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    What more is there to do before creative is fully-functional? The following are the things I've observed which still need implemented:

    - Water/lava spread
    - Door placement/orientation (+should need ground beneath)
    - Trapdoor placement/orientation (+should need wall behind)
    - Ladders not turning into signs
    - Correct ladder orientation
    - Bed placement not glitching with the "update!" block (... I just placed a bed in my world; now my client freezes every time it tries to load the bed)
    - Correct torch placement (for walls)
    - Mob behavior
    - Blocks broken to not make drops in creative mode
    - Paintings not turning into invisible blocks
    - Fence gate orientation
    - Not placing block in hand when hitting doors/fence gates/trapdoors to open/close them
    - Breaking redstone ore blocks not dropping TONS of redstone ore blocks (One-time occurrence... can't reproduce XD;)
    - Redstone ore blocks lighting up upon hit or contact
    - Glass panes changing shape appropriately
    - Stairs orientation
    - Cactus placement requirements (needs open blocks beside, sand below)
    - Sapling/flower placement requirements
    - Mushroom placement requirements
    - Reed placement requirements
    - Wheat seeds not becoming brown mushrooms + placement requirements
    - Melon seeds not becoming the glitchy "update!" block + placement requirements
    - Wheat growth
    - Melon growth
    - Sapling growth
    - Mob interaction (hitting)
    - Bow use not spawning wood blocks; firing arrows
    - Sword use not spawning lava blocks
    - Hoe use not spawning glitchy "update!" blocks, hoes tilling dirt
    - Bonemeal use not creating invisible blocks
    - Building off the side of one block/object not replacing the block/object next to it (i.e. try placing a block on the side of a torch, when the torch is already beside a different block)
    - Random strips and chunks of different land not sticking (the ones shown before world chunks are loaded)
    - Players can often hear "echos" of their own block interactions' SFX (torch placed, block destroyed, etc. most noticeable when moving around as you place.)

    Not trying to get down on anyone. There has definitely been progress here, and it's been great progress. But boy, have we got a looong way to go -- even just to get creative working. Especially if we don't try pulling over some source code and algorithms from existing open-source MC server projects. Stay diligent, O coders!
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    Quote from GambitGamer

    Does some one want to help me out and make a really in depth tutorial? I have no idea on how to set this up. Pardon me if there is one already.

    Alright, here's a real simple breakdown of the process.

    Setting Up the PHP MCPE Server for Your First Time
    Step 1a - Getting PHP Onto Your Computer: Download ChrisMCMine's PHP auto-extractor here: http://php.server.chrismcmine.de
    - It is most convenient to use ChrisMCMine's program because it comes with all the PHP extensions we need pre-configured, loaded, and also enabled within the php.ini file.
    - Yes, the included MCPE Server files are outdated. Yes, we will fix that in the next steps.

    Step 1b - Extracting the Files: Run the auto-extractor you just downloaded. Part-way through, the program will ask to run with administrator privileges; click "Yes," then at the Windows dialog click "Yes" again to allow for proper installation of the files.
    - If the program asks to replace/update/overwrite any files, click "Yes" to all.
    - You should find the resulting files in the root of your C:\ drive, with most of them being in a new folder labelled "php." Other new files extracted to your C:\ drive will be:
    - README.txt (Which you won't really need to read as long as you follow this guide)
    - start_server.bat (Used to run the bulk of the server)
    - start_commands.bat (Used to send typed commands to the server, i.e. /tp, /save-all, /stop, etc.)

    Step 2a - Getting the MCPE Server Files Up-To-Date: For the latest version of the MCPE Server, visit the GitHub repository: http://github.com/shoghicp/Pocket-Minecraft-PHP
    Click the button on the repository page to download the latest MCPE Server files as a .zip archive.

    Step 2b - Extracting More Files (for the server): Open the .zip archive you just downloaded. Select all files within the archive, and either drag-and-drop or use your archive-viewing software's "Extract" option to extract all files directly into your new folder, C:\php\. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the files, and of course, the answer is "yes to all."
    - IMPORTANT: Each time a new MCPE Server update is released, rinse and repeat steps 2a-b in order to update your own server. Make sure that your server is not running whenever you attempt to overwrite and update these files.

    Step 3a - Adding A World: It is very important to note that in its current state, the PHP MCPE Server will not generate a new, random world for you, unlike the official Minecraft PC server. Therefore, we must supply our own world files to get things rolling. For the sake of simplicity, I have created an archive with all the files we will need to sample this process with a "default" world. Download this archive here: http://mirror.decidel.net/MCPE%20World%20Files%20-%20Default.zip
    - See the commentary after Step 3b for instruction on adding your own worlds.

