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    Keep in mind that towns can have bookshelf blocks as well, in what I think are their pubs or libraries, even. Don't rule those out as a stronghold could be under that. Interesting you have two towns so close together. That's a lot of flat land for that to happen.
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    Too bad you can't stack signs as those would be useful tools for cave exploring.
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    I have been reading people's opinions on the Endermen since Notch announced that he would nerf their block moving ability. Those that complain can't seem to grasp how many ways there are to handle them already. If they are taking stuff from your house, how are they even getting close to it? Build a moat to kill them in water. Light up the immediate area so they don't spawn nearby. Build thick perimeter walls that you can easily repair when you are up to it. Endermen aren't precise, they don't have a plan. They just like to move stuff.
    There is some stuff that can be done with the Endermen to add more. Frankly I wish they didn't have a sound at all short of their footsteps until Mojang could add in their own custom sounds. I hear enough zombie sounds as it is. But nerfing one unique feature about them will only nerf the end product of the game all the more. Minecraft is either about crafting in peaceful, or crafting in a challenging environment. If people can't handle the challenging environment then they can just go to the peaceful setting or creative mode. If they do want the challenging environment while building, then you adapt to the circumstances. With spiders you build overhangs in your walls or even add slow sand that they can't climb on. With skeletons and zombies you build walls at least two high to keep them from getting over. You can even make a moat of lava to fry any buggers who get too close. That would include Endermen as well, but simple water works fine for them and then you can just have one meter high walls to keep out skellys, creepers, and zombies.
    Minecraft is about being creative and imaginative on your own terms. I see Endermen as adding a new challenge to that. Nerfing their ability to take blocks will only dampen the experience for everyone.

    Don't nerf the Endermen, Notch. I would as soon see them getting buffed, frankly.
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