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    So just as the title suggests I am building and, fixing a stronghold from the ground. I want to see what it looks like from the outside and, would also like to import it into MCEdit for other fun stuff. I'm currently uncovering the strong hold ( just started today ). I'll post images every hour or so, so you can see it while i'm working on it live.

    Here's the current status, If I get enough support I'll consider making videos.

    After clearing a bunch of space between the building and, the ground I went into MCEdit to carve out the top of the ground. However this is were the trouble starts since I will have to manually undig the whole building now. Here's a top view of it so far. Also I'll make sure not to take anything out of the chests :tongue.gif:

    So after making some mistakes in digging it out I was forced to reload the save from before cutting the ground up. While I ended up loosing time I think I found a MUCH BETTER way of digging it up and, heres what i got so far

    So at this point I'm just going at it in one corner and, revealing the buildings '3D' portions rather then, having it be 2D ( this also is a pain :tongue.gif: )

    I'm still in the same corner but, I've been digging down more also I've mapped the borders of what I think is the last of this section underneath the top layer I just have to go in and, break the higher level to make it visible. I haven't slept yet so i'm off to bed :happy.gif:

    So after doing all kinda's of cutting and, chopping to find some more of the location however I'm going to start digging rather then, revealing now So I can get more of a view of the map

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