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    Hey. So scratch getting payed for this stuff. Was kind of being forced to say that. But I'm just throwing another 5 weapons at you. ^^

    If these all never get used, I'm probably going to use them for something else.

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    posted a message on crash

    Okay. The only reason I'm answering this is because you won't stop posting. I should probably mention that you're posting in the wrong section.

    You have an ID conflict. A fairly common issue. Just type up something along the lines of "mod ID conflict Minecraft" into Google, and you'll likely find out what it is and how to fix it. Next time you get an issue, please consult Google - or your desired search engine - first.

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Reduxing Generated Structures! (Images On Hiatus)

    Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback! ^u^

    For now, images will actually be on hiatus, as I'm working on a big project for my partner.

    Could be a good thing, though! Remember, I'm open to new ideas. Anyone with an idea for anything, just post it, and it might be a good enough idea to work on or completely use for these structures! :3

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    posted a message on Spikes! Block Suggestion!
    Quote from BlackAbsence»


    I like this idea and suggest that they should amplify fall damage.

    This, my friend, is genius.
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    posted a message on Reduxing Generated Structures! (Images On Hiatus)

    These seems like good ideas because when you think of it, most of these structures haven't been altered since their introduction, so something like this is overdue.

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree, most of the structures are "outdated", for lack of a better term.
    Quote from WDSMinecraft»

    More pictures please. The ones you already have are really good and I want these new and improved structures in the game!

    Full support

    BTW, the mineshaft is my favorite

    Yeah, the mineshaft was really fun to do. I'll try to get some more images out soon. :3
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    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    In reality not.
    The same code of lava lakes can be used to lava oceans, while caves without additions (stone and air only: pillar caves, path caves, etc) would be easy to add, although these exit to the surface, the impact to the surface will be minimal.

    However, I am worried about fungic, wind tunnels and crystal caves since these are more complex than others structures, these would need a code similar to stronghold generation that is difficult to add. But anyway this is possible to add without rewrite the biome system, so, there is not regrets.


    In the other hand, I stay thinking that lava oceans are a bad addition, since these would overlap the diamond generation layer, and there is not transport to cross these or a fast sure way.

    To be completely honest though, I brought up this issue simply because the OP mentioned "underground biomes". If they weren't actual biomes, then I see no problem with it. ^^
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    posted a message on Geomes - aka "Underground Biomes"

    Minecraft definitely needs something like this. The only problem would be that biomes are only determined by the X and Z coordinates, and not the Y coordinates. It would require a lot of coding and quite possibly a lot of rewriting. And whilst doing so, the code would still have to support stuff like emeralds spawning in extreme hills. Would be tricky to pull off, but nonetheless:

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    posted a message on Fast Flyer

    I'd have it use a different name, like "speed" or "supersonic", but other than that, it's a missing part of Minecraft for sure.

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    posted a message on Spikes! Block Suggestion!

    Okay. So not trying to come off as rude, but:

    1. The spikes simply pose as another hazard. It would be a bit more of a solid idea if the hazard was already put to use in a randomly generated structure as a trap.

    2. As mentioned, the recipe seems way off. It would be better to simply do a small triangle of the material.

    3. The damage dealt by each one aren't right. The stone spike damage should be closer to the wooden one, not the iron one. It's a big ramp in damage, but it's practically easier to get.

    4. The model seems a bit complicated and I feel a new texture should be used. I'm not sure how to pull off a model that actually fits vanilla, but maybe that's why they never added spikes.

    So sorry, but No Support.

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    posted a message on Reduxing Generated Structures! (Images On Hiatus)
    Quote from Skelebling»

    I really like these ideas. I think they should be added, especially the Nether and the underground structures. Good work ;)

    Thanks, Skelebling! Nice to see you like the idea. ^^

    Some pictures for certain structures have now been added. :3

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    posted a message on Better End Stone Bricks

    Really liking this, sorta. I like the idea, but the textures you have I'm sorta not sure about. There's definitely room for improvement, but the textures aren't what matters. I like the idea, and it could probably be expanded. I'm sure there's a lot of other blocks in the game in need of alternate textured forms. Seems good.


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    posted a message on Reduxing Generated Structures! (Images On Hiatus)
    Reduxing Generated Structures!

    Images have been updated!
    (September 11th, 2016)

    This suggestion is about having a look over all of the generated structures already added, and seeing if there's room for improvement. I do plan to do images! I just couldn't hold back from posting this straight away. Images might take a while still. Improvisations and changes to this post are without a doubt going to happen, so come and check it every now and then!

