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So you wanted to learn about me (if you're gonna be a smart @$$ and be thinking "no i wasn't" you can click that back button and stop wasting your time!

By definition, my family is a weird one, making me weird. You can read about it soon.
I have always been interested in Video games ever since i could read effectively (so like 6?). Most of my time playing Jrpg. When being able to read fast enough, I watched Japanese anime when I could, then read the manga to that anime. I like to write and draw in my free time, as well as wait around the internet and do some role play. I am also big on track an field. Mehh, never liked writing about myself, you realize that your life is kinda boring even being around the world (oh did i forget to mention that?)

I live in the western part of the usa (for time purposes) and I am not telling you my name, other then it's four letters and rhymes with Ike... now was that so hard?
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Skype myyc12 (Im usually offline to avoid trouble, but if you really want to just tell me to get my but online)