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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server! May need mods.
    U shud come join our server Absolutecraft!
    If u wud like 2 be mod please come on our server and build a really cool house from scratch, (we will NOT provide supplies)
    If you ask us directly for mod then for surre we wont give it to you.
    Example of this:
    Person: How u like my house?
    Person: so does that mean i can be mod now?
    Us: No don't ask -_-

    We are in need of 1 to 3 Mods
    Please dont message us on here!
    Invite your friends to the server and let us know you invited them!
    That will push us more to making you mod!
    The server ip is
    ORRR absolutecraft.mcph.co:25700

    Thanks so much!


    Sam5927 and Sidejeff235 :D :Notch:
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