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    Quote from Sneak.QQ

    NOT (A OR B )

    incorrect, NAND = (NOT A) OR (NOT B )

    Quote from Sneak.QQ

    NOT A OR B

    add brackets so it's easier to understand the order, NOR = NOT(A OR B )
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    Quote from Shreddykickflip

    I'm still intrigued as to how you made that ALU so tiny...

    it uses vertical buses, so it appears small from the top, but it is actually quite high.

    Just wait for it :biggrin.gif:. Mine is 3 times smaller :biggrin.gif:

    post a pic when it's done. :biggrin.gif:

    i can only make 3 bit adders ad subtrctors :sad.gif: however,on the first page where you explained what order you built it in,i like the thought of making basic circuiry and then adding in actions s you go along

    im off to make my catutus and minecart CPU now :biggrin.gif:

    'basic' circuitry? that's the hard stuff. adding the alu and the functions is the easy bit.
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    Im currently working on one. There is only DEC, SHL, SHR, RR and RL left, out of 12 instructions. I think i will be ready tomorrow. The idea is to basically take the inputs and copy them upwards with a torch on a block and repeater after it( I'll think about the delay after im finished with it.), so that the signal gets passed on to other modules as well. After this, the output is inverted 2 times(i cant think of any other way of doing it) or sometimes not inverted at all if there is a possibility, and NOR'ed with decoder signal. This allows me to select the output.

    I will send it to you when its ready. Its my first ALU, that is going to be part of a CPU. The primary thing was to make it compact, it will be optimized after its tested, and works properly :smile.gif:. Ow and this tick and thing, can you explain it to me? I have never got to know how it works and how to count it.

    what is DEC?

    and if by 'modules' you mean alu parts like 'AND', 'OR', 'ADD', etc... then that sounds exactly like my alu, but with each 'module' controlled/blocked by an output of the instruction decoder.
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    What i've noticed after examining your CPU is that the ALU is really strange. It looks like you have made decoders as giantlook-up tables for each operation. Why? I'd be so muach easier, faster and compactier if you made a regular one.

    what's a "regular" alu? do you mean the hack style ones that can invert the inputs and outputs of the alu? if so, i chose my method because i find my style easier to understand in terms of data paths, and it prevents useless op-codes (like A-B+1). with no useless op-codes, i can have more useful ones.

    easier, faster and compactier if you made a regular one

    easier - i found my style to be easy to understand and build

    faster - for a long time this computer was the fastest, and even though i haven't been following any new advancements in minecraft computers, i'm sure it is still one of the better ones out there. the hack style alu's need an XOR gate on the inputs and outputs, each of which adds 2 ticks to the delay. mine has an XOR on one input, and none on the output.

    compacter - irrelevant, there is plenty of space. as long as it isn't so big that it causes repeater delays, then the size doesn't matter.

    if i'm talking about the wrong 'regular' type of alu, please give me a link to it.
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    Quote from gixxy

    One question. How does this display negative numbers?

    it can't. it can store numbers in 2's compliment to allow calculations involving negative numbers, but can only display them in standard hexadecimal. however, it probably wouldn't be difficult to change the encoders and decoders connected to the 7-seg displays to read the binary as 2's compliment instead.

    Quote from narusak

    plz tell me how to use it im a noob at this stuff...


    Quote from Gyzmu

    Salaja, I'm a current college student who enjoy's using redstone. My main goal has to build a simple 4 bit ALU with most that a cpu comes with,but not even wikipedia helped me grasp the large amount of knowledge needed to build it. I have seeing your first video of your original cpu way back in the past and enjoyed your accomplishments, and when you released your tutorial videos, have made my day completely (almost everyday since i just recently began rebuilding my lost ALU :tongue.gif: ) I have had so many questions about how a CPU fully functions and how they are all integrated, and even though I must say others are a little better, yours is extremely easy to comprehend and to learn. Not only that, but you also take your time to explain and assist others in the use of your device.

    So I thank you for your support since last year, and even though I might be being a stuck-up currently,believe me, you deserve the appraisal (although you've been receiving it for a while now.) I hope to show you my future CPU soon. Again, thank you for your support. :smile.gif:

    to build a 4 bit alu in minecraft:
    as long as you know the basics like logic gates and carry-in and carry-out from adders, this: http://library.thinkquest.org/25111/alu.shtml
    should help.
    i found this page with google by image searching for "alu logic gates".

    build 4 of those, connect them, and there's your 4-bit alu that can and, or, not & add. :biggrin.gif:
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    sorry everyone for my absence and lack of maintenance on this thread.

    when i started this thread, there weren't that many computers. but as the number increases, the list becomes more unreadable and it causes more work for me.

    so i am stopping work on this list. if someone wants, they can create a new list, and maintain it themselves.
    if this is done, contact the guy who runs the 'Thread O Links', and ask him to change the link to the new thread.

