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    Welcome to Mysical Gardens

    Welcome to Mystical Gardens, where you can build your dreams. If you can imagine it, then you can build it.
    We have much to offer for your Minecraft experience and adding more over time to come. Here is but some of what we have to offer:
    1. New Map with large biomes, lots of temples to explore.
    2. Portals to farm world, end, and nether. We also have a creative world for some ranks.
    3. Mature friendly staff.
    4. Simple Rules
    5. Towny and LWC to protect your build and belongings
    6. MCMMO- with some custom rewards
    7. BOSEconomy & SignShop so you can sell your extra stuff in either at the Spawn Market or in Town Markets.
    8. Citizens2 - interact with NPC to sell/buy items. (Quest coming in near future).
    9. Profession Classes
    Things that are coming soon:
    Quest, RPG Classes, Adventure Maps, Dungeons.
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    Quote from KingOfBow

    um rolo i believe your application is wrong

    the part of how long have you playing minecraft for should be replaced with this one :Did anyone refer you to us(If so,who?)

    King please let the staff handle the applications, as this is our job.
    Quote from NicolexLove

    In Game Name: NicolexLove
    Real Age: 15 years old
    Do you agree to follow our rules: Yes, I do!

    Welcome to Mystical Gardens. Hope to see you soon
    Quote from HornyBadger

    InGame Name:RubbishRolo
    How long have you played Minecraft?About 2 years
    Do you agree to the rules posted on our website?Yeah! :D

    Welcome to Mystical gardens. Please ignore KingofBows comment. We are not that picky on the apps.
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    Come Visit Mystical Gardens.

    We are a whitelist server that offers a variety of things to do. We have a PVP world with Factions, a Farm Word for resources, a play lead market and lot of other fun loving features that are listed below.

    We also offer Player ranks that include perks from various plugins to reward players for time on the server and donations. Check out our website at mysticalgardens.enjin.com for more detailed information.

    • Time played and Donor Ranks
    • Mob Arena
    • Towny in survival and nether worlds
    • Factions in pvp world
    • mcmmo
    • BOSeconomy
    • Signshop
    • numerous other plugins
    To get whitelisted either apply on our website listed below, or copy and paste and fill out the following questions in a reply in this thread.

    InGame Name:
    How long have you played Minecraft?
    Do you agree to the rules listed on our website?

    If a friend referred you please list their name.

    Come check us out!!!

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    Server address?
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