    Should this idea become at all popular, I'd consider making a mod around it. I love the feedback you guys have, and it really helps me out. Please leave a comment and your opinion. Lastly, these are all ideas, and some of them are a little worse than others. That's why I'm posting here so that we can talk about it all. Thanks all! :3

    • Have the odd, empty minecart lying on the rails.
    • Generate little doorways in the mineshaft every now and then, dividing it up.
    • Generate a few small clusters of TNT laying around?
    • Overhaul the big dirt-floored room. Give it purpose. Add preparation or work area? Also, incorporate support beams.
    • Rusted rails instead of normal ones. Small chance of dropping a normal rail when broken.
    • Occasional skeleton skull lying around?
    • Skin change to the cave spider possibly? For disambiguation compared to the regular spider. Either a pattern on the thorax or differently coloured eyes.
    • Rotting crate block that generates every now and then? Will drop a random loot item/bunch of items when broken.
    • Burnt out torches that have a small chance of dropping charcoal when broken.
    • Perhaps lastly add a special plant. Like a glowing mushroom or something. Only spawns around the mineshafts, and very rarely. Could be used as a potion ingredient.
    • Maybe a new section of the mineshaft, that goes down roughly ten blocks and provides a broken ladder to travel between.
    • Rusted minecarts textures could be used in this area. Will drop normal minecarts when broken.

    • Slight texture change to silverfish blocks, as a subtle indicator. Not noticeable unless looked for.
    • Small changes to the pillar room. Perhaps add a stone pillar block type? 4 around the main one and have a chest on 0-2 of the smaller pillars?
    • Libraries should have variants of the bookshelves. Some half empty and cobwebby, with a small chance of getting a book or some string. Also add a completely empty variant, and a variant with a potion or two sitting on the shelf. These will randomly be placed as the bookshelves.
    • Half of generated torches should be burnt out versions.
    • Chest room could be decorated more. Maybe smaller if there aren't many decorations, but at the very least a few cobwebs and such could fill out the extra space.
    • Perhaps around the portal room could randomly have a few "corrupted stone brick" blocks replacing the regular ones? Corrupted stone brick being normal stone brick with a bit of an end stone look to it, literally as if it's been corrupted.
    • A New mob called "Holdkeeper", that looks like a statue. Will become active once a player has stepped within an 8 block radius of it. It is fire immune and generates in a new room called a "Hall". Roughly player size. I won't really elaborate much on this. It's not the best idea.
    • "Hall" room. Will consist of a few empty podiums and a few podiums with "HoldKeepers" on them. Podiums being something along the lines of a simple stone slab.
    • Have a rotting chest variant of a normal chest, that will break into nothing when mined. Alternately, could instead drop itself and be a collectable chest type.

    • Burnt torches around the outside.
    • Perhaps add an orange block to pull eye towards it, and relate it towards the desert temple.
    • Mineral block at bottom of well? Random chance of it being a different material. Most common being coal and least common being diamond.
    • Add a different type of sandstone to the game, to contrast the desert structures from the sand.
    • Generates in the mesa as well, using the specialized red variant of materials.

    • Make from a mossy looking smooth stone. When broken will give mossy cobblestone, which when smelted will revert to mossy stone.

    • Generate a lot more coal ore not only as a part of the fossil but around it as well.
    • Have a very minuscule chance of the coal ore generating instead as a diamond ore, no matter what level the structure generates.