    *sorry to all the newer people who have asked to have their designs put on the list, but the list will no longer be updated.

    thanks for your support. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Hans Lemurson gives a Preview: Minecraft in Minecraft
    wow, great work. when will we get to see a video of it in action?
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    Quote from ohmganesha

    Yeah, I wasn't sure how to 'measure' this. I saw other Hack computers had 7 operations, so I figured shift left/shift right and XOR would make it 10.

    A-instructions load the remaining 15 bits as data into the A register. C-instructions do all the other stuff (ALU/writing/jump).

    I will follow your suggestion and add the binary translation to the example scripts, it should help people understand.

    i just had a look, and it seems i changes my marking style. i've re-graded yours at 11 operations (i'm assuming it can do XNOR as well).

    and with the 'A' instructions only being able to load 15 bits of data, how do you load 16 bits of data into memory? or is your ALU only 15 bits wide?
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    Quote from ohmganesha

    Here is my computer! :biggrin.gif:

    link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/526445-my-alucpucomputer-progress-thread-video-and-worldsave/
    14/08/11 - Computer

    • 16 bit wide computer.
    • Mostly Hack platform with some extra features (shift left/right + XOR).
    • 256 bytes of ROM (128x16 bit)
    • 32 bytes of RAM (16x16 bit)
    • ~250 millihertz clock (~0.25Hz) (variable speed 30/45 tick)
    • 16 bit wide instruction set
    • ALU can add, subtract, AND, XOR, bi directional bit-shifting, and many variations. 11 different operations. (edit: added RNG)
    • CPU has two registers.
    • The RAM is connected to 2 user inputs and a display.
    • Total size is 112x57x48 blocks

    very nice. i added it to the list. i put the clock speed as "0.222Hz <-> 0.333Hz", and the number of operations at 8. it is very hard to make the operations parameter meaning full because of all the different instruction sets out there. i try to only count things that can't be done by using other operations, and are useful. i counted the logic operations (4), add/sub (2), and shifting (2). i didn't count the RNG because it doesn't really operate on the inputs (i didn't count it for my computer either).

    if i could make a request, can you explain what the 'C' and 'A' instructions are used for, and how they are different? And where you have the example programs in your thread (Fibonacci and multiplication) could you put the machine code (1's and 0's) next to the assembly code so it is easy to see how one would write the programs into the computer?

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    Quote from liamsdomain

    I made an ALU

    I also made a CPU, but never finished it

    I'm also working on a new one right now.

    can you give me the specifications so i can add it?

    Quote from yolky87609

    wow i just noticed that i had a ALU just sitting around doing nothing.. well here is the topic:
    i don't know the clock frequency though...

    but do note, XNOR and XOR only count as 1 operation. and so does (x^2) and (x*y), because every possible operation of (x^2) can also be done with (x*y).

    Quote from TerraFreeze

    holy crap ive never noticed this on the mod page but this is an epic adding machine not mine and i just think it belongs here

    Hans is right.

    and i'll say it again, if you do make a computer with this mod, it will have to be *really* good for it to be accepted by people.

    and to the people who say it shouldn't be allowed because it uses a mod:
    i used a world editor. yes it's different, but they both do the same thing, which is to make it easier to build stuff. he still has to build all the parts of a computer, and get them to work together. THAT, is what i think is the greatest achievement. that said, if he only makes an ALU or a weak CPU, i won't be putting it on the list.
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    posted a message on List of minecraft ALU's, CPU's and Computers
    Quote from TerraFreeze

    can i submit a computer with mods?

    more specifically redpower logic and redpower wiring. red power logic just makes every type of gate like AND OR and even RS latchs turn into a one block space saving a ton of space. the creator said she would soon be adding d flip flops in the next update witch im looking forward to. red power wiring is more versatile redstone that can be placed on walls and ceilings and dont need repeaters up to 256 blocks i think... its also waterproof, it also allows wires to be placed on wires using coverplates as well as a bunch of other stuff that a person could take advantage of.

    link to her mod here if you care


    interesting mod. i believe that because the basics of building a cpu/computer are the same whether or not you use mods, i will list it, but i will make a special note indicating that mods were used.

    and keep in mind that if you use this mod you will have to produce a very powerful/fast/versatile computer for it to be considered 'on-par' with ones made without mods.

    Quote from Grinningtheirs

    Grinning and cmastuios
    LINKed UP
    SPECIFICATIONS (4 bits, 5 operations, 3 bytes of RAM)

    By what you say is a computer in the description. This follows so I think it should be called a computer :smile.gif:. In addition to 3 bytes of RAM (1 byte of registers and 2 bytes of RAM) it does have 4 bytes of program memory.

    looks good. i'll add it. can you tell me how many HZ it runs at, or what clock speed it is based on?

    and a video that shows it in action would be nice.

