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    I have a few ideas.
    1. An arrow bomb. It would be made like this:
    ]" title="-<->" />
    2. Gold mine-carts!
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    Simply for decoration.
    3. Gold mine-tracks!
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: :|: :GoldBar:
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    Again, for the decoration.
    4. Pigment:
    :RFlower: :RFlower:
    :RFlower: :RFlower: or
    :YFlower: :YFlower:
    :YFlower: :YFlower:
    5: Pigment + wool= :Yellow: or :Red:
    6: Rich deposits: If the ore vein is deep enough, you cold find solid blocks of iron, coal, diamond, and gold.
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