    • Add a second type of a farm for melons and pumpkins, and let those types of farm generate.
    • Have a few farm shape variants. Squares and circles seem diverse, as opposed to simple rectangles.
    • Put a fence around most of farm, only devoid on the side of the farm facing the path.
    • Have a light source nearby farms. Especially in ice villages. Also maybe allow the farming villager to break the ice back to water?
    • Perhaps certain crops can only generate in certain biomes? Potatoes in cold, and melons in hot?
    • Make the dirt-floored house look all ruined, fractured and destroyed. Slight chance for an abundance of flowers to be growing inside, simply for fun. Remove the table thingy from it.
    • Redo houses to have paintings or other small decorations inside such as flower pots.
    • Have gold ore always generate at the bottom of the well.
    • Lava instead of water in the well for the rare zombie village, as well as a different block palette for the entire village. More stone-like and ruined.
    • New sandstone blocks to make the sandstone villages look nicer. A certain log is needed, so add a new tree called the "Rufbark" or something. Very few leaves, but if grown in any other biome, will generate much more leaves when grown, making it much more renewable as a resource.
    • New crop for the desert village as well, to match the biome specific crops. Perhaps cacti, with the addition of cactus fruit on the top. Looks like a succulent flower? Would need to implement AI so that villagers avoid cacti.
    • Priest tower thing should have a wooden floor, maybe even a carpet, and randomly colored stained glass for windows.
    • Install anvil in blacksmith.
    • Add a table block so that there doesn't have to be those pressure plate/fence things that click whenever they're pushed against.
    • Home gardens in a few of the buildings with fences out the back. Either that or animals generate in there.
    • Alter paths so that they appear different in different biomes. Also, snow should not be able to fall onto them, should they be covered in an ice biome.
    • Add a special exclusive building type for each biome?
    • New light block for the lights on the street, instead of the black wool and torches. Maybe a block that seems like a frame or wood, paned with glass, and a fire going inside of it? Unsure of what to use. Have villagers fuel it in their AI, but otherwise it'd be refuelable like a furnace minecart.

    • Alike the desert well it will also generate in the mesa, with a different variant of sandstone. Also, should use another color other than orange. I'd say yellow or light blue or light green even.
    • Mesa variant might have a different trap style. No pressure plate, but one of the four chests is full of death-related items such as skulls and bones and is a trapped chest instead. Will explode the TNT if opened.
    • The orange wool should be replaced with stained clay or even stained glass. It makes much more sense than wool and looks nicer too.
    • Use a different sandstone variant like the desert well, to create contrast.
    • Will use stone chest variants.
    • Maybe a few vines on the inside?
    • Lapis block on inside to replace blue centre block.
    • Other small alterations.

    • Perhaps make the floor differ from the walls, and the walls differ from the roof.
    • Add access to it via a ladder? Witches can't fly.
    • Maybe a chance of having a chest inside? Using the rotting chest variant.

    • Maybe have some form of window in it, so the player can look in and out to an extent. Also gives a little more to the dull design.
    • Spawn wet sponges all around it/inside it.

    • Add a lighter nether brick block to use as a floor. It feels very dark in the fortresses.
    • Use a new nether chest variant for the nether. Wooden chests seem out of place.
    • Maybe make the blaze spawners hang from a nether brick fence? Could really add a unique touch.

    • Add a second, chiseled form of obsidian. Maybe even a third if the situation calls for it. Use those variant to make the pillars seem more defined.

    • First, use an indestructible block that isn't bedrock. Maybe add a new block for that purpose. Make it pretty, of course. Also use that same block for the End gateway portal.

    • Should use a different beam texture and particle than the normal beacon.
    • Use the same additional block that the end fountain would use.
    • Once it appears, it would be very cool to show the effect of the sky brightening to an inspiring space-like sky, complete with whirling galaxies and the like. Maybe have like 3 different planets revolving about. Not sure how this could be pulled off, though.

    Thanks for reading, guys. There's more to add, like a small amount of additional structures and changes to some of the smaller ones, as well as pictures and better descriptions, but I hope you all liked. Looking forward to feedback! ^u^

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    posted a message on Weapon Case Loot

    Hey there. Just thought I'd drop some random sword textures I've created here, should you like them or wish to use them. If you do, I'm personally hoping that at least the 1.7.10 version will have the new ones.

    Those'll be the only textures I give away, though. Due to financial problems, if you want anything else from myself it'll cost you like 0.5 AUD or something. I can't afford to give simple stuff like this away anymore. ^^;

    But either way, whether you use my textures or not, just wanna say that you have an awesome mod going. :3

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    posted a message on Three new variants of Elytra

    I feel that instead of crafting these Elytra, they should simply replace the default variant with three or so different ones, each with a different design. I also feel that they should vary differently. Instead of effects, they simply have different speed stats or something along those lines, yet all remain balanced with each other, each statistic increased being a trade-off.

    An additional thought might be to have each set of elytra have its own unique particle when flying. I'd love for Mojang to go ahead and actually put a bunch of effort into creating beautiful, amazing textures for these, instead of what they've shown for the elytra we know today, as it's an endgame item, and it's something people work hard to get, so it should look like an item worth working toward too.

    That said, I give it Partial Support. Good luck. :3

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    posted a message on End Overhaul

    I rather like this idea. Other than the issues with the obnoxious amount of particles in the end cities. Maybe a new, big but slowly animated particle, not too quantified.

    Otherwise it's an awesome idea. Almost Full Support. :3

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