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    In Game Name: SacredPancake
    Age: 16
    Timezone: GMT +10
    RP Experience: I've been in a few small role playing servers before as well as a role playing website a while back.
    Reason for joining:The medieval time period is my favorite and the server looks organized with good rules and systems.
    Skype name? (feel free to send as PM if you do not want it public):I deleted Skype because I do not use it much but I will download Skype again if needed.
    Did you read the rules?: :) :Bacon:
    Any questions or comments?: none

    In Character

    Name: Roran Walker

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Class: Shopkeeper, aspiring innkeeper

    Backstory: Roran was born and raised with his older brother Albert in a village, at the outskirts of Camelot. Roran's father and mother owned a local inn where soldiers after a long days work could rest and enjoy themselves in the comfort of ale, laughter and a warm fire. Albert however worked with his best friend as a baker, opting to seclude himself and not to work with his family, for her had not cared much for his family. During a night raid by a nearby bandit-camp the inn was destroyed, and Albert's best friend, Clovis was also killed. After a pitiful attempt to rebuild the family's foundation, Roran's parents became farmers and secluded themselves from the village not wanting to face the embarrassment of their new life. Albert abandoned the family after the incident to become a soldier for the army in the hopes of one day becoming a Knight to get revenge for Clovis while Roran with no one left to depend on chose to leave the small village he has lived in for 21 years and moved to the city Camelot, where he hopes to create the most successful inn in all of Albion.

    -Strong Willed
    -Will do anything to protect his pride

    -His temper can be exploited
    -Not as physically strong as others
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    Great Server! practically no lag, only when it saves the world but then it only lags for about 2 seconds.
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    #1 In-Game Name
    - SacredPancake

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 14 Australia

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - MC.net

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - 'Cause I want a server that is fun, non-laggy and has a great community!

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - yes

    #6 Have you logged on to DarkTide at least once?
    - yep
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    Yeah, I wanted it to be Notch himself. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to work on it in my future stories :iapprove:
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    Chapter 1: The Man Named Notch.

    A man wakes up and finds he has been transported to an unknown island. He finds himself in a field. It’s midday, he’s hungry and he only has a few hours to construct a formidable base to protect him from the creatures of the night.

    This man is Notch.

    Notch realises he must work with pace to complete his shelter before sundown. He finds a tree and slowly gathers some wood with his hands. Using the skill he still has he constructs himself some wooden planks and a crafting bench. With this crafting bench he forges a sword, a pickaxe, a shovel and an axe all made of wood, but they’ll last. Notch sets off in search of more wood, the core material to building his base.

    After 2 hours he has gathered the materials he needs the most, wood, stone, sand and coal. Using the wood he constructs the outline and walls of his base, block by block. With the stone he makes a furnace, using it to make glass and stone tools, much more efficient than wood tools. With sand he makes glass with his furnace and with coal he constructs torches. During this time Notch gathered meat from animals and leather from cows. He cooks his meat to make a decent meal for the time being and uses the leather to make armour to protect himself for what’s to come.

    Notch finishes his base, just as the moon rose from the horizon. Skeletons arose from their sleep and zombies swarmed out of their caves. Gigantic Spiders crept over the mountains and creepers, stealthy monsters that are capable of making huge craters camouflaged into the bright grass and shrubbery. Just as Notch was finishing his dinner.

    Low on wood, Notch goes out of his base in search for more wood, oblivious to the danger lurking nearby. Sword in hand he goes out and instantly hears an explosion, damaging him. Grateful for his armour protecting him he spins around and sees a huge crater in the earth behind him. “What the hell?” he says aloud, just as an arrow goes soaring past. Jumping back Notch turns and finds himself face to face with a skeleton. The skeleton, holding a bow fires at Notch and Notch dives behind cover, his mind focused on keeping himself alive. He rushes in, swinging his stone sword in wide arcs. Cleaving the head of the skeleton off, Notch feels proud of himself.
    Immediately he hears a deep growling noise and a scuttle. He turns and drops to the ground just as a zombie with blood rushing down his mouth was swiping. Notch steps back and tries to run but finds a spider, blocking his way. The only way out is to fight. He steps in and the zombie swipes, desperate to kill him. Notch with the same desperation dodges and does a stab. It wounds the zombie but it wasn’t a fatal blow. The zombie keeps charging and Notch steps back, keeping the spider at distance with his sword. He times his moment and thrusts his sword, straight into the zombies head. The spider seizing his chance sprang at Notch but Notch was faster and did 180 degrees turn and swung his sword from above, slicing the spider in half. Gripping his sword tightly he ran, into the safety of his own base.

    Next morning Notch realising the danger he is in decides he has to find a way out. He gathers his materials through the safety of the sun. Zombies and skeletons will burn during the day. But creepers do not so he always remembers to watch his back. Spiders turn hostile during the day and Notch was grateful for that. He expanded his base and added trenches to defend his home and he crafted a bow and some arrows, useful for dealing with skeletons. When Notch had enough materials he decided to craft his tool for escaping. A boat.
    Using wood he made the base of the boat, and using stone he made the support for the boat. Using spider string he bound the two materials together. Working hard during the night, inside the comfort and safety of his base and with strain collecting resources during the day. In about 3 weeks his boat was complete.

    Packing all his essentials, wood, food, tools and a spare boat he set off for the ocean. Laying his boat down in the sea he got in and sailed off, into the unknown, leaving behind his base for the next person who wakes up on that island.

    By: Jordan Liu ©
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    :/ I deleted the version file and updated, tried again... same result. And I'm on a Windows.
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    Alright, I'm experiencing... well, nothing. :|
    I checked my version... 1.2_02 BETA.
    Opened minecraft.jar on IZarc.
    I deleted the META-INF folder.
    I pasted all seven .class files into it.
    Closed it.
    Started up the game.
    Freezes on end of loading screen.
    I have no other mods installed, I'm using the standalone version of Minecraft, etc.
    What could possibly be going wrong? :/
    Cool mod though, only one I really want. :}
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    I would like the join Clan Monolith. :smile.gif:

    I would say I'm a decent pvper.

    gonna post on forums now
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    IGN: SacredPancake

    Minecraft Experience:
    Played for afew months now. I like to build and help out other people!

    Why you would like to play on our server:
    To build new things, Help People and have a great time!
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