    Quote from Ksephix

    Hello! I'm from korea, and i know a nice CPU by korean.

    it's spec is like this:

    Input 2^257-1
    Output 2^259-1
    Arithmetic System 32Byte
    Cache memory 32.25Byte

    You can see it at http://blog.naver.com/torudia/150106867677. But it is korean, so I suggest you to use Google translator. You can download map there, and Take a look at it.

    i'm having trouble figuring out what it is, and i can't get the video on the page to work. from what i can tell, he has built (at least) a 256 bit ALU. i wont put this on the list, because i doubt i would be able to contact the creator to verify what it does.

    Quote from CX gamer

    Thanks for your reply. :smile.gif:

    Yes, I've come to the same conclusion. I've tried some other methods, but they wouldn't work. So I was planning to do a 9-bit one, but that would require to add 2 ticks. But now with instant-logic, ripple carry is pretty much good enough.

    The 0, 1 and -1 are only a byproduct of how the ALU was constructed. Since the instructions aren't decoded, like in other ALU's, it doesn't really matter. But I keep hearing about this 'HACK platform', and can't find any info on it. Do you know what it means?

    Well, I'm sure sure if it's called pipelining when done within the ALU, but yes, that was what I was trying to achieve. I design all my gates myself to be optimal and in sync.

    personally, i see the HACK platform as a simple 'proof of concept' cpu design, which is good for teaching people the basics on how an ALU and CPU work. but i wouldn't recomend it if you were trying to push the limits of computing, or anything like that. RISC is regularly used in real computers, where as the HACK platform doesn't even show up on wikipedia.

    the problem with doing pipe-lining within the ALU is this:
    1st instruction: add (A and :cool.gif: store result in C
    2nd instruction: shift(C) store in C
    what happens, is that A and B are added, but before the result is stored in C, the 2nd instruction begins, and uses an old value of C. as a result, you get the wrong answer.

    the way i see it, there are 3 ways to avoid this problem:
    1: don't pipe-line, only let your ALU handle 1 operation at a time. (easiest, but slowest)
    2: write programs such that you don't read from a register before it is written to. (hard to program, but fast)
    3: build special circuitry that detects when this is going to happen, so it stalls the pipe-line, and the error doesn't happen. (hard to build, still reasonably fast, done in real life)
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    posted a message on my CPU in Minecraft
    Quote from jonnyrobbie

    thank you very much....;-)....

    I've got another question....what does the Right/Left shift/rotate instruction do?

    Also...are you going to increase ROM memory and speed?

    right shift moves all the bits to the right, and puts a '0' in the left most bit. eg 1001 -> 0100
    left shift is in the opposite direction. eg 1011 -> 0110
    right rotate is the same as right shift, but instead of putting a '0' in the left most bit, the previous right most bit is used instead. eg 11100011001 -> 11110001100
    left rotate is in the opposite direction.

    and no, the cpu in the thread will not be modified from its current state.
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    Quote from YuriKahn

    Ok then. Two bytes RAM. But that's memory, Random Access Memory is external.

    oh, okay. sorry about the confusion. because there is no real need for minecraft computers to have actual RAM, i always refer to the registers as RAM. i suppose this is also partially cause because my computer had 16 registers, and any 2 of them could be used for the ALU, so it met my idea of Random Access Memory. i can understand that this is less accurate for other CPU's, but it's a habit i've gotten into, and most people don't seem to care that much.

    And from the link to your thread in an earlier post, i got the impression that it isn't finished, and you plan to add stuff to it. now, i don't like to spend all my time updating entries in the list as computers change, so i have a policy where they only get listed when they're finished.

    make another post when the CPU/computer is done.
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    Quote from aj_s

    hey salaja we have made a new computer.

    creators = anomalouscobra, jomiester15
    16-bit, 7 alu functions, 16 byte ram, 6 byte registry, 144 byte ROM
    clock speed - i haven't optimized it yet but 35 ticks is my best estimate

    also i looked at your save file recently and your vertical buss design is really ingenious

    i haven't made a video yet but i probably will next week

    cool. remind me with another post when the video is made.

    also, feel free to copy my bus style. i'm still a little surprised that everyone still builds flat buses.
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    Quote from Flexagon

    Thanks, I'm still quite new to this. It will write a number and the operation in the "RAM" and then it will execute what it says in the ALU. That output will come back in and go with the next operation and number, on and on till it goes through all that is written for the program. It will be able to have up to an 8 step program stored at once. I also might make another "RAM'" so you can store multiple programs and choose what one you want to use.

    if you've never done this before, keep it simple.
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