useful later on, or go even farther with such a skill? Do you want to make something that could be useful to others, to help others? Or create something that, while it may not be absolute best it could be, could in some way inspire others to take the idea further, or else where?

    In the end, if you are just starting out, of course your ideas aren't going to be as polished. It's a brand new skill, and we've all seen the amazing things people could do with it, but there's a huge spectrum between what we see as "polished" and what we start making ourselves. If you really want to do this, then go for it! It will take you time to get used to it and learn the language and the processes, but if you keep working on it you'll get somewhere. Don't be afraid to show others your work either, just don't late negative comments get you. Take the constructive with a grain of salt, and just go for it if you truly want it.
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