    Step 3b - Extracting the Above "Default" World: We get to extract more files! Having fun yet? Okay, now, in Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\php\data\maps\. Extract all the files from the .zip archive I provided above, directly into this folder. This is all we need to do; the server will take care of the rest.
    - To get your own MCPE world onto your server, have the world created on your device. You may also use a pre-existing world. Connect the device to your computer, and if using Android, navigate to YourDevice\sdcard\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds\YourWorldName. From there, copy the "chunks," "entities," and "level" .dat files directly into the C:\php\data\maps\ folder mentioned above.
    - This process must be repeated to change your server over to a different world, as well. If changing to a different world, be sure to back up your current world files, and be sure not to replace or modify the world files while your server is running.

    Step 4 - Running the Server: To run the server on your computer, simply navigate to your C:\ drive in Windows Explorer, and double-click/run the "start_server.bat" file. The server will start up without a hitch.
    O, the glorioius server-starting flood-o-text.

    Step 5 - Controlling Your Server With Commands: Also in the C:\ drive is the "start_commands.bat" file. After starting up your server, run this file. Immediately type "help" and press Enter. Nothing will appear to have happened, however: in the other window for "start_server.bat," displayed is a list of server commands available to use.
    - Use the "start_commands.bat" window to send any and all other commands to your MCPE Server.
    - All resulting output from "start_commands.bat" will be shown in the window for "start_server.bat."
    - "start_commands.bat" will do nothing if "start_server.bat" is not running.

    And voila! You now know how to run, control, worldify, and update your newly-installed PHP Server for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

    I will not cover details on port forwarding or connecting to servers across the internet with MCPE, as there are plenty of existing tutorials for those things (especially port-forwarding; there are probably tutorials for that on the servers section of the Minecraft wiki, even).

    I will, however, inform you that as long as your unmodified-MCPE-running device is on the same wifi network as your server computer, you should be able to easily find and join your PHP MCPE Server world from your device.

    Final Note - Server Properties: You will most likely want to modify the "server.properties" file before you really get your server going, especially to set the default spawn point to somewhere other than the bottom corner of the world. Find this file in the C:\php\ folder, and open it with Notepad or your personal favorite text editor. Many of the property lines are self-explanatory, but here are some you may want to take note of/change:
    spawn: You will want to change this. To set the world spawn to the center of your world (and a little higher so the player is less likely to spawn inside blocks), change this line to:

    port, protocol: Don't touch these (unless you know what you're doing). Port is the port which other MCPE clients must connect to, and this cannot be changed in MCPE unless the player has a modified client. Protocol represents the version of MCPE your particular server build is compliant with, which in this case is "5" for MCPE v0.5.0.
    gamemode: If you're at all familiar with Minecraft PC servers or the "cheat" commands in Minecraft PC single-player, you probably know what's up here. Set it to 0 for survival mode, 1 for creative mode. I don't recommend changing this while the server is running.

    And that's all for now, y'all. I may in the future write some brief tutorials for changing the server's install directory, and/or using the new "start.cmd" provided by shoghcip, which unifies command input and server output into one single window. But for now: Saber Mage, over and out.
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    Having a new error:
    00:57:07 [ERROR] Unable to find Socket extension
    00:57:07 [ERROR] Unable to find SQLite3 extension
    Not sure what's up, though admittedly did mess with things a bit. Where does it look for these extensions? I'm positive they're in the \ext folder of my php install. (php_sockets.dll and php_squlite3.dll

    For anyone wishing to keep their server and php files anywhere -other- than the root of your hard drive, replace the existing php.ini (in serverFolder\php\) with the following file:


    This changes all the internal references to extensions and "extras" to be relative, rather than absolute, enabling you to move the entire PHP install to wherever you like.

    The trouble I was having in the striked-out problem above is that I'd relocated my PHP installation to somewhere other than C:\php, but the php.ini was still telling PHP to check C:\php\ext\ for those extensions.
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    Quote from filfat

    here is main.cpp for the console:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream> //needed to read files
    using namespace std;
    //main function:
    int main(){
    //creates a string thats is used to save the command on
    string command;
    //Opens a file to write on it and remove everything on it
    fstream console("console.IN", ios::out || ios::trunc)
    //checks if it is opend
    if (console.is_open()){
    //write / on the screen
    cout << "/";
    //lets the use type the command
    cin >> command;
    cout << "\n";
    //print the command to the console.IN file
    console << "/" << command;
    if(command == "stop")break;
    //close the file
    //open it
    console.open("console.IN", ios::out || ios::trunc)
    //check if everything works
    }while((running = true) || (myfile.is_open()))
    //self explaining =)
    else cout << "Unable to open file";

    hope it help's =)

    filfat: Do you have a compiled build/executable of this code somewhere? I'm feeling too lazy to install Visual Studio, at the moment. XD;
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    This is some seriously exciting stuff. Wish I knew more about PHP, and in general, the kind of work you all are doing so I could contribute. Regardless, amazing work, and keep it up! Many others and myself are extremely grateful to the devs of this for leading the way. =)
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    Quote from dudeinhat1

    Wow, you did a good job with the startup screen! I'm impressed. In fact, here's a screenie i took using stuffed animals mod for mobs. :iapprove:

    =D! That mod seems cool. This screen makes me think of the Apple Market Junk Shop 8D. Link to the stuffed animals mod, please? 0=)
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    Quote from MegaManTrigger

    Just coming back to offer a little tip one of my pals ran into quite by accident.

