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Herro! I'm SSylv30n, though I like being called SSylv, Sylv, or Silver. I am a super-geek who makes so many puns it ain't even punny. I am a proud member of the Buttons Army. I leave lots of things that I want to say out because I'm paranoid (even when normally there'd be nothing to worry about!) I'm actually shy, but I act very rambunctious in the forum games, where I do most of my posting. I have virtually no ego at all, though I do praise myself for little things sometimes. I also try to be an optimist, but sometimes that doesn't work. And that's where this set of words ends.


I am a part of many, many, many fandoms. I first got into video games by trying and failing to beat Wario: Masters of Disguise, and then my video gaming repertoire expanded. My favorite Animal Crossing villager is Felicity, though I also like Rudy, Mitzi, and Tabby, simply because those were memorable villagers. My favorite Yo-Kai is Komasan, though Komashura, Shogunyan and Goldenyan hold high positions as well. My favorite Pokemon is Sylveon (Durrr!), but my other favorites include Meowstic (The female more than the male due to nostalgia, but the male still looks good), Breloom (This is because of a really epic moment having to do with Breloom), Ageislash, Salamence, the entire Turtwig line, the Trubbish line, and the Deino line. As you can tell, I'm one of those few people who wish those who like Pokemon or Yo-Kai Watch (the two fandoms have a rivalry, you know.) would get along for once. Yes, I play Minecraft, but my other video game interests are far more important than that to me. Oh, yeah. I'm also an Undertale fan. I used to say "so sue me," but... NOW IT'S AN OBSESSION. SOMEONE HELP.

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Minecraft SSylv30n Xbox Nope. PSN Nuh-uh. Steam I wish...