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    As this a new post to the site, I heavily suggest you check out the Planet Minecraft map or join the discord.

    There's plenty to discuss since I always need more suggestions architecture styles and ideas in general.

    But I hope I'll find some people that are heavily focused on creative building and world building in general, cheers.

    Honestly, I don't know how I will use Forums as a platform for my map, but I guess we'll see.

    LANDS- Regions and Wonders v.3.3

    Discord here

    Lands is a project that I have been building since the DEMO build five years
    ago. The ultimate goal is to create a fantasy themed world for people to
    explore and enjoy. Building has constantly been delayed because "life
    happens", but after some breaks I've always came back to build more
    stuff. Potentially the building pace will increase now cause of
    streaming and having the proper equipment, cheers.

    Brief report 'what's in my mind about the project':

    Method through building
    should be precise and progressive to all regions, towns, cities and
    overall structures in the map. Figuring out architecture style to each
    different location is important. Special buildings and structures are
    still where the main design effort goes to. Everything in a way should
    make sense, even though poking holes to some designs can be made.
    Influence behind the structure style becomes from experience and overall
    influential culture such as series, anime or gaming and sports. The
    project itself doesn't really have a clear goal yet and realistically
    the project is all about creating something. Something like guest
    builders have crossed my mind but this early in the whole project... I
    guess we'll see. Same pretty much goes to the first official download
    link version, 'we'll see'. -Quoting me from the early days of this

    Info, interests and map guide:

    When you launch the map you'll spawn in the ParCom Island where you can travel to
    everywhere you want. You can play the map how ever you want. For
    survival there's even teleportation shacks where you can travel
    instantly to different places for a price. And there is a desire to
    extend a trading/quest system to the map that would involve the use of
    gold and emeralds as currency. But these systems are still in early
    stages. Also train (minecart) travelling costs currency, but as an act
    of good will first ride with the train system is free including one
    trial with the teleportation system. Otherwise you can just play normal
    survival gameplay with slightly more stuff in the environment with you.
    Everything is vanilla so you don't have to think about whether you would
    have to download mods for the map.

    Quick FAQ:
    Do I need mods?
    Does the map support always the newest update?
    -often yes, depends when the update was published. But playing the map with the newest update should be possible.
    Can I download the map for free?
    Do you use world edit or other similar tools for building?
    -no I only use vanilla tools.
    Can I use this map as x kind of world or make it into a server?
    -as long as the credit for the map goes to me, sure.
    Do you broadcast your live building?
    -sometimes, check the Twitch link.
    - BeyondBeliefLegacy 1.16

    If you actually play this map with mods or just vanilla survival and
    you capture screenshots of your gameplay I would be interested in seeing
    them! You can post them to discord (link at the beginning) I could
    showcase them possibly.

    SETTLEMENT list: (name, size, version state, next update planned)

    Crowton, city, v1+ ,v.3.3
    Colestrait, small city, v1, v.3.3
    Port Narsingh, small city, v1, v.4
    Bridgewith, town, v1,v.4
    Jag's End, town, v1, v.4
    Mois Town, town, v1, v.3.3
    Bourg Town, town, v1, v.4 (next to Dawaam Bur)
    Fort August, fort, v1, v.4 (north from Crowton)
    Fort Baines, fort, v1, v.4 (between Colestrait and Crowton)
    Hammerstadt, small city, v0, v3.3
    Calwert, small city, v1, v.3.3
    Dawaam Bur, small city, v1, v.3.3
    Primrose, town, v0, v.3.3
    Parmaja, small city, v0, v.3.3
    Palace of Death, town, v0, v.3.4 (nothing here yet)
    Holy State, region, v0, v.4 (nothing here yet)
    Elysia, region, v0, v.4 (nothing here yet)
    Cherville, town, v1, v3.3
    Barkley Town, town, v1, v.4 (between Crowton and Jag's End)


    v.3 focuses:
    80% capital city v1 done
    expanding new region prospects for building
    making regions more structure and design
    adding infrastructure

    v.3.1 focuses
    capital city v1 done
    adding detailed infrastructure
    exploring new regions

    v.3.2 focuses
    adding details and explanations to different systems (trading, transportation)
    more details to capital city, and planning starts for v2
    new city added: Colestrait v1 done
    new town added: Port Narsingh v1 done
    new villages done: Bridgewith v1, Jag's End v1, Barkley Town v1 and others...
    huge structure addons, example 1: interior of the Crowton castle done

    OFF GAME focus: making a new digital map

    v.3.3 focuses
    new city added: Dawaam Bur v1 done
    new city added: Calwert v1 done
    cities such as Horbur's capital (Hammerstadt)and Primrose 50% done (their v1)
    planning starting with Palace of Death region and Forest of Gona region
    more details and completed villages
    starting work on Crowton v2

    v.3.4 focuses
    new city added: Hammerstadt v1
    new city added: Primrose v1
    Palace of Death region's capital 50% done
    Forest of Gona region's largest town done
    more infrastructure and roads
    more work on Crowton v2

    v.4 focuses
    Crowton v2 done
    Colestrait v2 50% done
    Parmaja v1 done
    Palace of Death capital v1 done
    starting work on Holy State
    starting work on Elysia
    work on towns and villages
    more details and infrastructure

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