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    Wow, that is simply amazing! I wish that Vanilla MC could implement it in 1.9. Terrain looks so gorgeous and realistic O_O

    I completely agree...That would be the update that changed the world, again... I myself would like to see the nonTerraFirma version alongside the TF version... It would be an awesome mod for those that like to have a multitude of blocks and not have to have 20 different mods for more trees and stone and get the fantastic landscape to boot... The terrain generator for vanilla is a cool idea but I prefer VC. However I wouldn't knock Mojang for implementing this terrain style one bit... I think Wildcaves and Better Foilage would be superb mods alongside this one.

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    This is AWESOME!!... hope to see it come to 1.8
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    Quote from LupusX»

    No don't be sorry, I found another way to pull it off. :rolleyes:

    Thats Awesome!... if you are still looking to have the paths until the release, then I would suggest replacing a glass block or pane with your path model as long as you can deal with the loss of a glass block... it won't cullface though. I have no colored glass left in my pack. In this image the hay overhang, little table, and clothesline are all glass.
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