    I had mentioned to him that I used the seed "A world covered in endless water..." and ended up spawning in a desert. He proceeded to, utterly randomly and arbitrarily, enter the seed "Trigger Told Me To Make This." and ended up generating...


    I'm not kidding; this seed works EVERY TIME! We've tested it multiple times with multiple people. It's a truly amazing seed and is perfect for any Legends players who've been craving oceanic adventure.

    When 1.9 rolls out maybe I'll get updating this again; I have a feeling 1.9 will actually make me want to play again.

    Ooooh, nice! That's pretty crazy. Hopefully there are -some- continent-sized islands, though. And, I sure hope so! Having a proper update for 1.9 would be quite splendid indeed.
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    Looks amazing!! I'm glad someone is doing this. =D

    Quick suggestions/ideas (apologies if any were mentioned before):
    - Player moves slower during the winter of cold biomes, unless near fire or a light source
    - Icebergs and maybe full snow blocks form during the winter of cold biomes
    - More yellows and golds on tree leaves in the fall, if possible
    - Perhaps more weather-pertinent, but a season or perhaps biome+season combo that is windy? (light pushes in random directions to the player, mobs, and loose items at random times)
    - Thunderstorms with no rain during the summer, esp. in deserts (heat lightening)
    - Higher chance of rain in spring
    - The sea's global water surface level rises and falls according to season (much lower in winter)
    - Chickens lay eggs more often in a certain season (spring?)
    - Leaf piles gather near trees during fall (maybe like leaf-textured snow layer blocks)
    - Outdoor fires go out randomly in winter
    - Pumpkins rarely spawn near trees or in certain biomes during fall
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    Quote from theskorm

    Beat me too it.

    Assuming this is compatible with MC 1.6.6. I hope so?
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    For whatever reason, I can't download v3.3.0 from MediaFire. Sometimes says I'm not authorized, other times just refreshes. If I set you up with an ftp account (e.g. http://agicraft.decidel.net/), would you use it? Unlimited space and bandwidth. Just let me know, oy. Mediafire is annoying to download from >_>.

    Edit: Got it to download. Here are some of the issues/bugs I'm noticing:

    - 1.4's water movement bug is breaking (or making way more annoying) a lot of areas in your map. I know there's not much you can do about it, but maybe we can bug Cryect to fix what Mojang broke? e_e;
    - Many of your map's chunks seem to have reset =\
    - The player can still open the desert boss door from the underground room with bookshelves, by jumping near the opening near the books
    - Almost every ladder has been rotated incorrectly
    - The long jump in the first side room of the desert fortress (with the arrow-firing dispensers) seemingly can't be made, for some reason
    - The door textures are horizontally-flipped

    I think there was or will be more, but I'll uh wait until this much is fixed =\.
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    Quote from _Clash_ »
    Edit: Haha, my bad... I didn't check connect to game under plugins. Might want to add that to the notes list. Dx

    Been having a lot of fun with this mod. I highly recommend it! There is a side effect though that people begin spontaneously RPing and/or speaking with accents. Haven't figured that one out yet.

    It's there, you just missed it =P. He doesn't really tell you where to find it, though, so it's a little confusing. Under configure > settings, and with Advanced ticked, it's the top and only check box under the plugins menu.
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    Alright, got my buddy Clash there and I together. Unfortunately, we can't get the positional audio attenuation to work. Is there something we're missing, maybe?

    Edit: Alright, we figured out the problem. His installation failed to load, thus it didn't link up with Minecraft. Here is the error message (seems to be related to 64-bit again):

    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\Clash\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\natives\mumbleLink\mod_MumbleLink.dll: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
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    posted a message on [1.17.1] MumbleLink [Forge] [SMP] [LAN] [Mumble] [TS3] [Realism] [Directional VOIP]
    Seems to work great thus far, no installation issues for me. I haven't been able to test it with anyone yet. Will report back when I have. =P
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    posted a message on [1.17.1] MumbleLink [Forge] [SMP] [LAN] [Mumble] [TS3] [Realism] [Directional VOIP]
    I regularly host an SMP server, have just set up a Mumble server for it, and will be testing this out as soon as I get the mod installed. I'll report on it, but just letting you know: This mod is awesome! I've been wanting to see this done with Minecraft ever since, well, CMP haha. Thanks so much for your effort and work in creating it for us all =P.
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    Quote from Zaladarus »
    *Agidus* Why the **** did you make a ****-you finger out of sponges out in the wood(i hookshotted outside of ur invisible barrier and went over towards the water temple) its close to ur (unfinished?) cake surprise. Together with the sponges were 1 ice, 1 glass and some cracked stone.

    =O He secretly hates AdventureCraft, Minecraft, and everyone who plays his maps, and is using it to gain followers to utilize in world domination?!
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